Feminism Power Mobility and Female Sexual Promiscuity

Not so recent date from one of the biggest dating sites online (plentyoffish) has indicated that there has been a sharp increase in the number casual relationships that WOMEN have been seeking
The owner of pof predicts that within a decade the ratio of men looking for women and women looking for men for casual encounters with be 1:1. He noticed this when checking user data on genders leaving his site via advertising with keywords relating to intimate encounters.
The prediction does not seem all reliable as it was more of a passing comment and the source data questionable but if true it’s more fun times for both genders.
It’s tough to imagine that the male sexual hunger with be satiated simply by a change in female mindset…
About.com suggests the empowerment of women though media (sex in the city) anything on MTV and also the sexual revolution pushing sex for fun into the mainstream media.
Over time people get immune to certain subjects (eg swear words losing their effect). Sexuality in almost every marketing message and music video may be doing alot to change female perception of what is ok.
Guys reading this will be happy to hear the news but is it corresponding to more fun in the sack for you?
Online mating dating is taking off especially the promiscuous sites. The ones that suggest that it’s now “ok” to love and leave (fling, benaughty,girlsdateforfree). They are all hinting that’s it’s all good to get in their find your man and then get out when you please.
The benaughty slogan indicates that it is tapping into a market that’s opening right up. It’s NICE to be NAUGHTY or BENAUGHTY
it’s more fun than being nice… is a perfect slogan to ease women into the flirty online dating scene.
With the knowledge that you can be naughty and not be a slut is a bit paradigm shift in the culture of sex and dating.
Women are more mobile than ever before which could be evening out the ratio. Being new in a big town with no one to cuddle up to is always a big motivator
Women are still well aware of the risks of being seen as a girl who sleeps around. Maybe this is the biggest reasons for
women not being more open about sex as a pleasure activity. Apparently plenty of fish women are using the internet to show their real intentions and needs. More power to them.
The increasing openness and use of sexual toys could also be the reason for changes in female intent. Armed with the knowledge that it’s ok to have a quickie with a sticky as long as it’s safe and consensual appears to have brought women right outside their shell.
But this is all conjecture and statistics based on free online dating which may attract that sort of behaviour anyway. The date is likely biased to some degree but an interesting insight all the same.

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