First Date Conversation Flow

Remember those awkward moments on the a first date where the two of you came completely unprepared to TALK?
Whether it was nerves or incompatibility those silences can be avoided with a bit of pre date prep work.
Conversation flow is about allowing the conversation to move naturally from one topic to the next with no friction or tension in between. It helps if you can integrate your personality into the conversation topics and infuse the experience with wit and humour.
However if you are just starting out at this first date thing then sticking to some set conversion topics is a good idea too.
Good conversation flow only occurs when you are in a relaxed mood which is tough when in the presence of someone you want to impress.
Voice tone is important when keep the conversation flow moving. You could be unknowingly coming across: arrogant, condescending, negative simply by your voice tone. Smile and keep your energy high but body relaxed at the same time.
It’s easy to get intimidated at the thought of a blind date or your first date as a result of online dating. Even though you know that your both into the same stuff and you bonded online you never know how the chemistry is going to go offline.
Plus you might be nervous about your ability to put a good performance in. You realise that offline communication is much different than emailing women online.
Good conversational flow can be destroyed by bringing up controversial topics or talking so much that it becomes one sided (very common)
Talking points:


Whether you have travelled or not means little. The point is that you are talking about the future (potentially together) you are talking about goals and aspirations and moving forward. Chatting about exotic locations together defiantly relaxes the mood get’s her thinking about what fun she will have with you.
If you have travelled alot keep your boasting a minimum and keep her talking about the places SHE would like to visit and what SHE could to their.


Not everyone is into music but most will be happy to chat about certain genres that represent their personality. If you find out she is really into music you can get into interpreting different songs and the rest is history.


Women love to talk about pets and animals. If you have any pets they are a great way to move the conversation on from anything serious. Just make sure you don’t ramble on about how amazing your pets are.


Food is one of those ancient past times that revolved around sharing stories. The dietary habits of your women will say alot about her.

Current Scandals and News:

Women also love all of the celebrity gossip and news so get into that if you have nothing else to talk about. You will get an indication if she likes to chat about it by her reaction to your news story.


You can be sure that her family will be very important to her.


Both watching and playing, hopefully the two of you have this in common (via online dating )


Ask her what she does for fun when shes not working.


Last resort

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