Finding Your Perfect Match


How do you go about finding someone in life that best complements you but also understands you and your values… ?

Someones that is reasonable, honest and accepts your for both your faults and many brilliant strengths ?

Someone with strength, character and resilience

A best friend and a lover at the same time

A companion

Perhaps someone to connect with spiritually

Someone that “gets” your quirky nature


Do these online personality tests really match you with someone that is  best suited to you?

By comparing

Birth dates

Likes and Dislikes

Hobbies and Financial Situation can a program really find someone for YOU?

Also comparisons tests use

Sociability (extroverted/introverted)

Perspective (factual or imaginative)



Surely you are the one to decide whether you like your partners spiritual or rational, or perhaps you dont know? By dating people “matched” to you are you simply dating a replicate of yourself?

So it really is the argument between

Do opposites attract? Or are Like and Like qualities better suited?

In the end you are the only one to decide who is for you.

Like David Deangelo mentions from double your dating .com

Attraction is not a choice

If a woman doesn’t feel ATTRACTION for you, she’ll never see you as anything more than “just a friend.” Learn how to make women feel a gut level attraction for you that they can’t deny…

You can take all the compatibility tests in the world but come time for the “real” date most likely your emotions will take over and guide you.

What’s Your Story?

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