Female Attraction With Eye Contact and Reality Distortion Fields

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by Mr. Theklan
Using eye contact effectively is one of those tools that is essential when attracting and communicating with women.
Few guys get it right.
Over at www.eyegazingparties.com you can learn what it takes to attract women with even speaking one word!
Many first dates involve a series of superficial questions that barely brush the surface of who you really are.
Personality and passions are left behind in preference to “what do you do for a living?”.
Job and family details along with some travel plans and past experiences is about that gets mentioned on a first date. Eye gazing parties certainly is a unique first date idea and it might just be what your looking for.
EYE CONTACT alone can tell you a lot more about a women than where you live or what you do for a living. (according to eyegazingparties.com)
More importantly for you eye contact can trigger instant attraction…and you don’t even have to SAY anything!
Eye gazing parties is pretty much just a speed dating concept but stripped down even more to the point where there is no talking either. After you have stared into all of the womens eyes for 2 minutes each it’s over and you join the real party afterwards where you can catch up with the ones that you had a connection with.
The party afterwards is kick-started by the previous prolonged eye contact to a point where everyone seems to already know each other.
Eye Gazing Parties have been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Good Morning America, Match.com,
You are able to host your own eye gazing party via help from the site:

How To:

How to find hip, sexy venues that will let you host your party for free
How to get a great crowd to come to your party
How to set up the party, including layout, rotation format, and even music selection
A precise, minute-by-minute guide of how to make sure the party goes smoothly
How to teach your crowd how to gaze so everyone is comfortable
Example Video of RDF used by bill clinton + read tim ferris post

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