Free Atheist Dating Review

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Free Atheist Dating Review


Sign Up

Your username, email, and location are the first few details that will be asked of you upon signup.

You’ll then fill out details like height, sexual preference, living arrangement, and your stance on kids, marriage, smoking, drinking and the like. You can also put a short bio or shout-out.

Photo upload is also done at this stage, you can upload multiple photos at once, and uploading is quite fast.


After signing up, you’ll end up in your profile. The profile is quite straightforward, like the early stages of Facebook, but even less fancy. It has buttons that allow you to share your profile on your different social networks too.

Going through the Home tab will lead you to a Facebook-like newsfeed of other members. Here, members can post photos, videos, links or share status messages.

After this, you can explore through the Search tab for potential matches which you can filter by age and location. From there you can filter through the numerous headshots that the members use as their profile photos. The montage will show their names, age, and country/location.

Clicking on a member’s profile allows you to see his profile. Which pretty much just look like yours anyway. There are buttons to send flirts (similar to Facebook pokes) and messages.

From a member’s profile, you can add a potential match to your favorites so you can easily check back on them. You can check everyone you’ve favorited on the Favorites tab, and check people who’ve viewed your profile on the Views tab.

Flirts and Messages have separate tabs as well.


There is a blog with links to articles and videos shedding light on atheists and being in a relationship with one.


Membership is completely free.

Free Atheist Dating Review: Bottom Line

A great way to meet other atheists. Unfortunately, there seems to be very little interaction in the platform. Hope you found this Free Atheist Dating Review helpful.

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