Flirting – Is She Into Me?

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Flirting – Is She Into Me?
Let’s say you’re out one night at a party at someone’s house. You notice a girl looking at you with what you thought were seductive eyes. She is really hot and you start to get a bit nervous when you think about what you should do next… you don’t want to screw this one up.
How do you flirt with this girl so that she wants more without making a fool of yourself.
What you don’t know is that you are already an expert in flirting… you just don’t know it yet.
If you haven’t done much flirting in the past then you are really missing out. Flirting electrifies the dating process with sexual energy and makes is so much fun.
Women are really great at flirting – they have been doing it for thousands of years. Guys get it but still have a long way to go. We do understand intuitively when a women is flirting with us MOST of the time but often don’t know how to respond.
Flirting means more than smiling, body language and eye contact. Great flirting comes naturally, completely unplanned and from inside you rather than an intellecttual process in your head.
Most of the time flirting is a harmless way of letting another person know you are attracted to them. There is no risk and so much return. Nothing has to happen past flirting if you don’t want it to.
Often the best kind of flirting is when you don’t quite know if they are into you or not. The situation is a formal one so you have to act a certain way but an innocent and playful smile in the office can really lighten up your day.
The women you are flirting with, most likely, is into you as much as you are into her but you don’t quite know yet… this anticipation before dating is what makes flirting so much fun.
If you are in this situation and you want to take things further with a girl… how will you tell if she is serious? She might just be acting how she normally does. Maybe you are completely misinterpreting polite behaviour, wanting it to fit with your sexual desires.

Is It Flirting Or Just Being Nice?

It’s useful to examine the differences between flirting and normal behavior before  taking the plunge and exposing yourself.

Flirting – Body Language

Notice the direction of her hips and shoulders (not necessarily her eyes and head) She could be looking away at another man but if her hips are facing yours this could be the first sign she is interested.

Flirting – Prolonged eye contact

This is an obvious sign that she wants to get your attention. Prolonged eye contact does not usually happen by chance. He/She is purposefully letting you know that you are on their mind.

Flirting – Smiling

Easily misinterpreted. But smiling is obviously a good thing especially smiling with prolonged eye contact.

Flirting – Stroking Hair

Another obvious flirting sign, young women do this alot, often subconsciously playing with their hair and then looking at you.

Flirting – Licking Lips

If you’re getting this then you can be sure that there is more than just flirting on her mind.

Flirting – Posture

Chest and ass will be thrust outward to create an arching body accentuating the curve of the female body. She might also thrust one hip out to the side and look over her shouder.

Flirting – Touch

Women love touch. If she is leaning into you, asking you to dance, brushing past you more often than necessary, reaching out for your shoulder when talking she is craving your touch.

Flirting – Laughter

If a women is laughing at your jokes enthusiastically or paying attention to you and then laughing.

Flirting – Eyes

Tilting of head downwards and then look up at you with her eyes. Closing of her eyes ever so slightly to give a seductive look.

Flirting – Other Signs

Open-legged posture
Standing on one leg or shifting weight back and forth
Rapid eye movement and blinking
Touching the lips or teeth with tongue
Mirroring or copying posture
Playing with hands
Crossing legs
Leaning inward
Fidgeting nervously
Shy avoidance of eye contact
Dilated pupils
Arched eyebrows
Personal questions, especially about relationship status
Singling someone out in a group for conversation and questions
Flirting is what women love to do. You should learn the art of flirting too – it is how to really turn acquaintances into lovers.
Forget the pickup lines and dirty talk and learn the more subtle art of female flirting. It is fun, harmless and can stimulate exiting sexual tension.

Watch Out For Flirty Women

Be wary of the flirty women who just do it for fun. Remember that flirting is a famous past time for women – they are good at it and men are susceptible to their charms ( and they know it all too well)
Some women love to go around and simply flirt with guys for the attention and power it brings. You don’t want to mess with these seasoned pro’s (apart from practicing on them), Don’t be impressed by their flirting skills. It won’t lead to anything and they will ditch you as soon as you get boring.

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