Finding Sex Online: Pre Match Briefing


find sex online
Or though the majority is heavily in the male gender there is still a large contingent of women looking for sex as a result of their online dating experiences.
Finding women that are keen for flings involves being able to find local women in a certain frame of mind.
Most women are set on only looking for serious relationships and it will require plenty of work on your part to convince them that one night stands are a good option.
So in the end you have 2 options…
One is that you accept that women want a sense of connection with a realtionship attached and go that route. This will allow you to date many more women and use free dating sites such as oasis active, plenty of fish and okcupid.
You wont get the fleeting enjoyment of sex straight away but you will get the longer lasting benefit of a new friend.
Dating with friends in mind initially can be time consuming but the women you meet as a result of being “friends” with more women will allow you to choose from the bunch.
If think that your able to attract women and seduce women from the friendship zone to the bedroom then you should try this. Looking for friends initially and letting sex come naturally is the natural way.
It makes sense and it’s more fun. It requires a little work but the friendships created and life partner found at the end of it all makes it all worth it.
IF you don’t have the confidence willpower or care to make new friends and you just want to get in the sack tonight then a casual friend finder is the obvious choice.
If you are not interested in having a cup of tea with this women in the morning then one night stands with no strings is the obvious choice.
It’s very unlikely you will find a girl who is keen for this sort of thing on free or paid dating sites that don’t specify that they allow it.
Heres what you do:
You stick to women that are already looking for sex in your area and get in contact with them. You do this via email or chat (video and text)… you create a really great honest and open profile online and connect with them.
Depending on their nature they will begin to trust you in time and may even give you their number straight up. From there it really is down to common sense.
This way there is little work to do apart from letting them know that your available and interested. They either get in to touch with you or they do not. After that it is it… a no strings attached sexual relationship.
It really depends on what you are looking for – you either go directly to the source and get the easy lay… Or you work at “converting” a women that is not initially thinking about it but would be keen anyway.
The both have their merits. If you go straight to a casual friend finder you will have to realise that there is a ton of competition plus the women can be a little unsavoury. These women have been around the block a few times and may not be the innocent vixen of your dreams.
But obviously you don’t have to treat her like a girlfriend and the sex will be dynamite as she will have had plenty of practice. If you prepared to get in the sack with a women who has seen plenty of late nights herself then the casual sex sites could be for you.
The other option and for most guys the better one is to actually form a decent relationship with a women that has similar intersets.
If she loves sex as much as you do then the whole casusal sex thing you have your mind on now wont be an issue plus you get the obvious and invaluable bonus of having a life partner/friend/soul mate whatever you want to call it or make it.
Finding a girlfriend that has relaxed feelings about sex and sexual relationships is hard to find.
Make sure that you filter by intent – many women will have “casual dating” or “short term” as their dating preference…
These are the dynamite women that are on free sites – cool chicks – fairly innocent – well to do and up for short term dating as long as you treat them right and care for them during your relationship. Usually they will be travelling from another country and only in your city for a few months.
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