Fail Safe Methods For Marketing Your Online Dating Profile

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Using private messages to get dates in online dating communities

The use of classical direct response marketing can be applied to increasing your response rate when emailing profiles online.

This may seem like marketing taken waay to far – eg when it starts to interfere with the dating process but let me explain.
In the online dating scene you are in the process of selling yourself am I correct? Your dating profile is basically an extension of yourself and it needs to “sell” you as a dating experience.

Your life should match that of the person you attract, your profile should include your likes dislikes hobbies and goals. In the end the profile is there to describe you best so that the contacts you get when transferred to the real dating scene are going to be best suited.

When sending out private messages to members you are interested in meeting use these proven methods for increasing response

Keep everything personal

Refer to their profile:

EG instead of just saying I noticed your profile picture lets meet up


I noticed you live in…

and like…

I to live here and ride horses every Sunday at…
would you like to meet at …
This would give us a great opportunity to get to know each other
Etc etc

This sort of private message gets great response because you have taken the time to learn about them (love of horses) and gone further and suggested a mutual safe local meeting area in which to converse further.

So rather than just being a place to meet and chat online you have moved the relationship a long way in just one email.

A – introduce yourself

B – Mention something you noticed or likes about them

C – Mention a connection between the two of you such as a similar hobby

D – Potentially suggest a safe local meeting place that involves that hobby

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