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A cam chat is a video conversation that involves a model performing in a web-based location and a viewer who can direct the show and ask the model to do certain things. Despite the stereotype, cam chats are not limited to men watching female models; men and women, singles and couples, gay and straight – all these can be found on both sides of the camera.

The shows that models provide are also extremely varied; they can do striptease, masturbate, dance or workout naked, change outfits and, in most cases, fulfil any clients fantasy. For some viewers, cam chatting compensates for not having a real-life partner, for others it substitutes porn. There are also glam models who don’t do anything explicitly sexual and serve as a source of aesthetic pleasure.

What makes cam chats so attractive?

One of the forum visitors describes his passion for cam chats the following way: “It’s really exciting and satisfying to be able to see beautiful women whenever I want and tell them what to do for me sexually, and they do it willingly without a problem”. This is a perfect illustration for the major advantages of online sexual encounters: they are incredibly accessible and affordable.

The 3rd “A”, which is equally important, is anonymity. Users can either guide a model by text messages, voice or show themselves with their webcams, however they choose to guide the model, they can express themselves much more freely than in real life situation and safely act out their wildest fantasies. In the web world, physical and social limitations disappear and the potential for misunderstanding is less feared. Therefore, there exists quite a few specialized cam chat sites offering MILFs only, or extreme BDSM, she-males and so on.

On the practical level, webcam encounters are safe and users involved in cybersex don’t risk getting STDs or pregnancy, and a bad experience can be ended in one click. Therefore, cam chats can be a really good place to explore one’s sexual thoughts and emotions.

Although, many people indeed use cam chats to satisfy their sexual appetite, there is a social component to it to. Experienced web cam models say that many clients crave for companionship. Coming back to one and the same model again and again creates an illusion of true connection, and sometimes, actual friendships are made.

Cam chats and offline relationships

What would you do if you found out that your real-life partner spends time chatting with someone in a private room? Should chatting be considered cheating, flirting or just harmless entertainment? There are arguments supporting each of the variant, and the final decision is for each couple to make.

John Portmann, in a paper entitled “Chatting is not cheating,” claims that webcam conversations don’t go beyond talking about sex and thus can’t be compared to a real affair. However, it is hard to deny that communicating in cam chats is intimate enough, and that infidelity exists not only on the physical, but also on the emotional level. “Relationships” with cam chat models do steal time, efforts and money from the actual relationships and cause jealousy and insecurity in a partner. Gender differences also occur: women tend to feel more threatened by online affairs and more inclined to feel betrayed, while men are generally more worried about physical contacts of their beloved.

Still, cam chats are just one of the means, and the true reasons of infidelity should be looked for in the relationships in questions. Many couples who have survived an online affair had to rethink their communication and even set rules for using the Internet at home.

The addictive nature of cam chats

Even people who don’t have any problems with meeting someone in real-life can become addicted to cam chats. They become used to the models and sometimes even fool themselves into believing that they fall in love with them. A sense of control, a very realistic illusion of intimacy and little work required from the user make cam chats very hard to refuse

Another category of cam chat addicts are pure voyeurs who find pleasure not in interacting with models, but in just watching them, surfing from one live camera to another for hours, even without masturbating. “It’s like watching a gerbil in a cage. They can’t see me, but I can watch them”, one of the addicts shares.

Gender specific research shows that males are more prone to get addicted to cybersex in general and to adult live chats in particular. However, women who do practice cybersex prefer joining chat rooms to watching traditional porn. Also, more women tend to enjoy interactive sexual experiences when they get older.

Contrary to popular opinion, people addicted to cam chats and other forms of cybersex do not have less satisfactory real-life relationships, more sexual partners or less rewarding sexual experiences. Nonetheless, those people do seem to have more psychological problems and have a predisposition to other types of addictions.

The situation is getting dangerous if a person can’t go a day without seeing a webcam show. Live sessions with models can take so much time that they start interfering with the user’s social life and responsibilities. Besides that, private shows are quite costly and at some point, users start paying more than they can afford and get on thin ice because of their addiction. (Just imagine, a highly-rated model can charge about 5$ per minute and the longest show, according to one of the camming stars, lasted about 19 hours!)

One of the cam chat addicts says that he can abstain from watching models for days and weeks, but if he occasionally sees an ad and follows it to a specialized website, he gets obsessed with lust and can’t stop browsing more and more models. So, it would seem that cam chats, just as any source of instant pleasure, require certain caution and self-control if we don’t want them to turn into a source of disaster.

Cam Scam: what you need to be aware of

If you type “adult cam chat” in your search engine, you’ll see that there exist hundreds and hundreds of hostings and new ones appear every day. Legit companies use quality equipment, offer their models fair rates and take years to gain reputation. At the same time, many of those who don’t feel like investing that much into success make short-living white label copies of the most popular websites, steal site design and contents to attract new users. The danger with these sites is that they usually pay their models less than they are worth, and encourage them to make up for the difference by scamming the clients for extra money.

One of the least harmful ways of making the user pay more than they want is simply to instruct models talk a lot and do things very slowly, so that a regular unimaginative performance becomes surprisingly long and the client loses the track of time.

Another wide-spread scam is to try and get the clients personal information and stall them in Skype. Some models can directly ask for Skype contact, promising some perks like free shows. Be careful and remember that anonymity is one of the main reasons why people enjoy cam chats in the first place and giving away any personal information can lead to undesirable consequences. What is even a worse idea is to have Skype sessions with your camera on, because the goal of a dishonest model is to record you and you the video or the pictures to blackmail you.

The third most used way to make cam chats users part with their cash is to tell them a so-called sob story. In this case, the model calls for sympathy and makes the client pity her. The plots of sob stories can widely vary. Models can say that they have no friends due to the industry they work in, they have debts, ill relatives, little children who need to be fed and any other kind of difficult life situation. No matter how natural is the instinct to help, all cam chat users need to remember that they come to chat rooms to see a performance and that trustworthy websites wouldn’t allow their models to behave in such a way.

Cam Chat models: a look from inside

Cam chatting is a popular way for earning extra cash for both men and women. For some of them it is a part-time activity. While for others who decide to claim their place in the industry, it becomes the main source of income. Cam chat models usually work from home and choose the amount of time to spend in the chat. To become a successful cam chat model, you need to have a decent camera and a microphone, a collection of various lingerie, costumes and props to please your viewers, and a bit of imagination to come up with engaging shows and gain loyal clients along with great reviews. Newbie models, as a rule, register at one of the numerous hosting websites that take care of user payments, while stars of the industry have personal sites and work for themselves.

Cam chat models work in safe environments and fulfil only those user requests that they personally find appropriate. However, there are some health risks connected with continuous masturbation, and camming professionals have their secrets of taking proper care of their bodies.

Still, more and more people decide to give camming a try and so the competition in the industry is getting ever more fierce. Models need to be fun and inventive, work on both their bodies and personalities to stand out and make substantial profits.

Another risk for models, just as for their clients, is that someone breaks their privacy. Although it is more socially acceptable to be a chat cam chat model than to work in porn industry or strip clubs, many models prefer their families or colleagues not to know about their part-time jobs. The danger usually comes from the cam chat hosting owners who might blackmail models to stop them from leaving or to do certain things for the camera. Thus, anyone who is thinking about starting their camming career must be very careful when choosing their “workplace”.

Although it is clear that cam chat models do not lead very public lives, even they have their minute of fame. Camming conventions, the largest of which takes place in Miami, gives acclaimed models a chance to meet their fans and share experience with fellow performers.

Best cam chats on the web

If you are eager to chat with sultry strangers, the Internet offers endless opportunities for this, and the goal, naturally, is to find the best value for money and something that suites your taste. It also makes sense to look for ratings and reviews every year or so to know which websites have earned trust or lost points of reputation recently.

The most popular hostings (most of which have both female and male models) include:

Live Jasmin:

Live Privates:

My Cams:

Joy Yourself:


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