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Finding new friends can be a really tough sometimes…

  • Perhaps you feel isolated at work
  • Perhaps you are not great at socialising in big crowds
  • Low on confidence
  • Don’t have the time
  • Find making friends difficult because of your personality
  • Only associate with people in your social circle which is getting smaller by the day

Finding new friends that you get on well with is important! Depression or just feeling low can result if you do not socialise and interact on a daily basis. Friends and family is what makes life amazing so rather than list the obvious benefits of making new friends I will suggest some ways to find more friends.
Free online dating sites can help but they are not the full solution.
You also must be prepared to get out of your comfort zone and try new things… Do you have a hobby that you wish you had taken up but never did? DO IT NOW
Join up to sports teams and
But more than just being more present in life be more OPEN and POSITIVE… humans are drawn to open funny and happy people. Give your self reason to be happy. It’s a state of mind that you can work on (on a daily basis)… it’s worth it to be happy and often it just means taking control of a few small things each day.
Suggest to your peer group or best friend that you try other sports of cultural events… Go to parties and social gatherings and get numbers from the people you meet.

Finding Friends Online

Facebook is the obvious one! Hopefully you have a bunch of friends from your high school days… Go ahead and do something crazy – just add every single person to your friends list that face book recommends…
There might be hundreds and hundreds of people that you can know through association… This is the best way of getting to know other people and getting inside their social circle.
Don’t be afraid that they wont “accept your invitation” you wont even remember that you added them…. Go ahead now and just start adding a bunch of new people on face book.
Make sure you chat with them or send them a message online to say hi.
A different approach
Oasis active (a 100% free online dating site) mimics real life interactions and friendships. Your contact request has to be accepted by the single that your chatting to which makes sense. Unlike sites like plenty of fish you cannot email them directly.
Once your potential date has accepted your invitation you are able to chat with her via a simple pop up window… Oasis Active is not just for dating – many people use it to connect online and chat about their day.
The benefit of using oasis active instead of face book is that you area able to search for people in your area that you don’t already know.
Rather than being referred by a friend you are able to get into contact with people completely outside your social circle.
The oasis active chat feature is a simple instant messenger…
You will be matched to singles that match your seeking criteria – Friendship, Casual Dating or Relationships…
The relationship category obviously means that they are interested in serious long term relationships….
Users with casual dating set as their interest are more relaxed about the possibility of love and a casual sexual relationship… The majority on oasis active are single and looking for love but those looking for friendship are often already in relationships or not looking.
Other sites like okcupid and plenty offish have similar filters so you can chat to the singles that are in similar situations.

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  1. I am a student at the Tubman University ,a liberian 23years of age .upon my graduation i will need a wife to marry new friends (females) from 18 up can log on to me.

  2. I am a student at the Tubman University ,a liberian 23years of age .upon my graduation i will need a wife to marry new friends (females) from 18 up can log on to me.

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