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There was a time when the only way to make friends was through people you met in your everyday life. This limited your options to those in your social circle or immediate area. Generally, people of the same culture, beliefs, and hobbies that you have. However, as social media and the internet has opened up the world, many of us are discovering new interests. We want to become friends with people that are different from us. We may have interests that others in our social circle don’t share. Friends also tend to change and grow up as they start adulting, so those lifelong friends you had in high school are most likely more like acquaintances these days.

We all have a desire and need to connect with others socially. We are social creatures. The good news is that social media and friend-finding apps can open up new worlds of discovery, and they can help you make new friends. Regardless of what your particular interests are, there’s an app, group, or website that will allow you to connect with like-minded people and make new friends. Most of the things mentioned here are available as apps, with a few being available as websites. Many are available as both. They are also all fully functional for free, but some apps do offer in-app purchases. Beneath each app title, you’ll find there slogan. This gives you a quick idea of what the app is all about.


In trying each of these friend apps for myself, I’ve discovered a few that I plan to continue use personally. To save you time, here are my top three recommendations for friend making apps. You’ll find detailed reviews of these and many more apps below.

  • Facebook Groups: You are already on Facebook, why not meet people with a common interest?
  • Patook: Highly customizable and great for finding a person with specific similar interests.
  • Amino: Tons of groups with fun features like quizzes and an intimate community feel

General Friend Making Apps

These apps are designed for anyone seeking to make new friends. Many of them can be filtered so that you can find friends with specific interests.

Meet Group of Apps 

Meet Me, Skout, Tagged, and Hi5 are all a part of the same network. Between them they have 2.5 million users each day, giving you a great opportunity to connect with a variety of new people. All of them are available as apps on Android and Apple devices. You can also access the websites from your computer, so you can use these social networks on all of your devices. They are all free friend making apps, and they are completely functional for free. They do offer in-app purchases which increase your profile visibility and offer you a few perks, like seeing who viewed your profile.

Meet Me

Chat and Meet New People

Meet Me allows you to sign up by simply linking to your Facebook account. Once you’ve signed up, you can edit your profile. Choose up to five tags based on your interests to allow people with similar interests to find you. Then you can fill out the About Me section. You can also choose your orientation, relationship status, looking for, and physical characteristics.

You’ll see four tabs at the top of your page titled meet, chat, discuss, and me. The meet tab will allow you to do a simple search for people by sex, age, sexual orientation, and location. The chat tab seems to bring up your Facebook contacts. The Discuss tab is where the app shines in terms of helping you make friends. There are groups for nearly every interest, including anime, Pokemon, outdoors, news, sports, parenting, and much more. When you click on a group you’ll see a Facebook-style feed. You can post pictures or text and others can view and comment on your post in the same way you do on Facebook. The difference is that anyone with that interest will see your post, instead of just your Facebook friends. You can filter the feed results to new, trending, and local. This can be great for meeting people in your local area with similar interests. The Me tab allows you to post your thoughts on your feed and upload profile photos.

You’ll also receive Today’s Top Picks. These are people that meet your search criteria. You’ll swipe left or right on these, similar to Tinder. Left means skip, and right sends them a Hi! message.


Meet, Chat, Friend

Skout offers you several different ways to connect with new friends. As with Meet Me, signing up is as simple as connecting your Facebook or Google +. Skout aims to create a community feel, and it makes it easy for you to find new friends. Once you’ve created your profile with the basics, you can edit it. Add pictures (up to 50), relationship status, interests, and physical characteristics. You can also fill in the about me section to give people an idea of who you are and what you are looking for.

Buzz gives you a Facebook-style feed of other member’s status updates. The Interested tab will show you profiles and allow you to choose interested or not interested, similar to Tinder. The Meet tab allows you to customize search options based on location, age, looking for men or women, and ethnicity. Once you’ve customized your settings, you’ll see pictures of people who meet your criteria. Tap on their picture to check out their profile, and you can send them a message or add them to your friend’s list from there.

Skout is easy to use, and the people are friendly. You can also use Skout to meet new friends in other areas, which can be helpful if you are traveling or planning a big move.


The Social Network For Meeting New People

Tagged is similar to Meet Me and Skout with a few notable differences. You can add more interests on Tagged, including your favorite music, movies, books, sports, interests, dreams, and anything else you would like to add. You can also send “tags” which are cute stickers or gifs. There are also 1,000s of groups you can join, or you can create your own. These groups are a great way to meet people with a common interest.


The Social Network For Meeting New People

There seem to be absolutely no differences between Hi5 and Tagged as far as the site layout.

Bumble BFF

Find Your New Best Friend

Bumble is a Tinder-like dating app where women have to send the first message. Bumble BFF allows you to use Bumble for friends as well. You can choose to use it for dating and friends, or just use the friends section. The friends section will only show you people of the same sex who are looking for friends.

Signing up is easy. Just connect your Facebook. Then you can edit your profile pictures and add a short bio. It’s mostly about the pictures, so you may want to choose pics of you doing things that you enjoy. You’ll swipe left for no and right for yes. When you’ve matched with someone, you can begin chatting.

Bumble BFF doesn’t make it as easy to connect around common interests as some other friend apps, but if you are also using Bumble for dating, why not multi-task? It’s available on Android and Apple devices.

Just Friends

Some friend apps like Skout and Meet Me can be used for dating as well as friends. These friend apps are solely devoted to making you new friends, no romance allowed.


Your Life, Connected

Friender is solely devoted to helping you find new friends. Another distinction is that Friender won’t show you random people, but people with at least one common interest. You can sign up with Facebook or Google +. Once you’ve signed up, you can edit your profile. Friender has over 130 activities and interests for you to choose from, from fitness to dungeons and dragons. Once you’ve completed your profile, Friender works much like Tinder.

Friender will match you up with people of similar interests, and you’ll swipe left or right to indicate interest. If you match with someone, then you are allowed to start chatting.

Friender also allows you to create events. Click on the event tab to see any current events in your area, or create your own. You’ll be able to select an event category, add the location, and provide a description of the event. Others can view your event and request to join. If you choose to let them join, you’ll be able to chat with them. This works well for any event that you would like to attend that would be more fun with a new friend or two along.

Friender also stands out in regards to other friend apps in that the Premium features it offers. Premium puts your profile at the top of the list, and it allows you more access to other premium profiles. You can also see the people who have already said yes to your profile. Free users get to see a limited amount of information, but premium users get to see another user’s entire profile before making a swiping decision. Free users have a daily swiping limit, but it’s unlimited for premium members. It also allows you to change your location, which is great for traveling or planning a move.

Another interesting feature is unique to Friender. Premium users can get a roommate badge. This lets your potential friends know that you are looking for a roommate as well as a friend. Roommates with common interests tend to work out much better than random users on Craig’s list. Prices for Premium are $5.99 a month on a month by month basis, or $2.99 a month for a six-month membership. For the low price, it’s well worth it. Friender is currently only available for Apple devices, but it is coming soon to Android.


The Strictly Platonic Friend Making App

Patook is probably the best general friend finding app out there. It offers you a huge amount of control over who you match with, and gives you the opportunity to make your profile as detailed as you please. It’s available as a website, and an app on the App Store and Google Play. Patook takes being strictly platonic to the next level. They have AI monitoring that detects flirting, and the user gets banned. This should make women looking for friends much more comfortable on the app, since they often run into men seeking more than friendship, even on friend apps designed to make friends. This also makes it a better choice for people who are married or in a relationship, either individually or as a couple.

Patook takes being strictly platonic to the next level. They have AI monitoring that detects flirting, and the user gets banned. This should make women looking for friends much more comfortable on the app, since they often run into men seeking more than friendship, even on friend apps designed to make friends. This also makes it a better choice for people who are married or in a relationship, either individually or as a couple.

If you’ve ever used Ok Cupid, you are familiar with the concept of having a match percentage. Patook uses this concept as well. They have a proprietary system that scores you and potential friends based on your likes and dislikes. You can also designate different amounts of points to the things that matter most to you. This points score will show up next to someone’s name, so you’ll know if they enjoy the things that are really important to you.

You can add an about me section, conversation topics, contact me if, interests, lifestyle habits, political views, religion, and much more. You can also upload your information from Reddit or Ok Cupid to save you some time on your profile. You can also see who has viewed your profile. If you’d like to do an active search, you can choose from Nearby Matches, Mutual Matches, and Points system. This gives you several ways to find the perfect friends.

Matches tab will show you users near you who you have the best chance of getting along with. Click on their picture to see their profile and start a conversation. The Discussion tab is similar to a Facebook feed, but it will show your posts to everyone in your local area. The more popular a post is, the more visible it becomes, similar to Reddit threads.

Once you have your profile completed, Patook makes it easy to connect with people in your area with similar interests and dislikes. Many Expats use the app, and award points to people from the country they are from. The app boasts an over 80% response rate to read messages, which is much higher than most social friend apps.

The user base is about 60% women and 39% men. About 48% of users are Caucasian, but African Americans, Latinos, and Mixed ethnicity are well represented as well. Another great thing about Patook is that you have to verify yourself by sending in a photo of you with a sign and a dollar bill (or local currency). Verification isn’t required, but it does unlock more features like sending photos to friends.


These specialty friend-finding apps allow you to connect with others with your specific interest.

Facebook Groups

We all have a Facebook account these days. However, connecting with your friends, family members, and acquaintances can still leave you with a desire to talk about specific subjects that they just don’t get. Whatever you want to talk about, there’s a Facebook group for that. There’s a Facebook group for nearly any interest you can think of, including specific places, and geographic locations. Groups can be public, closed, or secret.

With public groups, anyone can join the group and see the group’s news feed. When you post in a public group, the post also shows up on your wall.

You have to request to join a closed group, and only other group members can see your posts.

Secret groups are invitation only. Closed groups and public groups will show up in your recommended groups or by doing a search. However, you can’t see a secret group at all unless you’ve been given an invitation.


Your Interests… Times Infinity

If you are looking to make online friends who have similar interests, Amino is for you. The layout is similar to Facebook groups, but better. You can sign up with Facebook or email. Then you’ll see a screen with an incredible amount of specific interests based on lifestyle, role play, music, tv, etc. If you don’t see a group that you like (which is virtually impossible), you can create your own.

Once you select a group, you’ll see recommended groups. These are groups that are similar to the one that you just joined. The more groups you join, the more similar groups you will see. Emo, Disney Villans, Supernatural, Glee, Grand Theft, Camp Half-Blood Role Play, High School Basketball, and Dragons are just a few of the groups you’ll find on Amino.

Once you join a group, you have lots of options as well. You’ll automatically see the “Front Page”. The Front Page contains the latest posts in the group. You can like and comment on posts similar to Facebook. The quizzes tab brings you to fun quizzes related to the group topic. Polls will bring up polls that are related to the topic. There’s a chat tab as well. Here you’ll find something similar to forum discussions, but the chats aren’t very active.

You can also favorite other members and view their profiles. When you view a profile, you’ll see their posts, wall, and bio. Again it’s similar to Facebook. You can also follow them, and send them a private message. With it’s wide variety of groups and different ways to socialize, Amino is a great way to make online friends.

Friend Apps For Dog Lovers

If you are looking for people that share your love of four-legged friends, these friend apps are for you.

Meet My Dog

A Fresh Breed of Social App For You and Your Dog

Meet My Dog is a social location based app for you and your dog. You create a profile for you and your furbaby. Then you can share your favorite photo of your dog taking a nap, or see other dogs near you. It has a Facebook style newsfeed, and the ability to chat with other dog lovers. Let’s face it, if you are a dog lover, friendships with doggie haters just don’t work. Meet My Dog allows you and your pooch to make some new friends. It’s available for free for Android and Apple devices.


Pet Social Network

Sniff allows you to create multiple pet profiles, because one dog just isn’t enough! You can check-in and post videos, photos, moods, and status updates. You can also use the app to find places that allow pets, vets, and more. Favorite pets, chat with other dog lovers, and send gifts while you Sniff for a new friend for you and your dog. Sniff is only available for Apple devices.


Meet Your Next Favorite Book

Goodreads is a social network exclusively for book lovers. You can easily see the most popular new books in a particular category, or you can join groups. Each group will have many different “folders”, which are essentially subforums. Choose one of these, and you will see many topics (threads) that you can comment on.

You can also edit your profile to include your information, favorite books, and genres. You can also check out book recommendations, and star ratings and a description for a specific book. If you enjoy connecting with others who love reading, Goodreads is a great place to do so. You can access their website or download the app on Android or Apple devices.


Meet New People. Discover New Music

Tastebuds is a social app based on a love for music. You can find friends, dates, and people to go to the next Katy Perry or Linkin Park concert with. The app is focused on matching people with the same musical tastes in a fun and low pressure way. Music is one of the things that we are all passionate about, and the more passionate we are about what we have in common with someone, the easier it is to make a new friend.

To sign up, all you need is a username, password, and email address, or a Facebook account. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll choose your favorite musicians. You can create a profile that’s as unique as you are. Some users add lots of information that conveys their personality, while others let their music do the talking (or singing).

You can conduct searches based on musical preferences, age, and marital status. When it comes to communicating, Tastebuds takes the pressure off. There are no “winks” on Tastebuds. If you want to get someone’s attention you “throw a cow at them”. You can also send someone a mix tape or serenade them, among other options. No awkward first messages here. Just send them a song and wait for them to respond, “I love that”. The ice is effectively broken.Tastebuds has a fun and laid back atmosphere that makes it easy to make new friends. It’s currently only available on the App Store, but you can access the website from your computer as well.

Party With a Local

App Connecting People Who Want to Party

Party With a Local is basically exactly what it sounds like. If you are traveling, there’s nothing like having a local to hang out with. They know where the party’s at. Of course, if you’ve reached the age where your friends are all married and staying at home on Saturday night, you can also use the app to find people to party with. Party With a Local lets you set up an account as either a local or visitor. You can sign up with Facebook, and then add more pictures and complete your profile.

A good portion of your profile will have to do with your partying preferences. Clubbing, Bars, Live music, Drink, Smoke, and Single are a few options you can select to let people know what your interests are. You can also set a party status, suggest a venue, and even leave reviews after you’ve partied with someone. If you are into partying and planning on traveling, Party With a Local should be on your mobile. It’s available for Android and Apple devices.

 Rack Site

Global Social Network For Hunters

Rack Site is a social network for hunters. It has a Facebook style feed with one notable difference. You have one tab that allows you to see the Global feed, which includes everyone on Rack Site. You also have a personal feed, that will only show you posts of people you’ve friended, similar to Facebook.

Get and give tips on hunting, learn about hunting in other parts of the world, and post a video of you taking down that 12 point buck. You can also send private messages. Fisherman are included too, so you’ll find plenty of Bass Anglers to chat with. You can also join local networks, which essentially function like Facebook groups. This is a great way to make new hunting buddies or plan a trip to another state or even country for that once in a lifetime hunt. It’s free and available on Android and Apple devices.


Connecting Everyday Athletes

When you create your Atleto profile, the focus is, of course, on athletics. There are 40 different sports activities and workouts to choose from. You’ll also enter in your level of interest in the activity as well as your skill level. Once you’ve created your profile, Atleto gives you a few ways to connect with other athletes.

You can search, create, and join local events. Atleto will also suggest friends for you based on your interests and location, or so it claims. Maybe it’s simply because no one uses Atleto in my area, but I wasn’t able to find anyone. If you live in a bigger area, it should at least be useful for connecting you to events. Hopefully, it can connect you to new friends as well.

Make Local Friends

These friend apps are all about helping you make friends in your local area.


Discover Your Neighborhood

You remember the old days when you actually knew who your neighbors were? Those old television shows where newcomers get welcomed to the neighborhood with cookies or apple pie? It may seem like those days are gone, but Nextdoor is trying to bring them back. Nextdoor aims to connect you with your neighbors. With Nextdoor, only people who are a member of your community can see posts and members. Communities are defined by geographic means, similar to the way voting districts are designed. You also have to prove that you live in the neighborhood to get in. You either have to sign up with a credit card linked to your address or have a neighbor on next door vouch that you live there.

Once you are in, you can see a map of your neighborhood and who lives there. You can choose to not have your name shown with your address, however. You can see a Facebook style news feed about what’s going on with your neighbors and your community. There’s also a tab for recommendations and buying/selling. Nextdoor is completely free, with its long term goal being to allow local businesses to advertise on the site. It’s available online, and on Android and Apple devices.


Turn Every Day Into a Game

Swarm is a spinoff of Foursquare. Foursquare was once used as a check-in app, social media site, and an app to get recommendations on where to get a burger. Now Foursquare focuses on recommending the perfect places for you based on your preferences, and Swarm has taken on the social media aspect.

If you have a Foursquare account, you can log in to Swarm using those login details. If you don’t, you can create an account with your Facebook or email. Once you’ve created your account, you can add a profile picture and start making friends. The quickest method is to use your Facebook, Twitter, and contacts to find friends that are already using Swarm. You can modify your privacy settings to allow your Swarm friends to see as much or as little information as you want, including your phone number.

Now you are ready to start checking in. You can check in anywhere, but places where you go frequently are a good start. You can also add text or photos to your check in. The list tab will show you your friends check-ins. You can click the heart to like the check in, or you can tap the check in to comment on it.

There’s also a plan tab that’s similar to creating an event on Facebook. Describe what you are planning and where you are going, and all of your friends will be able to see it. They can then comment on it to let you know they are interested in going or to work out specific details.

There’s also fun games and competitions. You can earn coins, and even become the Mayor of your favorite hang out spot. You can use the app to find new friends, but the app is generally used to connect you with the ones you have. However, it is also useful for connecting with “friends” who are really just people who appear on your Facebook feed. You may find that a Facebook acquaintance goes to the same gym or bar that you do. This gives you a means to start a conversation based on a common interest, and even meet up at the place.


These friend apps allow you to meet up in groups. Some people are more comfortable as a part of a group than meeting a new friend on an individual basis, and some people are looking for a circle of friends with a common interest.

Meet Up

What do You Love? Do More of it With Meet Up

To get started on Meet Up, you’ll need a username and email address. You can add other information including your birthday, hometown, and an about me section, but it’s optional. You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google account.

Next, you’ll see a huge range of interests to choose from including music, book clubs, beliefs, pets, hobbies, etc. Once you’ve chosen those, you’ll be able to select subcategories. Beliefs, for example, has subcategories for energy healing, spirituality, pagan fellowship, humanism, and transformation. You can also type in any other interests you have that weren’t mentioned. On the next screen, you’ll see all of the groups in your area that match one of your interests. These groups meet on a regular basis, giving you a real life circle of friends near you with a common interest.

After you’ve selected some groups, you’ll be able to see when and where your groups meet up. You can also click the calendar tab to view all of the meet ups in your local area, including times and locations. You can rsvp any meet up that you plan to attend, and Meet Up will show you all your upcoming events.

You can access Meet Up through their website, or download the app for Android and Apple devices. It’s a great way to meet friends with a common interest, and it helps you keep track of your plans.


Friends Don’t Let Friends Swipe Alone

Squad aims to be a group version of Tinder. You’ll just need a phone number and a username to create a Squad account. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to choose your “squad”. You can do this using your phone contacts or Facebook friends, but anyone that you include will need to have the app as well. You can also change your squad at any time based on who you are hanging out with on a given night. When you are ready to hang out, just open the app and give it a shake. Then you’ll be asked what you would like to do. You can also submit a location and a photo with your invitation if you wish. For example, you could say “go out for pizza”, and add the location of the pizza place and even a picture.

You can send a message to your entire squad through the messaging system. You can also browse other squads. If both squads are interested in each other, then it’s a match. The match remains for 24 hours, giving you time to make plans to hang out as a group. Meeting new people can be much less awkward when you have friends that you are comfortable with along for the ride, and if the other squad is lame, you’re still hanging out with your friends.


Life Happens With Your Cliq

Cliq is similar to Squad. However, on Cliq, your cliq has a profile instead of each of you having individual profiles. Your cliq is meant to be your go to group of friends, and it can be between 2-5 people. The ones you hang out with every Friday night. Instead of swiping Tinder style, you’ll look through other cliqs in a grid style feed. You can chat within your cliq, and follow other cliqs. If you find a cliq you like, you can send them an invite. If the invite is accepted, Cliq will suggest a fun activity for you to do. Invites expire after 4 hours, making Cliq perfect for making spur of the moment plans. Cliq is currently only available for Apple devices.

Tinder Social

Like Real Life, But Better

Tinder Social has essentially the same concept of your group of friends meeting another group of friends. With Tinder, you can now be a part of regular Tinder and/or Tinder Social. You’ll create your group based on your friends who also have Tinder, between two and four people. You’ll then select what you would like to do from a wide range of options for what you’d like to do, and start swiping. You’ll see other groups photos as well as what they would like to do. When you have a match, you can have a group chat and make plans. Some people question whether or not Tinder Social is truly intended to make friends, or if it’s just a way to have group sex, given the reputation of the app itself. The matches disappear at noon the next day, or about the time everyone in the group has sobered up. It’s available for Android and Apple devices, and it will soon be available as a website as well.


If you would like to meet new friends of the same gender, these friend apps are for you.

Friend Apps For Women

Hey Vina

Where Women Meet New Friends

Hey Vina calls itself the Tinder for making new female BFFs. After the basic registration that can easily be done by connecting it with Facebook, Hey Vina asks you to take a personality quiz. These are six questions consisting of things like “work, life, or balanced” and “coffee, wine, or both”. Not exactly deep, but it’s more than you find on most friend making apps. Then you’ll fill out a short bio, interests, and age. The profiles are essentially focused on your interests, which makes it easier to connect with ladies with a common interest.

After your profile is complete, you can start swiping. If you both swipe right, the app will ask if you would like to be introduced. If you say yes, a chat box opens up. From there, it’s up to you. You should have a few things in common and live in the same general area, so why not meet up in real life and see if you are besties?

Hey Vina is currently only available on the App Store, but they are developing an app for Android as well.

Social Jane

Where Friendship Begins

Social Jane operates in the same basic way as traditional dating sites, with the goal being platonic friendships instead of romantic relationships. You’ll create a profile including age, hobbies and interests, and the reason you joined the site. You can also describe yourself in a bio and add a few pictures.

Then you can search for your new best friend. Your search can be as broad or as specific as you would like, so you can find others with the things in common that really matter to you. When you find someone you like, you can send them an email message. Many women meet up in person after conversing on Social Jane, becoming fast friends.

There are also articles about women’s issues, and forums with a wide variety of topics. This makes Social Jane a great way to connect with other women, whether you are looking for online advice or someone to grab coffee with. Social Jane is completely free and available as a website.


Meet as Moms, Connect as Women

Peanut is a social networking app for moms. When you become a mom, it becomes harder to connect with friends who aren’t. You need someone to give you advice on teething and remind you that the terrible twos don’t last forever. Peanut allows you to describe yourself in a light-hearted fashion, with terms like “mom boss” and “fashion killa”. You can add the ages of your children, whether you work or stay at home, and include your interests. Once your profile is set up, you swipe just like in Tinder. The difference is the only dates you’ll find here are play dates. The app makes it easy to meet other moms, chat one on one or in groups, and plan meet ups. The app is available on the App store.

Friend Making Apps for Men


Eye Candy For Guys

The ManWall website feels like a man cave. You’ll find forums with titles like “That sucks, My Vice, Hot Girls, and more”. You’ll find videos of everything from porn to fights. There’s a section devoted to Sports Junkies, a Bro Guide, and Bro Buzz for manly advice and opinions on everything from news to pop culture. While you do have the ability to post pictures, text, and video, Man Wall feels more like a men’s magazine than a social network.


Find Men For Friends, Dates, and More

While the fact that Bro is as much a gay dating app as a friend finding app may be off-putting to some men, it’s worth a try if you are comfortable with your sexuality. You can choose “Just friends” as what you are looking for. With Bro, you’ll select your “Bro type” Brogrammer, Gi Bro, Jock Bro, and Hipster Bro are a few of the options you can choose from. You’ll also add your basic information and interests. You can search for bros by location or type. You’ll also get twenty bros a day to swipe through in Tinder fashion, brought to you based on your bro type and interests. If both bros are interested in chatting, you can send each other messages or the ever popular fist bump. Bro aims to blur the lines between gay and straight, friends and sex partners, so you can expect to find a wide range of bros on the app. If you are looking for a new wingman or just want to cross the sexual orientation line without fear of judgment, go for it, Bro.


Find friends or business contacts with these apps designed to connect professionals.


Be Great at What You Do

LinkedIn is essentially Facebook for your professional life. You can sync your Facebook and email accounts to get contacts on Linkedin. You can add a photo and create a profile. Your profile bears resemblance to a resume, but with some personality thrown in as well.  You can post status updates, message your connections, and search for new jobs on Linkedin. When it comes to making new contacts, you can go to the profile of any of your connections and view all of their connections. Linkedin will also suggest connections based on your current contacts. Linkedin isn’t the most exciting social network, but it is possible to make new friends. It’s available as a website, and on the App and Google Play stores.

Making new friends is important. A good social network has been shown to lead to a happier and more successful life, so get out there and make some new friends.

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