Free Online Dating: Julius Marlows And Bargain Shopping At Plenty Of Fish

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You cant really compare the features and site usability when your talking about plentyoffish vs (eHarmony, vipsinles, match or even girlsdateforfree) because they are simply incomparable. When you check out a site like girlsdateforfree or similar sites by the same company (cupid,benaughy,upforit) you are aware straight away that it’s been professionally put together.
The sign up and registration is a breeze , there are numerous photo uploading features and facebook integrations and a ton of icebreaker and flirt features right from the hompage.
The ability to search for the exact type of personal your looking for blows a site like plenty of fish out of the water ever time. Paid dating sites are professional and easy to use…
However I get the feeling with a site like girls date for free that they use some dodgy methods to get you to pay for subscriptions. As a male subscriber you have to pay to use the service obviously (an it’s worth it) but they keep telling you that lucy lue from down the road is looking at your profile right now and you have to “unlock” to see her.
I’m highly suspicious that their isn’t some script that triggers the endless pop up messages and hard sells… it gets tiresome when your just browsing round however they are a business and their in it to convert you to a paid member.
You cant do anything without paying anyway apart from searching around so theres little point in not paying.
POF on the other hand is like that old pair of shoes you mean to throw out but just never get round to it. The  never piss you off and there always there just when you need them. This old pair of shoes that plentyoffish has become gets the job done! It’s not a comfortable ride and your big toe sticks out the end but your reach your destination on time almost every time.
Plenty of fish certainly doesn’t look pretty but by the time your done with it you should end up with some half decent dates.
I’m not talking about walking out with some julius marlows and if your after that kind of shoe better leave to eHarmony of vipsingles now…
But you might leave with some bargain runners. So does simply using cheapen your dating efforts?
Is using plentyoffish like walking into wal mart?
It depends on how you view it, if you can pick up a women cheaply for the weekend and your not to worried about the “loose ends” then by all means.
And who know there is always that chance that you’ll find a great bargain – that diamond in the rough that you have been dreaming of.
If you suck at approaching women in bars and clubs then using a free online dating site like can eliminate the anxiety you have of getting rejected. However I would recommend that you don’t rely on free online dating sites to get around this important social skill. Even so it’s not uncommon to be able to set up multiple lunch dates on the same day by using free sites such as okcupid and plentyoffish.
If you have what women want and you actually fill out your online dating profile properly then you fill find that THEY will email YOU.
Despite your insecurities and popular held beliefs their are FEW eligible bachelors out there. If you think you have what it takes (and you do) then try on that familiar old pair of shoes and go walking for the weekend.

Plenty of fish Iphone App

mixed reviews but the new release has been a big improvement from the earlier one.
Plenty of fish is Free and will  let PlentyOfFish help you connect with your soulmate!
download here
So you probably think I’m trying to advertise for plenty of fish with all this racket about them but in reality old pofy cant be overlooked if your into free online dating.
Also if your not interested in professional rich dating or specifically looking for marriage then it’s actually an excellent move.
I often get search query’s to this site from people that have typed in
POF girls are ugly
plentyoffish guys are weird
ummm what do you say to that?
most of the users on plentyoffish will be normal average to low income lovable people who can make your life amazing if you give them the chance.
Some may not be your type and depending on your area you may not want to set up any dates at all…
But it’s at least worth looking at the profiles that are available in your area…
check out as well an see how your luck fares.
Remember to add a profile picture, honest description and  details about yourself. Also remember to actually search and email people – hey it’s free so you might as well use it right?
NOTE: Some may think I am referring to the singles on plentyoffish as “bargains” and therefore of less value. What I mean is you are getting a bargain (because it’s free ) when you find the women of your dreams. This is of course compared to other dating sites charing upwards of $40US a month.
Often you will find the users in free dating sites as good or better than the singles on paid sites…
they are (sometimes) more open to life experiences and casual time frames than other more serious daters.

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