Finding A Girlfriend From Your Social Circle

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Your social circle is much larger than just your selection of close friends and family – it can reach far beyond into your areas of interest. Some use facebook for just close friends and family while others use it as their social circle creator. They add their “friends” which are really people they “know of”… E.G. friends of friends or even friends of friends of friends.
There are some major strengths to seducing women inside your social circle… In fact this is where most of the action happens but you have to watch yourself. There are always people watching and waiting, ready to spread the gossip about the latest relationship.
If you are just out to get a quick lay or practice your skills your extended friend circle is NOT the place for it.
Your loss of status with your close friends via multiple rejections or worse is just not worth it. Use the bar scene to practice and leave your social circle for more intimate and serious relationships.
Benefits of attracting women inside your social circle compared to cold approaching girls in bars
There are many many benefits to creating relationships inside your extended social circle and most of them are centered on one word.
She automatically has some degree of trust in you because of the associated friendship between your mutual friends.
She will want to make a good impression on you because she will be aware of the connection between her good friend and your friend. Nobody wants to cause friction in their close relationships, therefore the best thing to do in her situation is to make friends with you.
So rather than coming from a place of automatic distrust and rejection she is primed to be open and accept you.
You have much more time to create a connection and bond – often you will be at a house party or social gathering which allows you all night to get to know each other. When you are talking to a girl you don’t know in a bar you have less than 2 minutes to make a good impression.
Because she has the scrutiny of people she trusts and loves around her it’s less likely she will be rude or flake out on you.
Inside a social circle it’s natural to start conversation and continue it for long periods of time. If two people seem like they are enjoying each others company her girlfriend wont interrupt and steal her away unlike in bars or un-trusting situations.
The great thing about being part of a wider social circle is that you become part of the group – if they move on to another bar or to a house it’s natural for you to move with the group rather than being left behind.
With this power comes much responsibility and with these advantages come disadvantages.
As stated above you have alot more to lose – if your seen as the player inside your social circle women will put walls up to stop you manipulating them. Word get’s around extremely fast and any obvious public rejection will be talked about.
Rather than “screwing the crew” or dating really close friends you should look at targeting friends on the edges of the circle.
There is little point in jeopardizing the strength of close friends by screwing up the relationship with a failed seduction of a close friend when there are so many other opportunities available.
Things You Can Do
Add old friends and friends of friends in facebook – you dont have to chat with them or message them straight away just comment on a thread and get to know them… Like a comment and just generally interact in a natural way.
Eventually you will get noticed, if not take a look at the events created by friends and get along to them. These will usually be bands playing or weekend meet-ups, make sure there is a close friend present so your appearance isn’t out of the blue or un-welcomed.
If your interested in finding a girlfriend from your social circle it’s likely that you have your eye on someone already. If so your in a pretty good position – you simply need to create multiple positive serendipitous experiences while displaying qualifying and attractive elements.
Firstly if your not on speaking terms yet you will want to introduce yourself. Things to organize right now would be upcoming events parties and get togethers where she is going to be.
Do NOT make it obvious that you arrived just to see her – arrive with other girls and friends and get to know everyone at the event. At some stage during the night introduce yourself and create a positive experience for her.
Your first interaction is very important – if your nervous and have a feeling that you will screw it all up hold off and go in  when your in the right state. You may even be introduced by your friends.

Find A Girlfriend – The Set Up

This is very highschool but it still works – Let your mutual friend know that your interested in her… The “secret” has a way of getting to the desired person. Once she knows your interested the sexual tension rises without you having to do anything.
The house party where you first meet is a dynamite place with which to get the sparks flying.
Remember you want this girl to be your girlfriend – this requires time… Take it slow and establish a connection over time.

Find A Girlfriend – Sexual Tension

The difference between your friend which is a girl and your girlfriend is attraction and sexual tension. Do not make the mistake of not initiating sexual contact and flirting because you want to take it slow.  If there is no chemistry it’s unlikely the relationship will end up as a bf/gf relationship.
Keno escalation and kissing should occur when you both feel comfortable but make sure you dont wait to long.
Finding a girlfriend should feel natural – if you feel like your forcing the issue it’s likely that she is not as interested as you. You might be able to win he over eventually but in most cases you should move on. Ask her friend what the situation is if you have to.
Nothing worse than wasting months of your life with a girl that was never interested in the first place. Remember women love attention – she might just be happy to accept your friendly conversation with no intention of going any further.
Having a girlfriend is a sexual relationship! Don’t make the mistake of thinking otherwise… once you have won her over there will be an amazing period of love and lust. If you want to keep her long term keep up the attraction and seduction. When sex dies the relationship soon follows.

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