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What are the best free dating sites?

Free online dating sites are a great way to meet new people. Unfortunately not all of them are worth your time. Matters are also complicated by the fact that many dating sites offer a free sign up, but require you to pay to communicate. You can find out which dating sites are worth the effort and which ones are actually 100% free here.

Do you have a ranked list of sites for me to try?

Yes. Our list of the Top 100 dating sites is ranked so you can choose the best sites for your needs. You can also filter the list by category. This makes it quick and easy to find the best dating sites for you.

What are the best milf dating sites?

There are not many milf dating sites that are actually legitimate so be aware if a site is labelled as such. You are better off using some of the top rated sites in our list and filtering by age and gender. However we have a list of milf dating sites here for you to check out.

What are the best BBW dating sites?

BBW dating sites cater to big beautiful women, big handsome men, and their admirers. There are some great BBW sites out there, but they aren’t all created equal. Check out our list of the best BBW sites to find the right one for you.

What are the Best Teen Dating Sites?

Teen dating sites aim to allow teens to socialize and even date in a safe environment. They may have an age limit on who can join the site. Nearly 3/4 of teens have some type of social media presence, so their desire for online dating should come as no surprise. In fact, meeting online may have an advantage. It allows teens to get to know each other’s personalities before being together physically. Here’s a list of the best teen dating sites.

What Are the Best Hookup Sites?

Some people want to date. Some people want to find love. And others just want some no strings attached fun. Hookup sites are the ideal way to find like minded adults that want to share your bed for a night instead of eternity. Some sites  can actually save you time and money in the long run, and other sites are nothing but a waste of time. If you want to get laid tonight, try out these hookup sites.

What are the Best BDSM Dating Sites

BDSM may have made its way into mainstream consciousness via Fifty Shades of Gray, but finding someone to spank your ass on a Saturday night can still be a daunting task. Finding someone who is interested in or understands the true meaning of bdsm and shares your kinks, well it can feel like Mission Impossible. It doesn’t have to be when you are using the best bdsm dating sites. The best sites will let you filter for specific interests and kinks, so it’s easy to find someone that you are sexually compatible with. These are the best BDSM dating sites.

What are the Best Cheating Dating Sites?

Cheaters have specific needs when it comes to online dating. The need for privacy is most important. We all know that it happens, recent studies have shown that one or both partners cheat in at least 1/3 of all marriages. Unless we are the ones cheating, we like to think that it won’t happen to us. Straying spouses work hard to keep up their part of this unspoken agreement, by not getting caught. The best cheating dating sites do their part to keep unsuspecting spouses unsuspecting. The other need cheaters have is to meet people who don’t mind that they are cheating. When you are married and meet someone in real life, you take a certain amount of risk by admitting or not admitting your in a relationship. With cheating dating sites, it’s all out in the open from the beginning, and everyone is on board with it. Here are the best cheating dating sites.

What are the Best Asian Dating Sites?

Asian women are generally seen as being more feminine and subservient than American women, making them highly desired by American men. This may be a bit of a stereotype, but generally speaking Asian women seem to possess a femininity and grace that American women no longer possess. Some Asian dating sites focus on specific regions while others include all Asian countries. Some cater to Asians in the U.S., while others focus on matching Americans with the overseas woman of their dreams. Here are the best Asian Dating sites.


What are the Best Black Dating Sites?

Black dating sites generally focus on the black community, however, most are open to those seeking to date interracially as well. A few even focus on Interracial dating. Some black dating sites include news and or social features in addition to dating. The site you choose will depend on your specific requirements and preferences, but you can find the best black dating sites here.

What are the Best Latino Dating Sites?

As with other ethnic dating sites, some are focused on connecting Latinos with others of the same race while others are more inclusive. Latinos are known for their fiery and passionate personalities, so it’s no wonder many people desire to date them. Generally speaking, latinos are friendly, outgoing, and place lots of value on family. If this is what you are looking for, check out the best Latino Dating sites.

What are the Best Online Dating Apps?

We are an on the go society, and many of us prefer the ease and convenience of using our phones to find our next date. The days of being tethered to your computer waiting for a response from someone you like are long gone. However, not all dating apps are just mobile versions of their desktop counterparts. Many offer their own innovative twists and features to help you find love (or your next booty call). Here are the best Online Dating Apps.

What are the Best Cam Chat Sites?

Cam chat sites seem to run the spectrum from good, bad, to worse like few other areas of the internet. A good cam site will allow you to interact with a beautiful model, often for a very reasonable price or even free in some cases. You can find models in any personality, gimmick, and ethnicity that you please. A good site and a good cam model will allow you to have a great experience. However, some cam sites are nothing more than scams. If you want to see what the world of cams has to offer and avoid the scams, check out our list of the best cam chat sites.

What are the Top Mainstream Dating Sites?

Mainstream dating sites have a few things to offer. First, they have a large user base, which gives you much more opportunity. Second, they’ve generally been around for a long time, which makes them more trustworthy. Third, a good number of them are free. Most dating experts recommend that you become a member of at least one mainstream dating site to increase your chances of finding a date or a partner. There is a bit of a downside, because you may have to do some advanced searching and/or browsing to find someone that meets what you are looking for. Here are the top mainstream dating sites.

What are the Best 100% Free Dating Sites?

Free dating sites are a bit hit or miss. Some work really well, while others have few features or too many ads to be functional. However, there are some great free dating sites out there. Free dating sites allow you to try out online dating without a credit card, and you can sign up for several sites since money isn’t a concern.

What are the Best Gay Dating Sites?

Gay men have many more options when it comes to dating thanks to gay dating sites and apps. There’s a site or app for you, regardless of whether you are looking for true love or a one night stand.

What are the Best Lesbian Dating Sites?

Lesbians also have a difficult time with dating. However, today there are lots of dating sites and apps devoted to lesbian dating. Some of them are strictly for dating, while others have social aspects to them as well. You can find the best lesbian dating sites, apps, and chat sites here.

Online Dating Tips

Online dating can be tough to navigate. Fortunately, you can find tips and answers to the most common online dating questions here.

How to Get More Tinder Matches

Tinder is the most popular dating app. If it works for you, you can find all the dates you want with ease. Unfortunately, for some it seems like Tinder is just a time sucking rejection app. The good news is regardless of how many matches you are getting now, tweaking your profile will get you the matches you desire. Here are 7 ways to get more Tinder matches by boosting your profile.

How Can I Have Easy Hookups?

We’ve all seen them. Those guys who seem to get all the girls. It seems like they can hookup anytime, anywhere, with anyone they want. You sit back and watch wondering why that can’t be you. Well, it can. If you want to hookup like the “pros”, you’ll need to know the hookup site secret that only 20% of men know.

Is there a System I can Use to Talk to Girls Online?

There are two main challenges men face when online dating. The first is creating a profile that gets girls interested. The second is sending a first message that they will actually respond to. This is where most guys fail. The good news is there’s a specific system you can use called the seduction ladder to guide you through exactly how to talk to women online. Read the Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls Online to learn how to succeed with the women you desire.

What Are the Best Advanced Dating Techniques?

You’ve got the basics down. You are pretty good with women, but you still want to up your dating game. We have lots of videos you can watch to do just that. We have advanced dating techniques, body language, being a man, and many more advanced dating videos to help you succeed at dating.

How Do I Find a Girl Online and Hookup Tonight?

Sometimes you just want to get laid. You want to know the shortcuts to finding a hot girl that’s willing to hookup with you Tonight. No waiting and no games. Seem too good to be true? It’s not. It does require knowing how to identify which girls are dtf from their profile pictures, how to gain their trust,and a few other techniques. Read this to find out exactly how to find a girl online and hookup tonight.

Seduction and Getting the Girl You Want

This section is all about how to seduce women and finding the relationship (or hookup) that you desire. You’ll find out exactly how to succeed with women, whether you are looking for marriage, a relationship, or a string of hookups you can be proud of.

How Can I become One of Those Men Who Effortlessly Attract Women?

The truth is that 95% of men are going about dating and attracting women the wrong way. You put lots of effort into dating, and don’t see a great return on your effort. Yet there are men that seem to attract women to them effortlessly. How do they do it? They know the counter-intuitive sex secret. If you would like to become one of the 5% of men that know the secret to attract women to you with little effort, read The Counter Intuitive Sex Secret. 

How Can I Have Better First Dates?

First dates can be fun and exciting. They can also be so awkward you find an excuse to ditch your date before the main course is served. Knowing how to plan and act on a first date can make all the difference. Read this to learn how to have fun and effective first dates using the proven seduction ladder system.

How Do I Talk to Women?

Many men have a hard time talking to women. They get nervous or don’t know what to say. Most men have no idea what to say to actually be successful with women, so they just throw things out to see if they work. Talking to women doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, there’s an 8 step system that will teach you how to talk to women.

How Do I Get a Girl To Like Me?

Women can seem like complicated creatures. It’s a bit like trying to put something together without the instructions. It seems complicated because you don’t know what the pieces are and how they fit together. Instructions give you the knowledge you need to simplify the process and be successful. Once you know how to get a girl to like you, and how to keep her, everything is much simpler. You can start having success with women because you know what they want.

How to Have Sex On The First Date

Forget the third date rule. You’ve went through the trouble of finding an attractive girl and got her to agree to go on a date with you. You don’t want to have to date for weeks before getting her in bed, you want to have sex with her on the first date. The truth is that the majority of women will have sex on the first date, even if it’s not something they normally do. You just need the knowledge and skills to get them to do so. A Man’s Guide to Sex On the First Date will teach you how to get laid on the first date.

Love and Relationships

These are the most common questions about love and relationships. Relationships are beautiful and ugly. Joyful and hurtful. Above all, they are messy and complicated. We ask our friends, family, and of course, Google, or most burning relationship questions. If your looking for answers, you can find some here.

How Do I Stop Being Lonely?

We are more connected than ever today, yet most of us are more distant as well. Our support systems are smaller or nonexistent, and the love we crave can be hard to find in today’s hook up culture. The good news is that you don’t have to spend your life being lonely. If you’d like to know how to stop being lonely, make new friends, and find the love you dream of, read Finding Love and Friendship in a Lonely World. 

Is Being Lonely Ruining Your Life?

Loneliness has actually became the norm for our society. Sure we have lots of Facebook friends, but only 11% of single men and 15% of married men have someone they can turn to in a time of crisis. Loneliness can actually impact everything, from your earning potential to your life span. The good news is its a problem that can be solved, if you know why loneliness is ruining your life and what to do about it.

How Do I Make a Long Distance Relationship Work?

Long distance relationships have became more common with the rise of the internet. Many people wonder how and even if long distance relationships can work. They do have their own set of challenges, but they can work as well as any other type of relationship. It simply requires commitment and knowledge of how to stay connected even when you aren’t physically together.

How Can I Find My Soul Mate?

Do you dream of meeting someone and feeling an instant familiarity? A connection that you can’t define? Someone who seems to make the pieces of yourself that never quite fit make sense? A soul mate is literally osmeone you cna bare your soul to. They understand you in a way that no one else ever will. You may find that they know you better than you know yourself. It’s an intense connection that can be very tumultuous. In fact, many soul mates break up because it’s just too intense. Something will always draw you back together though. They are the one that you don’t forget, no matter how hard you try to move on. Call it fate, destiny, or the strength of your own desire, but soul mates find a way. Find your soulmate, and find the ultimate expression of love.

How Can i Find a Woman to Marry?

Despite the way being single is glamorized in our society, there are still people out there that want to get married. There are benefits to marriage. Married men generally live longer, have less stress, and report being happier than single men. However, not everyone wants to get married these days, women included. Finding a woman to marry can be challenging, especially in today’s society. Here, you can learn everything you need to know about finding a woman to marry.

How Can I Add Romance to My Relationship?

Romance can mean many different things. It can mean gifts. Compliments. Candlelit dinners and beach vacations. It can also be more mundane. Walking in the rain together. Calling in to work and spending the day in bed. A text saying you miss them. Romance depends on who you are as a couple as well. We all have different tastes. While one girl may prefer a fancy restaurant, another may prefer a moonlit picnic. Some people find romance in the smooth voice of Michael Buble or Ed Sheeran. Others prefer Barry White or even heavy metal to get them in the romantic mood. If you want to get romantic with your partner, you’ll find lots of ways to do so here.

How Can I Find Love Over 50?

Finding love over 50 has its own set of unique challenges. There’s never an age that we reach where we stop wishing to be loved and desired. Dating over 50 is different, but it doesn’t have to be more difficult. After all, you are much more mature now than you were in your younger years. Hopefully your potential partners are too. Dating over 50 can be overwhelming, particularly if you were in a relationship for many years. However, Finding Love Over Fifty can help you find the love you desire without being overhwhelmed. Find out the biggest challenges with senior dating, how to overcome them, and where to meet interested partners.

What are the Most Common Relationship Problems

All relationships have their issues. However, some are more common than others. In fact, most relationship problems fit into one of seven categories. Responsibilities, differences in values and beliefs, other parties, sexual issues, being stuck in a rut, and jealousy and infidelity are the most common ones involving the relationships themselves. The last category involves issues that affect life in general, and as a result, our relationships. These include stress, addiction, and depression are a few examples. To learn more about these issues, and what you can do about them, read 7 Common Relationship Problems.

Multiple Partners

Open relationships, swingers, and poly relationships are the most common configurations with multiple partner relationships. While these sorts of relationships have always existed, they have became much more common recently. They are more accepted in today’s society as well. Monogamy is a beautiful thing, but it isn’t for everyone. Interestingly, particularly with the millennial generation, people are defining what monogamy means to them. They may be polyamorous in traditional terms, but monogamous by their own standards.

How do I Have a Successful Open Relationship?

There’s still a debate about whether open relationships can work, despite them being more accepted today. The simple truth is that they can work, when both partners desire them to work, and when the rules of having an open relationship are obeyed. There are rules, largely unspoken, that help us succeed in all our relationships. Open relationships are no different. For them to succeed, there must be rules and boundaries. To learn more about making an open relationship work for you, read 10 Important Open Relationship Rules.

What is a Poly Relationship?

Poly relationships are defined as relationships that involve more than two people. These relationships can be committed, sexual, and/or romantic. All parties are aware of each other and generally in some type of relationship together. They may simply be sexual or committed to each other. In some cases, two people are in a committed romantic relationship, and the other person is a sexual companion. You can learn more about poly relationships here.

Can Swinging Spice Up Your Sex Life?

Most relationships, at least long term relationships, reach a stage where the sex gets boring. One way to spice things up is to find another couple that’s also bored with their sex life, and do some swapping. There are lots of ways to go about swinging. Some people choose another couple and have sex as a group. Some attend parties where couples are free to sleep with whomever they choose. To learn more about swinging and how it can spice up your sex life, Read How Swingers Lifestyle Can Make Your Sex LIfe More Exciting. 

Where Can I Find Swingers In My Area?

If you’ve decided you would like to try swinging, the next question is of course where to find other swingers in your local area. You may be surprised to know that there are many places to find swingers near you. There are lots of places to meet other swingers online. Many areas also have swingers clubs that you can attend. Read Where to Find Local Swingers for more information about finding other swingers near you.


Cheating is a taboo subject, even with today’s more accepting culture. However, it is quite common. In fact, some studies have shown that 22% of men and 14% of women will cheat at some point. Other researchers estimate that the real numbers are much higher, with anywhere between 20%-60% of people cheating on their partner at least once in their marriages.

What Is Cheating?

the simple answer is that cheating is engaging in some type of sexual act without the knowledge or consent of your partner. However, cheating means different things to different people. Is porn cheating? what about cyber sex? How about when you develop an emotional connection with someone, but there has been no overt sexual contact? Exactly what constitutes cheating varies based on each person’s definition. To learn more about cheating, how to define it, and why people do it, read What is Cheating.

Why DO Women Cheat?

Men are more likely to cheat out of physical desire. Women are more likely to cheat out of a desire for an emotional connection. Women are also more likely to view their lover as a viable alternative to their current relationship, where men are more likely to see it as an addition to their primary relationship. To find out more about why women cheat, read Cheating Wives.

What do People Want to Know About Affairs, but are Afraid to Ask?

Affairs are still a taboo topic. However, there are three questions that seem to be very common, even if no one really wants to ask. People want to know:
  • What are the different types of affairs?
  • Are affairs always bad for a relationship?
  • How can i cheat without getting caught?
  • Where can i find someone to cheat with?
If you would like to know the answers to these questions, read Everything You Wanted to Know About Affairs. 

What Is Adult Affair Dating

Adult affair dating, also called married dating, is essentially the act of dating while married. Generally this is cheating because your spouse doesn’t know. Adult affair dating can be an occasional one night stand, or a steady extramarital relationship. to learn more about Adult Affair Dating, read What is Adult Affair Dating. 

Fetishes and Fantasies

We all have fetishes and fantasies, yet talking about them can be awkward. At the same time, we want to know about others fetishes and fantasies as well as express our own.

How can I Fulfill My Sexual Fantasies?

We all have fantasies. Some of them we want to experience, while others may best left to the realm of fantasies. There are a few steps to fulfilling your fantasies, including being sure that you want to fulfill them and talking to your partner.  With a little planning and courage, you can fulfill your sexual fantasies. To learn more, read How to Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies.

How Can Sexual Roleplay Improve My Sex Life?

Sexual roleplay involves people playing specific roles in a sexual context. Everything from naughty nurse to fireman. Role Play can allow you to experience something different than the day to day sex you normally have with your partner. The more “into character” you get, the more realistic things become. This can be very sexually exciting, and it’s a great way to spice up your sex life. You can learn more about sexual roleplay here.

What Are the Strangest Sexual Preferences?

We all have our quirks, but some sexual preferences or fetishes are seen as a bit strange to the average person. Foot fetishes, preferring porn to actual sex, and even armpit licking are a few. There’s nothing wrong with these preferences, even if most of us dont understand them.  To learn more, read 7 Weird Sexual Preferences. 

What is a Daddy Fetish?

A daddy fetish is often considered a subset of bdsm. It encompasses a wide range of activities, from simply calling someone daddy during sex to actually acting like a young child. While the practice is taboo, it actually represents a caring, nurturing, and protective relationship in most cases. Here’s everything you need to know about daddy fetishes. 

What is BDSM Really About

We’ve all seem some type of bdsm representation in popular culture. Generally its portrayed as consensual violence for sexual gratification. However, when it comes to the domination and submission aspect, there is much more to it. It’s a complicated dance that meets the needs of both partners, and may be more of an ideal relationship model than most people realize. To learn more, read Dominance and Submission: What You Think You Know Is Wrong. 

What Is EdgePlay?

Edgeplay involves practices on the fringes of bdsm. The general rule with bdsm practices is safe, sane, and consensual. Edgeplay pushes the limits of at least one of these. Edgeplay practices include fireplay, consensual nonconsent, and other more extreme bdsm practices. Read Edgeplay: Pushing All The Limits to learn more.


Sex is something that we are all curious about. It’s one of those areas where theres always room for improvement, and knowledge is power.

How Can I Improve My Sexual Health

Many men experience sexual issues. It’s easy to turn to pills as a quick and easy fix, but there are natural solutions that you should try first. Learn how to improve your sexual health and even practice natural birth control by reading How Men Can Improve Their Sexual Health.

How Can I Turn Girls On Sexually?

For many men, how to really turn a girl on in bed is a bit of a mystery. Something they get right sometimes. Other times, they may be left scratching their head, wondering exactly what they are doing (or not doing) wrong. Turning a girl on doesn’t have to be a mystery. To learn more, read What Turns a Girl On Sexually.

Is Sex and Masturbation Good For Your Health?

Have you ever wondered if sex and masturbation is actually good for you? Turns out that there are health benefits to regular sex, including masturbation. It can actually improve your mood, boost your immune system, and even help prevent prostate cancer. To learn more about the benefits of regular sex, read Health Benefits of Regular Sex and Masturbation. ?

Is Low Testosterone Affecting You?

It may surprise you to know that low T is a very common condition. In fact, 1/4 of wastern men have low testosterone. Many conditions that are common today may actually be a result of low T. Testosterone plays many important roles, in mood and behavior as well as sexual health. To find out if low T may be a problem for you, read Is Low Testosterone Stealing Your Manhood. ?

How Can I Get and Keep a Stronger Erection?

Getting and keeping a strong erection is a problem for many men. Even if you aren’t experiencing problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, you may still want to get and keep a harder erection. In fact, he firmness of your erection has a significant impact on your partner’s experience. To learn more, read Stay Hard Longer. ?

What Is Tantric Sex?

Tantric Sex is about moving sex beyond just the physical and adding an element of spirituality. It allows you to connect with your partner on a deeper level. Tantric sex can increase your intimacy with your partner, help you last longer in bed, and experience stronger and longer orgasms. You can learn more about Tantric Sex here. ?

What Are the Best Sexual Positions For Orgasm?

Different positions hit different areas and cause different sensations. Stimulating areas that normally aren’t can help you orgasm. Positions that offer deep penetration, hit your g-spot, or offer extra intimacy can help you have mind blowing orgasms. Here are the ten best sex positions for orgasms.

Does Penis Size Matter?

Nearly every man wonders about the size of their penis. Is it big enough? Does it really matter? The truth is that width and girth have much more to do with a woman’s enjoyment than length, and there is such a thing as too big as well. If you are curious about whether you measure up, read Big Penis Small Penis: Does it Really Matter? ?

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