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The derogatory term “fuck buddy” means that you partake in casual sex with a friend. No emotional attachment is expected and little time is spend outside the bedroom.
A fuck buddy is also known as friends with benefits. You have a cool girl that you know but don’t “love” her. She likes coming around in the weekend and enjoying a cheeky Friday night.
The trouble with this relationships is it can be very easy to fall for someone that you are sleeping with. You might find out through someone else that your “fuck buddy” has more than one “fuck buddy”…
Could you take that? If your happy to give them up to other people then you are officially emotionally stable enough to have a friend with benefits…
But it’s not really about being emotionally stable it’s about making sure that you don’t become emotionally attached in the first place. As soon as you get attached even the most stable of guys can struggle with letting go.
So if you like the idea of having a female friend for purely sexual encounters you are going to need to go on the lookout – they may not want to be called your sex buddy so don’t go advertising for one but a casual dating partner seems to be accepted.
Some women are actually on the lookout for guys for casual dating on the likes of adult friend finder but there seems to be an awful lot of women also looking for women…
Don’t forget the normal dating sites – you will find many women on regular paid and free dating sites that have casual dating ticked as their intent. This means that they are not interested in a serious relationship at the moment. These girls are almost certain to be at least interested in talking about a friends with benefits situation.
If you need to find a fuck buddy as soon as tonight you might need to think about an adult personals site. This will allow you to get into contact with women within minutes of signing up and you will get responses from women soon after.
Depending on your city size you might just find a women online that is keen to catch up at a bar near you. It’s unlikely you will find one “tonight” but as early as tomorrow night is not out of the question.
To find your fuck buddy fast you will need to do all of the initiation – the emailing the flirting with all of the women that are online in your city – your profile will need to be fleshed out with photos and a description about yourself.
You will need to actually ASK her if she would like to meet up as early as tonight at a very public location like a bar so that she feels safe.
You might need to chat with her on IM for a period of time exchange some private information. She needs to know that you’re the real deal.
Finding your fuck buddy could take time: Not every girl you meet (even on adultfriendfinder) is going to be right for you. They not only need to be your sexual match in bed but you need to tolerate them enough outside the bedroom so that you can organize times to meet up…
But the tricky part is if you want this fuck buddy thing to work you cant get involved emotionally… Meaning you cant really hang out with this person that much if at all outside the bedroom. It would help if you dont get on with this girl AT ALL outside the sack…
Dynamite under the bedsheets…? great!
Insane during the day…? not a bad thing at all

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