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Fling.com is one of our highly recommended online adult personals here. According to Alexa.com, Fling has been around for more than 16 years now. It has a global rank of 1751 and US rank of 882 which are pretty decent for a site like this. It also says that the website is based in Panama. Among its uses 36.9% of them are coming from US, followed by 4.4% traffic from Canada.

Why recommend Fling.com when there is an overwhelming intensity of negative reviews about them?

Allow me to justify my opening statement. You might be wondering why we would recommend this site when there are hundreds of online reviews giving it a negative feedback. Keep reading and I will tell you the real score, or the root of the problem here.

You can simply Google the site and you will have a lot of people complaining about them. People are saying that they have been scammed, it’s full of fake profiles, and they were not able to find a fling or hook up from there. Others would claim that it’s a waste of money and warning you not to try it. I concur, that most of these complaints are true. But, I would like to emphasize that Fling.com is not the only entity to blame here.

In fact, Fling.com is also a victim of this unfortunate circumstance. From the year 2006 – 2009, online dating fraud was on the rise. A lot of paid cam sites were coming in, and competing in the market. There was a heightened campaign to generate signups into these cam or pron sites. Unfortunately most of the victims are adult dating website members.

During these years Fling.com, and other dating personals online has experienced a rise in the number of women members. What they did not know is, they are fake profiles created by people who are trying to sell memberships to other sites. Mostly cam sites and pron hubs. This is the real problem.

I think you already know the gimmickry they use. They will try to put up fake profiles and try to convince members to signup for whatever website they are promoting. After you have given out your credit card details, you will stop hearing from them. They use Fling.com as a market place. It was bad for the site, and it was bad for everyone.

Theoretically the solution is simple. Put spam filters to rid off fake profiles. In reality this is hard to do, specifically we are talking about millions of members and thousands of active users signing up and logging in everyday. There is really no way to sweep them all off without hurting traffic and user good user experience.

We do hope that we have made our point here and this has justified my recommendation. I am not saying that it will give you a 100% guarantee to be laid right away. What I am saying is you have a better chance of finding sexual encounters here than anywhere else. Sure, it still has users with bad intention who would stop at nothing until they got their hands on your wallet. But it’s the same in other top dating and adult personals sites.

Fling.com has learned its lessons. Right now they have restricted signups to certain countries. The website is inaccessible from countries suspected as originator of scam activities. You can’t even buy subscription if your credit card billing address does not match your computer’s IP address. Or at least they are from the same country.

Right now the website has nearly 9 million active members around the world. Generally their member’s ratio is 15 male for every female member. That is already a promising rate just like what you will find at POF. What we are not sure however is they share membership databases with other adult swinger communities.

 Just a few tips to help you find real flings:

There are a few things that you can do to let Fling.com work for you and get laid. Follow the tips bellow to successfully find a fling and make you membership worth it.

Complete your profile. Set up your profile, add your details describing yourself. Reveal something interesting about yourself. Be specific on who would you like to meet and where.

Never give out your contact details on your profile. Do not be tempted to put your email address or messenger ID on your profile where it’s publicly available. Don’t do, even if you think you have scrambled it enough. To pass spam filters. There are two things that can happen if you do so. Worst thing is you might get banned by the site. There are a lot of site moderators who pretends to be regular members, and they can easily report you. Second is it invites spam and puts you into high risk of being spammed.

Be patient. log on to the site every day. If you can send at least 30 emails everyday to girls who appear on your local search and have been on the site in past couple of weeks. Be smart when reading emails from other members. If something looks fishy, delete and report it. If someone asked you to communicate outside Fling.com on the first or second contact, report the user. Chances are it’s a scammer.

Utilize every available tool. Fling.com offers a lot of tools for you to connect with other members. It has instant chat or messenger built into the site. You can also exchange ratings, and try to increase your hotness.

Enjoy Flinging. Finally the best thing to do is have fun and enjoy Fling.com. At the end of the day fling.com is owned by friend finder personals, one of the largest and well established dating companies in the world.

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  1. Fling was sold (again). The site has high traffic, it always has, because it is an easy site for a female to go to when she “wants some now”. The new owners are after your money, by any means. Do not pay for any more than one month at a time, you will be banned (because they already have your money and you might just come back and sign up again). In the old days, I paid for 18 months at a time, and never had a problem. Pay only with a virtual card number, not a real one. Turn the card number off once the transaction has run through. They will put extra charges on.