Flirting: Turning Friends Into Flings

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Many guys and girls can find being told that they are ”just the friend” very infuriating. If you find yourself constantly in the friend boat rather than in the sack you might want to look into how you are coming across.
The friend that you want to get intimate with has no idea that you feel this way because you are yet to display anything that would indicate this. Let her/him know that you are interested with flirting. This is an easy way to show your interest without going all in and ruining the relationship.
The great thing about flirting techniques is that they can be mistaken for you just being a nice guy. This has good and bad implications but it allows you to test the waters and see if she is interested. You just dial up the flirting intensity if she takes the bait or ease off if you think it will ruin the friendship that you no doubt value.
Realise before you go into this that your friendship will not be the same once you start flirting with her.
If she rejects your advances you won’t able to hang out like you used to.

Prolonged Eye Contact

One of the coolest feelings when you are flirting with a girl is when the two of you are staring at each other from across the room and holding the gaze a little longer than necessary.
The two of you know what’s going on but are also not quite sure if it’s just because you are friends. This moment of bliss of the “inbetween” often ends in sporadic smiling and giggling.
Try to capture your friends eye contact and hold their gaze just a little too long. Make sure you are not incessantly staring as this has a tendency to come off creepy.

Let Her Catch You Checking Her Out

This lets her know in no uncertain terms that you not only see her as a friend but also a sexual partner.
She has to realise that you recognise her womanly attributes.


Lean in close to her ear and whisper something personal. If you’re not at that stage yet try whispering from a distance by lowering your voice and changing your tone of voice.


Often a sexual relationship starts off with a quirky smile. Don’t smile like you normally would but smile in the playful flirty kind. This initiates a different kind of connection between you and her and might create an “inside joke”,

Compliment Her

Telling her she has a nice car will do little to kick off your relationship. Start only complimenting her physical attributes and emotional attributes. Her smile her hair or her clothing choice are a good start.
Rejection is a possibility if you go in to hard to early with the romantic talk.

Physical Contact

As the relationship moves forward and you have established a little sexual tension you are going to want to test the physical contact barrier.
This might be as simple sitting closer to her on the couch. This simple step is crucial. Perhaps your leg is ever so slightly touching hers. The two of you are VERY aware of this contact of leg or thigh and because you are watching tv and on a couch it is ok.
Brushing past her can also work but there is some explaining to do. When moving from friend to flirty friend you are going to need to establish some nervous tension or sexual energy. Simply casually brushing past her and then hoping she notices you won’t do it. If you notice a difference in how she acts around you then you can be sure your flirtation techniques are being noticed.

The Next Step

The problem with dating a friend is the two of you are often to nervous and scared of getting the wrong impression that nothing ever really happens. You are going to want to find out what she thinks of you once you have made your intentions clear.
The best way is to often ask her friend about it. Women talk about this sort of stuff a lot. This way you can gauge if your way out of line or in with a chance.
If you want to some more tangible video style flirting tips check out this post
It could help, especially if you are trying to turn a friend into a girlfriend/boyfriend… Its about micro escalation  and using pre qualifiers to test the waters so you dont come across weird. This way if it doesn’t work out the friendship can still flourish without the awkward bits.

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