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So your looking for an casual friend!
One that is interested in no strings attached fun. A mature and honest casual that has similar interests.
By casual friend we mean a casual sexual partner… But that’s not all. We also expect that this casual friend is mature enough to deal with the issues of life outside of your relationship. They could also be an activity partner that needs to be loved in the weekend.
Everyone has different needs that need to be met. Some get those needs met via the wrong “vehicle” but one thing is for sure – everyone needs to be loved. If your currently at a stage in your life where marriage of having a “girlfriend” is not that important you finding an casual friend to keep you busy could be just what your after.
You can have more than one casual friend at any given time… However trust and security issues may arise if you start to get attached to a certain casual friend.
This reportedly happens often when you spend time together outside the bedroom or have a long term casual sex relationship. It’s natural for you to get possessive and jealous of your casual friend but it’s unnatural to expect that they should remain faithful to you if you are seeing other women.
Many guys with casual friends find this tough to accept – they like the idea of having a casual sex partner but cannot deal with their girl seeing other guys during the relationship. This double standard is hardwired into guys and jealously can be one powerful emotion.
Do not feel angry at yourself for not being able to control these feelings of possessiveness.
One way around this is to not allow yourself to get to attached. This means that you don’t meet up every weekend for a long period of time. What singles with casual friends have found to work is if you meet up perhaps once or twice a month. Some guys suggest that you only every meet once – this means that you need to be able to find many casual friends in your area to keep up with your “casual needs”…
In this flexible and open society we live in, casual friends are actually dead easy to find. At sites like casual friend finder you are able to search through profiles that are already looking for casual partners. Women that have similar needs to you are more than happy to flirt and email with you once you set up your free profile.
You could be having sex with a different girl every night!
There are also casual groups that you can join. This often involves “wife swapping” which is a completely different kettle of fish. Those who are married but don’t see eye to eye with the classical rules of marriage have broken out of convention and now enjoy casual intimacy with other married couples. This requires even more trust than simply having casual friends.
If you think that you are the jealous type then perhaps you are just looking for an adventurous girlfriend? Many guys think that what they are after is tons of casual sex… They soon find out they are more emotional than they thought. They find that they want to meet up with the girls they have been seeing outside of the bedroom. Studies have shown that men fall in love very quickly after the first sexual encounter whereas women take 10+ dates to fall in love.
So or though you might think that you want an casual friend very often it’s just that you want more sexual expression. Either way you look at it a site like casual friend finder can help you with being more adventurous and “coming out of your shell”.
You might find that the women on are actually much more adventurous than you are. Do not be surprised at the forwardness and explicit nature of the members.
Finding casual friends involves meeting people in environments where talking openly about casual relationships is the norm.
In time you will get used to it and may even become the life of the party. Many of the women on casual friend finder are divorced (or married) women that need some sort of emotional and sexual fulfilment.
If you are a young guy that has little trouble meeting and attracting girls then casual friend finder could be an exiting time for you but may not be what you want it to be. There are many younger girls looking for sexual relationships but the majority are older.
If you are into mature casual friends then you have just found your calling.
casual friends are meant to be casual but you can decide before you get into this if you want to be open about the possibility of a future relationship.
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