First Date Ideas

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Here some of the latest and greatest first date ideas:
Impress and surprise a loved one
Get some fresh ideas for dates
Be different and stand out by not just going to a bar or restaurant.
Amusement parks
Mini golf
Fun/amusement parks
Sports game
Roller blading through parks or in front of the beach
Upcoming concerts festivals or art shows
Wine tasting events at vineyards
Coffee or Chocolate factory tours
Balloon ride
Golf (with golf cart)
Go karting
Perhaps the most important thing to consider when going on a first date. Choose the wrong location and it can be a real awkward few hours. It helps to know the person before choosing your first date location.
Go to a bar and ask her to a round of pool or billiards. Teaching her how to hold the stick is always a sure way to either come across a bit weird or spark some chemistry. Might as well find out early if she’s good for a second date.
Women seem to love mini golf. Maybe it’s because they don’t have to run around or get a sweat up and mess up their hair. Strike up some interesting conversation and let her win and your sure for a second date. Teach her how to hold your putter while you’re at it.
If they love baseball or football then a game could be a great call but most women wouldn’t thank you for taking them to the game.
They might thank you for organising a first date with a boutique winery.
You get the chance to walk among the vines and chat while some wine loosens the tongue and relaxes the atmosphere.
The beech is such a great date idea because there is underlying sexual tension with being scantily clad. You can check out her body while showing off yours (if you have to show off). You can go grab some food at the local eateries nearby after a quick swim. Make a sandcastle or throw a Frisbee. The beach is a dynamic but relaxed first date.
If you both love music local live bands or big concerts could be a great way to make an impression.
Amusement parks are a great way to lighten up the mood on your first date. Get the adrenalin running with a fast rollercoaster ride. Then get all wet with a bumper boat ride. There is always something to do at amusement parks so you can customize to fit all personalities.
Women also love picnics… not quite sure why. If you have a great park in your area that is not too busy grab some picnic food or make up your own before picking her up. Picnics are built on good food and good conversation so make sure you have both of these sorted before you choose the picnic first date idea.
If you know your first date is a little more adventurous then go karting could work. Once again go easy on her. It’s not about showing off your driving skills but making sure she has a good time. No one likes a show off.
We have all seen those movies where chemistry is triggered by the guy showing the girl how to swing a club. When you go play golf make sure you get a kart or only play a few holes.
Massages are always more enjoyable than you think they’re going to be. If you have some money to burn buy a spa pampering package. The out of town resort might be to big a move for a first date but it’s worth a try.
Balloon ride, like the spa package is a real baller move. If she doesn’t like heights or thinks it’s over the top you blow a bit of cash on a rats first date.

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