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In this age of cyber dating, the love can be found just around every nook and corner of the internet. Many dating websites and apps have been developed for this purpose, so that anyone who is willing to pursue his romantic desires, can use these websites and apps, to find a partner and to fulfil his needs. Be it a serious relationship or a one night stand hookup, these apps and websites provide the platform to achieve what one desires.

These websites are fulfilling their purpose splendidly, but when it comes to dating and hookup apps, it seems that, slowly but surely, they are leaving the websites behind because of their portable nature. At this rate, the websites will be left in the trail of such these apps.

There are all sorts of apps out there that exist only for non-serious relationships and focus solely on hookups. If we go through the dating apps in general, we see that there are so many apps that provide all forms of relationship, including the long serious relationship, short term relationships and hookups.

There are times when we are looking for a long serious relationship so we try the apps which focus on more serious and long term dating options. Sometimes we just want to indulge in sexual pleasure with a stranger for a night or two without any strings attached, we try the hookup apps. Whether we are looking for serious approach apps or for apps with friends with benefits situations, there are plenty of options out there, but then there are apps that provide much better results than the other in their approach and GUI. Let’s take you through such five top apps.


The pure is a hookup and casual dating app which skips all of the annoying and unnecessary introductions and formalities and lets its users get to their thing right away. The pure has been known for another name as well. “Seamless for sex” is its other and rather famous name used by some in the press. In most of the casual dating apps, the users had to make an impression on their potential hookup by doing some initial chat and introductions.

The Pure takes the jump on this sort of stuff and lets you arrange a meeting based on the mutual attraction of both partners. The best thing about the app is that there is no interaction between the daters unless they are face to face, which adds to the excitement of casual dating this app provides and makes everything feel genuine and impulsive.

Pros and Cons


The app has a good UI and lets you get right down to business without any troublesome set up work. The app focuses purely on real world interactions keeping them exciting for both of the dating or hookup partners. The photos of its members are not stored on the application servers which adds to the privacy of its users.


The Pure is not suitable for those who like to get to know their hookup partners first. The app focuses solely on hookups and may not satisfy those who are looking for something in between the hookups and casual relationship.

Coffee Meets Bagel

The Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app with some rather interesting features. Just like many other dating apps out there, the Coffee Meets Bagel calculates the potential matches for its users though their Facebook connections. The app has risen in popularity enough since in launch. It has been featured in several bigshot articles like Yahoo. The app provides its users with a time of 24 hours to indicate their interests and to make and discuss plans to meet at the place of their choosing. The potential matches are delivered to its users by the app at noon of every day.

According to an article by LA Weekly, about 83 percent of the users of this are white which leaves only a handful of 17 percent which consist of Asians and people with other nationalities. The app does not provide much of diversity in potential matches. However, this app is a good fit white users and for those who are interested in dating white people.

Pros and Cons


The Coffee Meets Bagel works on a rather slow pace which will allow you some time to dig up some information about your potential match. It is completely free to use and the match is not just thrown up randomly with any random person. The Coffee Meets Bagel does not make any posts on Facebook on behalf of its users. Due its success rate and good service, the Coffee Meets Bagel has been feature on many of the prominent frequently used resources like Today Show, NewYork Times, Marie Claire, TIME, The New Yorker, Glamour and the Washington Post.


It may sound funny to some, but the app has a weird name and the matches are referred to as bagels, which is not pleasant for some people to read. The biggest con of this app would be that it has a limited pool of the daters which depends on your Facebook friends. If you have already met up with your Facebook friends, then this app may not be able to match you with any new strangers or a potential date which is not appealing to some of the people out there.



The Down is a casual dating and hookup app which does not discriminate its users based on their sexual preferences and will help all of its users regardless of their sexual preferences. This includes the straight people, the gays and even the lesbian communities. The Down will help them all no matter what their choice romance is. The Down has had a recent change in its name to be allowed in the dating app listing of on the Google Play Store. Its original name was “Bang With Friends”, with which most of people are familiar.

The Down features privacy and animosity of its users above all to save them from the embarrassment factor. This app will let its users to express their sexual interests to their Facebook friends anonymously. If they are of the same mind as that of user who sent the request, that user will be sent a notification of his or her success and they will be able to decide a place to meetup with each other.

If the person that user was interested in disagrees with him or her, that person will never know the identity of the one who was interested in them. This saves many of its users from the embarrassing moments. In this way, the Down is just like Tinder but with a more direct approach.

Pros and Cons


The app can be logged in easily through Facebook. It is pretty simple to use and has a rather sexually attractive design and is free to use. The app does not show its users as the Down users in any of the Facebook searches.


Like the Coffee Meets Bagel, the Down uses a Facebook based system which limits the dating option to that of your Facebook friends only. There have been some recent complaints about the lack of people on the Down. The app collects some of the personal information about its users and has limited foreign language support.


OKCupid is a dating website that has also launched its dating app. The OKC app comes equipped with a wide array of features and options for its users and is rigged with a lot of questionnaires and matching algorithms so that its users can find their special someone or someone with whom they can actually enjoy the time they spend.

The OKC just does not focus on the serious and long term dating. If a user is interested in hookups and casual dating, he will describe his interests in his profile and will get hooked up. The users can set their preferences about the kind of relationship they are looking for.

The app has many sex related questions which are optional. Through these questions, a user can find someone to hook up with exact or similar sexual tastes and desires. The OKC also has an Apple Watch app which shows the OKC users and nearby matches based on their location from the user.

Pros & Cons

The OKC app is user friendly and has a simple layout which makes the navigation easier. Privacy settings can be controlled and if a user wants to block another member due to any reason, they can do so through the privacy settings. The app lets you calculate your match with any other desired member though its “The Two of Us” feature. The app shows how likely a user is to respond to your private messages.


The anonymous feature hides the activity of other users as well as yours. The only medium of communication is text messaging. The OKC app does not have the video or audio mediums of communication.


Also hailed as the pioneer of the modern day casual dating and hookups, the Tinder is a dating app which supports both serious and casual relationships. The thrill of meeting new people on Tinder is something else. The Tinder dating app works on a swipe feature which is pretty simple to understand and use.

The users view a picture of their potential date and if they like them, they will swipe right and if they want to move on to next one, they will swipe left showing that they are not interested in them. It’s many simple, easy to understand and fun feature makes Tinder one of the best dating and hookup apps out there with most success among the rest of its kind.

Pros and Cons


The Tinder is a fast paced dating app with excellent privacy features. Your interests will stay hidden and anonymous until and unless you are liked back as well. The app has an extraordinary interface and has a wide variety of people.


If a user swipe left or right unintentionally or by accident, there is no way to undo that swipe. The Tinder provides little information about the personal specifications of a person like height and weight and mostly depends on the images uploaded by its users. There have complaints about the app being frivolous, which have been in disagreement with the founders of Tinder.


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