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The Curious Discrepancy 

If your looking for guys for sex you will have a lot of options – If your a girl looking for sex online you will notice that their are plenty of guys that want to hookup with you. Almost any site that you go to you will be instantly messaged and chatted to… You might be thinking that this is rather odd, why are so many guys interested in hooking up with me online… but when I go out during the day guys don’t talk to me at all?

Why is the demand for sex so high online compared to offline? Well their is no discrepancy coming from demand but yes your right about thinking their is as behaviour discrepancy… A difference in behaviour from guys compared to on-line and offline.

Are guys just shy?

This could be a reason why so few guys approach you during the day – looking at it from their perspective, they don’t know if your single, they don’t know how you will respond to their advances. Basically by setting up a profile online you are holding up a giant GO SIGN.

You are holding up this GO sign to every male from the age of 18 to 60!

So yes their are plenty of guys looking for sex with girls, your problem is going to be filtering out the good from the not so great.

What do they want?

Some may actually be open to long term relationships but are motivated initially by sex (so dont rule out the chances of long term interests but their primary motivation should be clear). For the most part these guys are looking for no strings casual hookups. They basically are looking for a sex buddy.

What do you want?

You should be clear before you go hooking up with guys online that you know what you want and what your getting into.

Don’t forget that sex doesn’t have to be a 20 minute disappointment, it can be anything you want it to be providing you choose the right sex buddy.

One of the biggest fears that women have with hooking up with guys from an online situation is that they wont be respectful. You really have to just each guy based on his merits. Give him a chance to show that he is respectful.

IF you think that your a bad judge of character perhaps using the web to find guys for sex is NOT a great idea. Or at least give yourself some time to get to know him and trust him.

So the conclusion to this post is a very simple one – If your looking for one night stands (as a women) you have many options. Many of the messages you get and guys you meet wont meet your standards… The decision to allow a man into your body should not be taken lightly. When you find a good match a long term casual sex relationship could be created.


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