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casual sex online
Using the anonymous nature of the web so find women looking for sexual relationships could be a great idea… But are their really that many women online looking for casual sex in the first place?
This fantasy of nearly every man could become a reality – you need to find the right place to look…
If your getting desperate for some sort of intimacy and only interested in no strings attached sexual encounters sites like fling could be your golden key to unlock the door of great casual encounters every weekend (or weeknight)
Let’s say your offline game is quiet frankly terrible! You couldn’t pull a drunk women who didn’t no up from down… Your nervous and you know it.
You have given up going out to avoid the disappointment of seeing so many successful happy young people dancing the night away.
You don’t really fit in to that happy go lucky mould anyway so you stay at home or hit up the local drinking spots.
These places you frequent in the weekends only have very few attractive women and any that come in are accompanied by a few burly men. You wouldn’t have the nuts to approach them anyway but would love the chance to introduce yourself properly.
How does a guy that is shit out of luck in the appearance department find some casual sex?
Are women my age even interested in this sort of thing?
As you get older you realise that having some sort of companion is really important in your life. Women that are single at age 40 through to 55 and beyond are definitely on the look out for companions.
There are many many mid 45 to mid 40 year old women that are single and looking for casual sexual relationships… Trust building will be required and you will have to establish some sort of relationship with her but no strings means no strings.
The secret to all this is that … you wont find her in town with the crazy young ones… you wont find her on the soccer field looking out for her son… you MIGHT find her in your local pub… drunk on a Saturday night with her other cougar friends!
These women KNOW what they want and if your eligible enough to pass her test then you could be the one she chooses!
But once again you are going to be required to get out their and make yourself available… Most of these places are full of other guys mostly interested in watching the game and drinking beer.
That’s not going to get you hooked up with casual sex…
Casual encounters so efficient that you can organise them for after work and then be back home in no time.
This casual sex fantasy… is it a reality for every man?
Can it be if you really want it?
It will depend on your timing and your location but if your willing to click a few buttons and fill a few forms you could make yourself available to thousands of women your age and younger that are interested in what YOU want.
The amazing thing about the web is that you can filter and search for anything you like. You are able to join online communities where swinger couples invite others to join their weekday sessions or every people that are into BDSM!
You fill find all sorts of apperances tastes and backgrounds online and it can all be searched for read up on and the REAL person behind the profile contacted with one click of a button.
If you are an honest and open man that simply wants a little intimacy for the weekend you are in luck…
You should not have to feel sick and dirty for wanting what every man is to shy to admit!
You simply want a women that is looking for a purely sexual relationship.
There are also more standard online dating sites like cupid and girls date for free that are of a less sexual nature.
Contrary to popular belief there are women looking for sexually orientated relationships online. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.
If you email enough women on the site it’s only a matter of time before the statistics fall in your favour. Getting casual sex out of your online experience has a ton of benefits!
You can be anonymous (but I would strongly suggest that you don’t), you can do it all from the comfort of your own bed, you can search very specifically, you can filter out who you are not interested in meeting, you can chat and video chat online to get to know each other!
However you must also realise that many other men such as yourself are also interested in setting up causal sex from their computer… So the proportion of men to women is not in your favour.
By being open, honest and active in the community your dream of no strings great casual sex with adventurous women near you will be a reality as soon as tonight!

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