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Looking for single girls (or guys) in your local city? you’re not alone

The question is what online platform is the best, time efficient way to find the right person for you?
Everyone is different right… you might be into that red head nerdy girl… others are looking for the bbw ebony love, aint nothing wrong with a bit of spice in your life. The point is the platform needs to be big enough to have a wide enough spread of different kinds of people.

  • Trannys?
  • Divorced over 40’s women?
  • Married and cheating women looking for young guys?
  • Haha even a Midget transsexual?

Heck pretty much anything you can think of will be a porno out there.. but finding the real thing is a whole different kettle of fish.

Meeting up in person becomes very real – and there are scientific studies suggesting there is no such thing as casual sex due to the emotional connection hat occurs during sexual orgasm and various other reasons.

You may be able to turn your mind off to it but just think about girls that you have been having sex on and off for some time… You do start to have feelings for them even if it’s subconscious at the time – you find out that you felt something for them when they leave or you see them with another guy.

So do be careful about the casual sex getting serious… but that being said, most guys are totally ok with the relationship getting serious. There’s is not a lot better than falling in love right?

So back to the platform…

You have to choose something that is large enough to find 18+ girls or single older women in your area. That’s pretty unlikely in small town America.

100% free girls for sex is easy now with some of the apps that are available such as mixxxer tinder badoo etc and messenger apps like whatsapp.

What you’re going to need to do is sign up with all of them and create a compelling profile.

Your MOST important action is going to be your profile picture. The problem with the profile picture is one that you think is great (your best pic yet) might just be terrible!

So take a look at examples online of good and bad profile pictures.

It doesn’t have to be a professional picture but just take a bit of time to get it right. Choose one where you were having fun with friends or in a good mood not just awkwardly starting blankly at the camera. Or get an HONEST friend to tell you if it’s ok.

Some profile pictures are truly cringe worthy and others just does not inspire any real sexual attraction. Remember CREEPY is not the kind of look you are going for!


Don’ts for casual dating site profile

  • taking pictures in a bad mood
  • camera is to close to your face
  • your offspring or a toilet are in the background
  • little to no emotion in your face
  • drawing attention to bad aspects of your body
  • very old pictures
  • JUST dick pics


Dick pics are ok i guess but people want to see your face, what works great for guys and girls if you want to hide your face is a great shot of your body in lingerie/underwear. Give people a sneak peak of what’s to come.

When I was searching for sex near me it was a case of choosing for the best 3-5 apps/desktop networks.

They tend to be:

  2. Adult Friend Finder
  3. Badoo
  4. maybe: MIXXER, PURE


These sites were used because of the volume of users which maximises the chances of meeting the right kind of women in the city I was in.

Travelling is always and option – Travelling down to LA or NY for the weekend is easy enough if you are close.
Living within a small city outside of say London is not going to show great results for girls looking for sex within 10km…so change your search settings to the major cities next to you.

If you don’t or can’t travel to larger cities your best option is to bite the bullet and approach that girl next door or head to the local bar in the weekend.

IF THAT is not an option because the town is shitty … then you should be living in that city! Get out as soon as you can haha.

Or ask the women that lives in the major city near you to drive to your location.

The sites I have listed above are great (apart from adult friend finder) because they are an example of a site that can get you 100% free sex.

They are pay to win in a way because to get noticed on badoo as a guy in some areas you might need to promote your profile… However it’s not really necessary if you have a GREAT profile picture and really spend some TIME on writing out why you are the kind of person single girls should spend time talking to… then your in.

Write your profile like you’re thinking what it is in it for the viewer? It’s Not about you – it’s about them.
So in saying that what about your personality and life situation would make a women love to be around you?
Always be joking, intriguing and peak the viewer’s curiosity.
Instead of “I love to travel”
Try this….

Last month in south east Asia I loved riding elephants and enjoying the cuisine and culture because…

Short sentences that say a lot about your experiences and passions are great. add a photo of you doing as with apps like tinder it’s all about the photo!
Anything outside is great but seriously even if it’s something like a gaming screen shot of stats it still might get the attention of fellow female gamers.

Certainly not preferable but the point is you are sharing the experience of your passion in the hope you will find someone similar.

The above tips are true for sites like and

But if you are looking for casual sex only then your dick pic from last year will do the trick – the more open you are even on sexual dating sites the better you will do but that’s up to you of course.

Women on sex dating sites expect creeps so it’s easy to rise above the sea of cocks by being yourself and acting normal with a regular profile photo.
xhamster is a porn site but it also has the ability to get into contact with users. Xhamster dating has messaging and local search so will turn into a great casual sex site if there is enough female to satiate the infinite demand… unlikely.

Tinder is basically a code word for casual dating even though it’s not written explicitly.

If your intention is only sex then swipe right on every women and hope that you get something back… it goes without saying that your PROFILE PHOTO must be really good…

I would test multiple different photos if possible – if you can’t set up multiple tinder accounts then change your profile photo up once a week and see which gets more responses.
Test between a happy attractive profile photo of your face with a great ab picture.
Local casual sex is pretty easy to get online if you have some kind of online popularity, if not it’s time to get those YouTube videos uploaded, ab workouts rocking and business cranking. How’s the new year’s resolutions going everyone?

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