Female Masturbation Statistics Gives Men Much Needed Confidence

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So I get a lot of interesting questions relating to guys getting nervous about approaching women…
What if she rejects me?
Girls won’t actually want to go out with me!
They aren’t that interested in sex anyway… not till 30-35
It seems like we (guys, men, boys) might be a little unsure as to whether they are as keen as we are.
To dispel any myths and to give you guys more confidence when approaching women I went on the lookout for the facts…
What are women really thinking?
What are single women really doing when the lights go out?
You see women might be saying or even thinking one thing but ACT completely differently in other situations. Knowing the truth about what’s going on in their confused heads might give you that extra bit of security and confidence to make your move.
I choose to look into some female masturbation statistics and found them to be pretty much all over the place. A percentage of girls masturbate from a very young age while others seem to wait until around 18.
I found a really long thread regarding teen sexual activity here:
Now let me preface the link with the rationale behind reading up on teen masturbation statistics…
I know it even sounds gross but that’s the point. Most men have no idea that women are as keen to get together as they are. Most men feel as if they have to win women over or cheat them into bed in some way.
Many men seem to have this underlying feeling that women just don’t want to have sex with them or don’t want to be intimate with them for whatever reason…
Popular held beliefs that females are less sexual than males
News stories covering male rape and assault
I am not quite sure what’s going on with these questions – Is it just that we have lost our nuts and are too afraid to ask a girl out?
Rejection seems to be an unbelievably ingrained FEAR that should be respected… but conquered.
Anyway a comment from the post
A female reader, anonymous, writes (6 April 2009):
Im a 15 year old girl and I started masturbating when I was 14. Let me tell you, it feels great!lol. A lot of people think it’s wrong or gross or whatever, but, it’s not and it’s safer than having sex. Besides, it’s totally natural and I think almost everyone does it, even if they don’t admit. Honestly, I think girls masturbate as much as boys.
There are many more of these types of stories from both guys and girls… Not that I am surprised I am just suggesting to you that it’s no coincidence that she is wearing that red dress and red lipstick.
It’s NOT a coincidence that she is playing with her hair and looking over in your direction…
did she just look at my crotch?
It’s obvious what women want – they are masters at flirting and looking amazingly pretty. Every shiny bracelet and earring is designed to catch your attention.
Women are almost TO GOOD at looking so dam good. We as men freeze up at the beauty and stop doing the things that will get us laid.
Just think of how you act when your with your mates – confident , laid back and joking… Don’t change what works – women are waiting for US, to be more of who we were supposed to be!
DONT make any apologies for being a successful confident and dominant man!
That’s what women want.


a study of Redbook readers found that 68% of married women masturbated.”
Source: Sexuality.about.com

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