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According to the images (linked below) it’s estimated that intercourse is taking place about 2,778 times every 5 seconds around the world!!!
Also that a guy aged 18-30 has sexual thoughts every 52 seconds!
So we are clear that this is a big topic in the world and that it’s an important topic to be talking about.
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What we are interested in is finding out is how you can get in the sack with a women soon… like tonight! And how you can use the amazing tool called the internet to make it happen easily and efficiently despite your current situation.
Even if you are one of the unlucky ones (1 million men and 800,000 women ages 25-45) that are still virgins you can still use the web to find your first time experience.
Your chances are greatly increased if you have something of value to offer women so make this heard in your profile. Any sort of status will increase your chances of getting emails replied.
Also be mindful of the female situation. She knows nothing about you and will put you in the group with all the other guys emailing her. She get’s a LOT of email so don’t be offended if she does not reply. Email again until you get a response. She has options so your email can easily get shunted to the side.
You have to be a little relentless. Keep up the emailing and chatting and suggest that you catch up offline because if you DON’T ask someone else will. If you don’t ask she will assume your not interested.
You don’t have to use sex obvious sites like be naughty to find women looking for sex. I would suggest that you use paid dating sites over free but even so sex is an inevitable result of male female interaction and dating. Just make sure that you form a deeper bond with this women than simple friendship chat.
The only thing that the web can do is get you contacts – IF you cant establish enough trust with her to at least give you the chance offline then your efforts have been somewhat of a waste of time. You only want that one coffee/tea/lunch date.
That’s it.
By removing sex from the equation you allow her to say yes much easier and she feels much safer in your presence as a result.
Give it a couple of dates before you escalate with her… you might not have to do this but if you think she is still weighing up whether she wants to move things forward give her that chance.
If you find yourself back at yours with a few drinks your only one step away from casual sex as a result of online dating.
Remember – online dating only get’s you numbers… you have to do the rest from their and there is considerable work to do but it should not be called “work” at all.
In some respects the hard initial contact has been done for you – all you have to do is show up and be yourself. If she likes what you offer then once again it’s inevitable.
You might be thinking…

HANG ON – sex definitely is not inevitable!

Well providing that you don’t say anything to freak her out then it kind of is… If she likes you and you like her then it’s going to happen. You’re the main problem in this equation.
Give her a reason to say yes each step of the way without making her feel all weird. Give her a reason to trust you and feel comfortable in your presence. Just let it happen!
You don’t need to force it but you might need to suggest that you watch a movie in your bedroom or you might need to offer to “drop her home”…
Small steps will bring the two of you ever closer. It shouldn’t be one big uncomfortable leap into bed. It should be a natural progression.
So trust your instincts – if you think that she is feeling uncomfortable what are you doing to make her feel that way? Do you feel uncomfortable and why?

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  1. contact on the web is good, but you have to meet yhr person in person, how esle will you get the chance to have sex. It can be at a bar or online, the key is the meet and greet.

  2. contact on the web is good, but you have to meet yhr person in person, how esle will you get the chance to have sex. It can be at a bar or online, the key is the meet and greet.

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