Fat Women Dating

fat women dating

Fat Women Dating…?

Yes, they exist. No one in this world was born to be lonely. No matter what one person may consider a defect, another one will be able to see through it.

Most women consider themselves unfit in the dating world because they are packing some extra weight. Even some of the slender women feel this way due to pocrescophobia.

Why is getting big a problem for women these days? Research shows that women do not like getting fat because:

  • A great number of men find slim girls sexy. You even have to be slim in order for you cast in a great number of porn films.
  • Peers: Since most women strive to be slim, you may find that you are the odd one out in case you are fat. This forces you to try and lose weight too.
  • Prevention of obesity. No one wants to be too fat to ever get slim. Obesity is associated with other diseases, making so many to fear its effects.

All these do not mean fat women are not to be dated. A big woman has more than looks to offer. Here are a few reasons why everyone should be clicking at the biggest rack they find online:

Benefits of Dating a Fat Woman

A big body comes with a big heart

As this may not be a literal expression, a big woman has lots of love to shower you with. It has been seen more than enough times that BBWs show lots of love to their partners, even more than you could expect from an average girl.

This does not mean that the other women are not capable of love. You just need to put in more effort in order for you to get the affection you deserve. For the women of size, your love is all that is needed.

Motherly love and instincts

A big woman is born to be a great mom. She is usually ready for anything that follows after fertilization i.e.: from the nine months of incubation to the 18+ years that follow.

But what of the other slim women? Well, momastic clearly explains how they feel about pregnancy. First of all, slim women are afraid to get pregnant simply because it will ruin their hard-earned physique.

Yes, some slender chicks tend to care more about keeping the tight smooth skin the way it is until… until they die. Getting a child kind of ruins this and they do not feel like doing so.

A fat chick will bear a child for you as soon as you say the magic words. This is usually because there would not be many changes in their appearance after giving birth.

Well-built body

You are bound to get a well-built body once you start overweight dating. This is because of two reasons:

  • You will be eating lots of food to help you gain weight. A big woman will always prepare adequate food to satisfy your stomach (seriously, do not expect veggies and pills from them).
  • After a satisfying meal follows a really heavy workout in the bed. Having sexual intercourse with a fat chick may require a little more effort than you may have been used to.

Kiss the gym goodbye because, after one month of sex, it will feel like you have been at the gym for a longer period.

Fat women are more honest & easy to talk to while dating

If you are a man, you know very well that feeling when you finally muster up the courage to approach that stunning thin chick, only to discover that she has all of her defenses up and it’s nearly impossible to talk to her.You see, hot girls are used to guys approach them and then talk all kinds of lies and rubbish in hopes to get in their panties. So you can’t blame them for their defensive style. But more times than not a conversation with them will be boring, bland and superficial.

Talking with a fat chick will be a total opposite of the previous scenario. They are used to guys being honest with them. Being a fat girl in a today’s world where a slim body is praised and wanted is not easy.

That’s the reason fat girls developed a thick skin early on in their life.

That means that their ego won’t be big as a house and more times than not they will be very down to earth and very easy to talk to. No bullshitting around, hiding and dishonesty. With fatter girls, you can be honest and direct and you can expect the same from their side.

Pleasing to be around

Fat girls are very pleasing to be around. No matter what are you doing or planning to do, a fat chick will always be on your side ready to be the best companion you can imagine.

If you make a plan to do something she will actually be happy to join you and spend some quality time with you. Forget about bitching and complaining.

Hot girls are used to guys supplicating to them and doing everything to please them. In other words, they are used to being on a pedestal and they expect a queen treatment when they didn’t even deserve it.

Fat girl is a perfect match for a foodie

If you like to call yourself a food lover and there is nothing more enjoyable to you than visiting new restaurants and trying new exotic foods, a girl that also likes to eat yummy food is a match from heaven for you.

Girls that love to eat good and especially bigger women are in most cases, great cooks. They love trying new things, experiment, and you will certainly enjoy her culinary skills. After all, they say that love goes through the stomach.

Big girls will do everything to please you

Now, that doesn’t mean that they will be trying to please you when you are being a total jerk to them. But if you show them your full devotion and big heart, expect the same in return 10 x.

The difference in the way the hot girl and a big girl treat you are day and night. Hot girls know that every guy wants them. They know that they are the hot commodity so they never learned how to show their pleasing personality.  They can sometimes act as spoiled brats and you will be always trying to please them.

Relationship with a fat girl will be a whole different story. The story that you probably never experienced.

Fat women are better conversationalists

If you compare a way in which a hot girl grew up with a fat girls upbringing you will soon find out that fat girls had to use a lot more useful skills in life to get by. Hot girls never had to learn how to be a good conversationalist. They simply show up and all attention is on them. Nobody judges their character and their vocabulary. They are hot and that is enough for most guys.

If you are searching for a more opinionated girl, with a huge vocabulary, a girl that loves to read books and learn new things, try dating a big girl. She could surprise you in more than one way. You can have sex for hours and later lay together in bed and talk for hours about anything you can think of. You will simply never be bored.

Forget about Jealousy while Dating a Fat Woman

As much as some guys love fat women, being fat is still not something widely accepted in modern society. But for each their own. Everyone has something that simply turns them on in an instant.

If you are one of those lucky guys that find curvy women simply adorable, you don’t have to worry that you will be jealous a lot. One reason is that not every guy loves fat girls so the competition will be minimal. The other thing is that big girls are adorable and sweet and they love to please their man, not make him jealous and insecure.

Every good relationship starts with good foundations, and trust and sincerity are certainly right foundations. With fat girls, you could have potentially the best relationships ever.

Women of Size, A Really Big Prize

All over Africa and parts of the Caribbean, women of size are considered to be the best options for spouses. Future Scopes shows the majority of the Caribbean nations that values the overweight female population.

These numbers make you wonder why so many women are so focused on getting slimmer. Dating these guys will save them lots of trouble.

How to Score BBWs

The fact that so many people are after the big beautiful women makes them equally unavailable as the rest of the women. Getting a BBW seems easy because it’s hard for one to find a boyfriend.

This is, however, not the case. Once a fat chick gets into a relationship, it is rare for that relationship to end in a short period.

They know how to keep a relationship alive for a really, really long time. This reduces the number of women of size available for dating. So how can you score a date with a hot BBW?

1.      Know Where to Look

BBWs are often found at places where slim women are not giving them too much competition. There are too many skinny women in the common dating sites. A person seeking a fat chick may end up changing their mind after seeing all the other singles.

You need to find the fat dates in their designated websites. There are lots of fat women dating websites that you could take a look at, BBWCupid.com being a good example.


2.      Understand What BBWs Desire

Every single sane person in this world has his/ her own sexual desires. A woman of size also has her own fantasies that she needs to be fulfilled. Just in case you are curious, here are some of the things big women crave:

  • A skinny/ well-built dude: There is no denying that everyone craves the perfect body, everyone including the women of size. Most fat women want to have slim bodies. They even admire slim physiques of both sexes.

    Fat women love dating skinny guys

This admiration of slim bodies makes them attracted to the people who are slim. This is why the BBWs often prefer slim guys.

This doesn’t mean that fat dudes don’t stand a chance. From an optimist’s perspective, at least a fat dude will be sure that he has one common thing with the woman… if you catch the drift.

  • Unconditional love: A fat girl cares little about your wealth and social status. The one thing that you should be focused on is showing her all the love she deserves in this world.

You may be familiar with how fat people are described in the society. The society has painted a picture of fat guys living a lonely life forever.

A fat woman will, therefore, appreciate every little bit of love that you show her. You will be amazed to find that the fat woman you date does not even need your money at all.

Since they are not highly focused on their looks, they invest their time in productive activities, like work.

  • Honesty: Though this may not be a good idea sometimes, it is best if you remain honest about everything with a woman of size. According to various research studies, fat women are highly emotional. If she knows that your relationship is based on a lie, you will be in a deep mess.

3.      Find and Approach Your Perfect Date

There are more than just a few sites online that have some of the hottest fat chicks. Go through one or two of these sites to find the flawless woman to date.

Once you find that woman you seek, you now need to approach her in a way that will not offend them in any way. Once you get the conversation going, it is best to avoid some topics:


One of the things you should never ever talk about is her weight. Asking a woman in a fat singles dating website about her weight may seem like a joke to the woman. It is as if you are trying to make fun of her overweight nature.

You can try to make her give it up instead. If you get the conversation turned to this topic, the woman may ask a question like “how do you feel about dating a 200-pound girl?”.

Just like that, you will have known the true age of the woman without asking offensively.


Have you ever asked a virgin any question related to sex? The conversation becomes so tense that you start feeling sorry for him/ her.

This also applies when it comes to big women. Most of them have not experienced as much relationships as other women. If she lies about having been in relationships as a slimmie, she will not be comfortable with the relationship.

She will also be afraid of saying she has not been in any healthy relationship. This is a question you also want to be answered without being asked.

4.      Avoid Asking for Nude Photos

One of the perks of online dating is the ease of sending naked pics and videos. People get to satisfy their minds with the arousing view of the human body.

Some of the fat chicks are not quite comfortable with this kind of thing. This is basically because they are not confident about their bodily appearance.

Belly fat, uneven complexion, and wrinkles are just a few things they are not comfortable exposing. You may ruin your chance of dating the woman if it turns out she is uncomfortable with this.

You may try to encourage the activity in order for her to be comfortable. Letting her know how deeply in love you are with huge women might just do the trick.

5.      Talk About Sex… A lot

You may have noticed how huge women behave when it comes to sex. WOMEN OF SIZE ARE ALWAYS HORNY. Many forums online have described thick girls to be as horny as guys can be.

It is unclear why they have such a craving for sex, but this affects guys positively. Almost every straight guy thinks about sex more than food.

A guy may see a hot dog stand and walk past without salivating. When he passes by a hot juicy chick, the mind straight away clicks on images of him banging her. It is just an irresistible urge.

This makes it perfect for both the thick chick and a guy. In simple words; thick women love sex, so do guys.

You will both find a topic to discuss on your date. A date will be a perfect opportunity to make the thick chick as horny as she could ever be. You definitely know what this means right?

Yes!!! You can ask for as many nudes as you need and also engage in online sex on the first date. How much better can it possibly get?

This does not apply to all of the thick women though. Some prefer to get sweet words from you about them.

You can try to talk dirty and see where it leads you. If the woman is not comfortable with it, move along to other things. There is a high chance, however, that sex will be the desired topic.

6.      Find a way to know most of her attributes

Blind dates suck when you end up getting the complete opposite of what you were expecting. They can also be the best events that will ever happen in your life.

But why take the chance? Even with fat women, everyone still needs some certain attributes from them.

For example, some men prefer a woman to be just above the overweight line while others prefer fatter ones. You need to find out just how thick the woman is before you meet for sex. So how do you do this?

Well, thanks to video chatting, you can be able to pick up most, if not all of the woman’s physical attributes. You get to know just how much you are going to enjoy your date night even before you meet face to face.

As soon as you get to know her attributes, you can sweet talk the girl into going on a date with you. Remember, these women get horny really fast.

You can ask about things that will make the conversation naughty. These things can include:

  • A tattoo: You can ask the woman if she has a tattoo on her body. She most probably has one close to the tits or around the gluteus. This may force her to strip off some clothing to show you the tattoo.
  • The color of her inner clothing: Ask the girl about her favorite thong color. Whatever she says, just contradict it and hope that she will show you the one she has on.

You can think of so many things that can change the nature of your conversation. You should always remember to keep it respectful though.

7.      Arrange for a date ASAP

A thick woman is not the type of person you want to keep waiting for you. Due to the horny nature of most of them, you need to act fast.

You should plan for the date that is going to get you laid as quick as possible. The theme does not have to be 100 percent romantic.

You just need to organize it in a way that shouts “I want to get laid, pronto”. Romantic dates can be confusing sometimes. If you wish to get laid on that date, then you really should balance the romance and intimate theme.

A date in a bar is an example of the trashy dates you can organize. Just remember that you do not want to scare her off. Hitting the bar after a romantic dinner can be a great idea.

8.      Prepare Dinner or Order In

Though some of the women are genetically affected, most of them gained their weight through eating. Since you do not have any problem with her being fat, why not prepare the most delicious dinner she ever had.

As you know, the way through anybody’s heart is providing the one thing the heart most desires. In
this case, that one thing is food.

If you are good in the kitchen, then you should prepare the food at home. Thick women fall for men who know their way around the kitchen.

If that’s not the case, just order one of the hundreds of delicacies that are prepared locally. Your goal is to make her as happy as possible, so don’t cook something that makes a healthy person sick in an instant.

9.      Give Her the Best Sex Night She Has Ever Had

If you have been keen on everything you just read, then you should know that this is the one thing that greatly determines if you will be seeing her again.

If you have managed to score a date which the thick chick needs to end between the sheets, you should not mess it up. You need to take that session to a whole new level.

Instead of treating the session as casual sex, make love to her. Most people do not notice the difference, but having sex and making love are two different things.

According to popular research, having sex is just the act of having physical contact so that you can ejaculate. It is meaningless and is only done in order for a person to get… less horny.

Making love, on the other hand, involves sexual contact with pure emotion. Every kiss and touch are so intense and rhythmical that the woman can’t help it but orgasm a bunch of times.

There are a couple of tips you can find online on how you can make love to your partner. If you feel confident that you are ready for it go ahead and try them out.

One example is the Kamasutra. It is the mother of all sex guides on earth. You will be able to find more than enough positions and tips to make her moan like never before.

On this specific date, try to make it all about her. The sex is supposed to make her climax effortlessly. The woman on top, BJs and similar things should not be mentioned to her. If she feels comfortable, she will do those things without being told.

If you were wondering why people always say that having sex with a BBW is one hell of a task, now you know why. The woman may have more weight than you do, so having her stay on top for long is not suitable in this case.

Best  Places to Find Fat Girls Online

You can find big girls everywhere. In college, in the library, in bars and clubs. If you are someone who loves to go out and meet new people you won’t have trouble meeting your dream girls. Simply spot them, approach them in a polite manner and start a conversation. Simple as that.

But not every guy feels that confident. For a lot of guys approaching a woman they find attractive is a nerve wrecking experience.  But in today’s world, you even don’t have to be so confident to meet someone.

There are numerous online dating websites and apps which will make your life much much easier.

Here we will recommend a few dating sites where you can meet fat women immediately. They aren’t designed for bigger girls per se, but they will make your fat women dating experience unforgettable.

Your best bet is sites with a lot of search options. That way you can profile much better and search only for women that fit your description. Simply define that you are searching for a fat girl and let the dating site do all the work finding her. Anything more after that depends on you and your seduction skills.

  1. BBWCupid.com
  2. AdultFriendFinder.com
  3. OKCupid.com
  4. Badoo.com
  5. Tinder
  6. POF- PlentyofFish.com

These five dating sites will be more than enough to find what you are searching for.

You can use them for free, at least the basic versions, but that should be enough to find a curvy woman pretty fast if you put in a little effort.


If you want to know more about all kinds of online dating sites, read the reviews HERE.

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