Tinder is now that highschool go between friend that leeks “she likes you likes you”.

Gone are the days of newspaper personal classifieds, you sign up for a website and can now ad images and video clips while filtering through millions of registered users. Face to face video chat is so much more fun than a stale newsprint square, thank goodness for progress.


Online sex ads are not really necessary anymore. Currently all thats required is for you to leverage the power of a smartphone to pinpoint your location and the location of others on the app network. Apps like tinder force you to upload a photo and update a profile then take you on superficial trip through singledom at warp speed. Its very simple – you like or dislike based on appearance and a few lines, people nearby you do the same. Tinder is now that highschool go between friend that leeks “she likes you likes you”.

So your face becomes your “online sex ad” – because when it boils down to it, casual sex and hookups are not about what your dogs name is. Online sex classifies are about mutual sexual attraction, no strings hookups and a fast fun game like approach to dating. That is what most dating apps integrate these days. Badoo also has a good like based game called encounters.

Don’t be shy – if you think you are to unattractive to compete in this aggressive superficial dating world you might be surprised at the attention you get. The trick is to present yourself as being cool without saying it. This is supposed to be a fun game so don’t take it to seriously.

Ready to explore free and paid sex personals and online tools? Heres how:

Go where the fish are biting:
First off if you don’t have a smart phone get one – you can get them pretty cheap these days with a basic version of android. If your on a laptop this works fine with these sites:

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Xpress.com Review
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Anastasia Date Review
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Loveaholics Review
Overall 7.3
WellHello.com Review
Overall 7.3
Fling.com Review
Overall 7.2

Prepare some great photos for easy upload: Look back at some photos you took while on holiday or a nice headshot of you smiling. Save them to your phone so are ready.
Your going to want to download a number of apps such as tinder, badoo and pof. Go to the play or ios store and search for them or

Do Not:

Start off with creep sex talk. You don’t even know the person ffs, women love sex but are usually more subtle about it.
Dont sound desperate – eg “please respond” or adding every online profile or contact you have at the end.

Maybe just “you can find me on facebook here: ”

Penis size chat in your first conversation is just immature – if you are talking with a women who wants to talk dirty she will steer the conversation in that direction. Otherwise keep it above the table for now.

With these online profiles you want to convey high value without sayign it out loud, nobody likes a brag.

It’s actually better if you understate your qualities rather than overstating them – rather than listing every great achievement, convey a cool and calm persona. People don’t find it attractive when you feel the need to convey value all the time with past achievements. So just like in real life GIVE VALUE, without needing it in return. Do this in the form of charm, humor and light hearted chat.

Women (and men) are on the lookout for red flags online and off.

  • Do you groom yourself?
  • Do you smell bad? (often you don’t know yourself)
  • Shower daily and spray that nice smelling stuff on ya (the classy stuff not the $2 tin of fly spray)
  • Are you comfortable in your own skin or are you fidgety and skittish? (meditate and exercise daily)

Eliminate red flags from your profile by getting a trusted friend to look over it – often you wont be able to tell.

But honestly the main thing is to convey and (almost) honest sense of who you are. That way you will attract the right kinds of people without scaring off to many shy but golden passerby.

No lying and no bragging – if your profile would be empty without lies I cant help you there.

If you really are running a successful company and want to convey the kind of lifestyle you live a photo can say alot.

Just know the kind of gold diggers you will attract – of course if that is what your looking for I’m sure you can make that call yourself.

Some funny thing to expect on tinder
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