Free Online Dating: Profiles , Photos and Philanthropy


At the login authentication has changed to allow you to connect with your gmail, yahoo, twitter or facebook accounts.
This means you don’t actually have to register but simply allow access via the front page. There are a number of profile fields which you can edit once you sign up to better express yourself.
Simply hold down the CTRL key to select multiple hobbies and interests. Be ready to answer questions such as:
dating profile edit
Do you smoke?
Would you date someone that smoked?
Do you have kids?
Would you date someone who had kids?
Many singles that have not signed up to a dating site before have to think for a few minutes before answering many of these types of questions.
You may have never thought about whether you want kids or not… thats find just leave the question blank or select N/A
Questions such as – would you date someone that smoked? Are useful because they allow you to let other members know that you’re not open to anyone that does smoke.
Filters in your profile allow you to limit the number of emails that you DONT want.
A few seconds thinking about your profile can save you a lot of time in the future.
At present does not have the ability to reject members who are seeking different types of relationships.
Within you are able to filter out singles that are looking for casual encounters by not allowing them to email you. This saves your time and clears out your inbox .
When you register you will want to go and edit your profile: There are not to many fields to fill out and with the multiple check box selector it only takes 2 minutes.
Height, annual income and occupation historically gets altered somewhat in your favour. It’s natural to want to conform to the norm and if your significantly shorter or taller than average you might lean toward shaving a few inches of your real height.
Same goes for annual income, most rightly understand that the more they earn the more perceived success and value they have within a dating site.
In the end a small white lie is not going to hurt anyone but one needs to ask oneself if they are really serious about meeting someone offline. A thick trail of lies is tough to cover up and a relationship based on lies to begin with is unlikely to be successful.
So I would advise you to accurately predict your personality as best you can so that singles looking at your profile are able to get an honest picture.
One of the more important features of your online dating persona is your avatar. If you sign up using the facebook authentication method the system will import your profile picture which will be an important communication tool.
Humans relate to faces and singles looking to choose a profile to email want to see your pretty face smiling back at them. The best way to increase your profile views and incoming email is to add more interesting and thought provoking photos.
This is easy to do at http://
You simply click on the add album icon on the right hand side or go into an existing photo album and add more photos.
This photo album feature allows you to categorize your online photos and group them into profile pictures, travel pictures or even provocative sexy pictures! Don’t worry – not everybody can see your pictures if you don’t want them to. If you only want your friends or certain people to see your photos then click on the EDIT ALBUM text and change “Allow viewing album to:”
To any of the following:
Me only
This means you have control over which member (or visitor) see’s certain pictures that you upload.
You can write about your dating experiences and post stories from your personal blog:
Future Updates:
One annoying feature of the site currently is the photo uploading… It just seems like it’s really hard to find. Rather than being able to upload an image straight away you first need to create your own album and click through 4 or 5 pages just to get to the uploading page. Members seem to be finding the page ok but it could be a much simpler process.

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