The Ultimate Guide to Easily Find Sex

Lets get a few things cleared up first:

There ARE women in your area right now that are searching for sexual partners.

YOU could be the guy that they email and flirt with and you could be having sex right now with these women.

Women are bored and sexually motivated just like guys are.

If you want to find sex you have a number of options in front of you. The best option for you will depend on a number of factors:

  • How much effort you want to put into it
  • What you want out of the sexual experience
  • What your willing to give
  • Who you want to meet
  • Where you want to meet
  • How quickly you want to find sex

I mean sex is an inevitable part of life - it’s going to happen eventually once you start creating relationships with the opposite sex.

The kinds of relationships you form will influence the sex and intimacy you have. Some relationships are based on deep trust love and affection. Other relationships are fleeting lusty expressions of sexual desire.

You could be interested in either or a mixture of both.

So before you go asking the world wide web for sex, ask yourself:

What do I want out of the experience?

What do I have to lose and how much am I willing to risk?

Remember sex is fleeting but true love for someone lasts forever. If you can combine the two you will have something very special.

Now that we have that sorted out, let's move on to the next step:

Selecting a dating site.


Dating Sites vs. Hookup Sites vs. Social Media

When it comes to finding sex online, you have three basic options. Dating sites, hookup sites, and social media sites.

Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is right for you will depend on:

  • The type of relationship your seeking
  • Your budget
  • Which features are important to you

Dating Sites

  • Larger userbase
  • Some are free
  • Less intimidating

Hookup Sites

  • Clear intentions
  • Most require payment
  • Smaller userbase

Social Media

  • Unknown intentions
  • Low pressure
  • Most are free
  • Less competition

The Best Tips For All Platforms

Some tips are going to be specific to the type of platform you use. For example, you will want to do some things differently on a dating site than Facebook.

However, some tips are universal and apply to all online social interactions that you are hoping might lead to a sexual encounter.

They are:

  • Good photos
  • Have Respect
  • Show Intelligence
  • Be Original
  • Have Confidence

Following these five tips will help you regardless of the way you choose to find sex online.

Photos, Photos, Photos

When it comes to finding sex or dating online, photos come up a lot, and for good reason.

Your photos are often your first impression, and in some cases your only impression.

Every potential partner will look at your photos and think yes, no, or maybe.

Yes means that she's yours as long as you don't screw it up. No means you have no shot. Maybe means that the odds are against you, but depending on how desperate she is and/or your personality, there's hope.

5 Photo Tips For Finding Sex


Lighting and camera angles can make a huge difference in how attractive you are.

This is the reason why professional photographers spend so much time adjusting light and camera angles.

Bigger and more diffuse light sources are better than small narrow ones. Shaded bulbs for example instead of a bare bulb. Sunlight is a great source of light as well.

It's best to point the camera down slightly and look up a bit for the best camera angle.


Studies are divided on whether men should smile in photos, so use common sense.

If you feel more comfortable smiling or smile often in real life, then smile in your photos. If brooding is more your style, then go with the broody or looking away look.

Broody/ Looking Away

A picture of you looking into the camera looking very serious or lost in thought, or looking away from the camera can add mystery and sexual tension to your profile.


Use your photos to say something about who you are, what you enjoy, and what's important to you.

You should always include at least one action shot in your profile photos. Surfing, hiking, and skiing are a few examples.

Sensitive Side

Have one photo that shows you with a dog, cat, or other pet. Preferably a fluffy one.

It doesn't matter if you don't like animals. Find one and take a picture with it. Look like you are enjoying yourself, and smile.

This will show a softer side to your personality and will get girls to trust you more before you even begin talking.


Be Original and Creative

Do not, under any circumstances use the same tired, boring, done to death back in 2012 pick up lines and profile filler that everyone else does.

Be yourself. Don't be afraid to be unique or even a little controversial. There is something worse than being rejected, and it's not being noticed enough to be rejected.

Remember: Not being noticed enough to be rejected is worse than rejection. Be sure that you stand out from the crowd!

Showcase who you are when you are finding sex online, and the task will be easier and more fun.

Use some creativity as well. Come up with a unique way to write your profile. Make some funny memes and share on social media.

Have fun and be yourself.


Be Confident

There is no substitute for confidence. If you don't have it the only girls you will be able to find for sex will be desperate or unattractive.

Confidence, more than anything else, is what gets you girls, and it cannot be faked.

You can learn the correct body language, what to say, and even lower your tone of voice to appear more confident, but the truth is you are wasting your time.

If you aren't as confident as you would like to be, spend time fixing it. Not trying to cover it up.

Set goals. Take care of your appearance. Begin doing affirmations. Build your confidence up until you are comfortable with yourself.


Find Sex Near You With Dating Sites

Many people use dating sites to find sex locally. Most dating sites (with the exception of marriage minded sites like eHarmony) are good options for finding sex partners.

Generally, finding sex on dating sites takes more work than finding it on a site solely for hookups.

The key is to find them. This is where the work comes in.

There are plenty of horny women who would want to hook up with you on dating sites. 

Many women want (or are open to) casual hookups, but don't feel comfortable broadcasting it on a hookup website.

The majority of women require plausible deniability. They can't admit they just want a hookup (even to themselves). They need a man to seduce them. They need to be able to say "I didn't plan on sleeping with them. It just happened." Dating sites offer women plausible deniability.

If you are using a dating site that allows you to search by relationship intentions, this will speed up the process.

The easiest way to do this is to filter out what you don't want. Select all looking for options except for marriage, long term dating, serious relationship, etc.

Be sure to include looking for "friends", because many women will say they are looking for friends when they really mean friends with benefits.


How to Know if She is Looking For Sex

Finding a woman for sex on a dating site requires the ability to read between the lines.

If she says she is "adventurous, open minded, or looking for fun", these are indications she may be dtf.

If she mentions partying or has photos of herself partying, this is an indication as well. Sexy or revealing photos of any type are another clue.

If her profile is light and fun and doesn't give much information, she is almost certainly interested in casual sex.


When a girl wants a relationship, she's much more likely to include the things that are really important to her in her profile.

This could include her values, beliefs, career, family, etc. If the information in her profile is shallow, it's likely the relationship she is seeking is too.

The Top 5 Dating Sites & Apps For Hooking Up

Finding Girls for Sex on Hookup Sites

The great thing about hookup sites is that you don't have to guess what someone's intentions are.

No wondering if they are interested in hooking up. No worries that you will offend them by asking if they would like to "Netflix and chill".

Women on hookup sites know what they want, and they own it. They don't need to hide behind plausible deniability.

This doesn't make them easy, but it does make the process itself easier.


Common Hookup Site Mistakes

There are two very common mistakes men make on hookup sites. Treating a girl like a slut and waiting too long to make a move.

Obviously, these are the two extremes. You want to be somewhere in the middle.

Treat women with respect. Be confident, but don't assume that every woman on a hookup site wants to sleep with you.

Move quickly, but keep things light and flirty instead of overtly sexual. Even on a hookup site, many women prefer a little plausible deniability.

Ask for their number, a date, or other way to contact them like Whatsapp or Kik before your first conversation ends.

You want to get them off the hookup site asap, so they are focused on talking to you and not the other guys that are hitting on them.

You both know why you are there. You don't have to spell it out. Be tactful.

Hookup with them as soon as possible. Don't spend more than a few days talking without at least scheduling a date.


The Top 5 Hookup Sites and Apps

Finding Sex on Social Media

You can find sex on social media sites as well. The advantage here is that not many men are using this method, so you have less competition.

Many dating and hookup sites have a very high ratio of men to women as well.

Social media sites are usually about even, or slightly skewed towards women.

This gives you more women to choose from, and dramatically lowers the amount of competition you have.

The main disadvantage of using social media is that not everyone is interested in dating or hooking up.


Depending on the site, even women who are interested in hooking up on a dating site might not enjoy being hit on on these platforms.

Lastly, social media sites lack the features that online dating sites have. You can't conduct searches based on criteria like age or relationship interest, or even find this information easily on some sites.

However, it is worth the effort of finding sex on social media, if you know how to do so correctly.

Preparing Your Social Media

Yes it's necessary. No you can't skip this step and go straight to messaging women. It takes a little time, but once it's done, all you have to do is follow the content rules.

It's wise to not post anything to your social media accounts that you wouldn't mind being on the front page of the paper.

Think about how something will be perceived before you post it. Will this make a good impression on a potential date, or will it be a turn off?

Some social media sites, like Facebook, allow you to create groups of people who can see certain posts.

Social Media Posting Rules
  • Think before you post
  • Flattering photos only
  • Create groups
  • Be active
  • Avoid very offensive material

If you want to post potentially offensive jokes, memes, or photos of the hot girl you banged last week, create a group for your friends so they are the only ones that can see them.


Should you edit past posts?

Should you edit your past posts? It depends. If you have lots of things women would find offensive, you are probably better off creating a new social media account just for dating.

Be sure to add your friends so that your account doesn't look fake or like you have no friends. Post only things that won't send a girl running the other way on this one, but try to be fairly active on it.

You can also pay for services that will find you social media friends or followers. The more friends you have, the more high value you appear, so this is a good option. Particularly if you create a separate account just for dating.

It will end up being cheaper than a dating site membership in the long run, and may be more effective.

Buying Social Media Followers:

Flattering Photos Only!

When you are posting photos on social media, how attractive you are in it probably isn't a big consideration.

However, it should be. Post only photos that show you in a good light. No bathroom selfies, and no "this is what I look like after a night of drinking before I shower" photos either.

Use your photos as an opportunity to show your value, interests, and hobbies.

Photos of you on vacation, nice vehicles, etc. are a plus. You can also post photos of things you would like to own.

This shows you have good tastes and goals, which are attractive to women.


Photos of you doing things you enjoy are a must. Photos of you hanging out with friends and family are important as well.

You can also use photos as a way to show what you are interested in. Pictures of your favorite bands, books, movie clips, etc. are a great way to show your interests without being boring.

You'll also want photos with pets, children, or both. If you don't have them, take a picture with someone else's. With permission of course.

Finding Girls For Sex on Social Media

Obviously, you can't search for girls on social media like you can on dating sites, so how do you find them?

There are a few methods you can use. Common interests, location, forums, and friends of friends.


Common Interest Method

To use the common interests method, you'll search for something you are interested in. Then you'll browse through people with the same interest.

This is an easy method to use on Instagram and Twitter. You can also use it to find groups on Facebook based on your interest.

The great thing about using the common interest method is it gives you a built in conversation starter and immediately establishes some common ground.

Location Method

To use the location method, just search for your location. This is effective on most social media sites.

In addition to searching by your location, you can search for events and attractions near you that people are likely to chat about.

Festivals, concerts, museums, and amusement parks are a few examples. These also give you a simple way to start a conversation, especially if the event was recent.

Get creative with the location method and search for hashtags of landmarks, attractions, festivals, and other events in your area.

Friends of Friends

Sites like Facebook make it easy to see people whom you share a friend with. If you are brave, you can even say that your mutual friend suggested you send them a message because they thought you would like each other.



Reddit and Fetlife have lots of groups and forums where you can post your soical media information.

You can find sexting partners on Kik by browsing these groups as well. Most of these groups are devoted to connecting on social media for hookups, making them an invaluable way to search for girls to hookup with on social media.

Top 5 Social Media Sites for Finding Sex

Finding sex can be fun and effective when you use these methods. Keep a light hearted attitude and enjoy the process as well as the end result of hooking up with someone.

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