Free Online Dating Tips – Wang Flashers VS Sanity

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Dating online… it can be an odd thing to get into – one of the biggest sticking points you may have is leaking your information online… after all – you have a sense of being not in control or your own name and images once you post them right?
Facebook has been so successful due to the fact that it creates segregated groups online that you are able to invite people into (just like real life)…
Online dating is much more open which has good and bad points associated…
The benefit of online dating is that you are able to search for the exact type of person that would suit you in a certain area… This means that there are no boundaries..
Once you pay to use the service (or just use plenty of fish or oasis active) then you are inside the members area and you can make friends without the need to be in any artificial social hierarchy system.
The reason people love dating sites (despite their often seedy reputation) is that you are able to find cool new people from the comfort of your own home… all you need is a computer and you can set up meetings with people in new towns…
If you travel a lot and tend to get lonely in a new city then the local free dating sites are always open for you to have a look at and suggest a meet up.
If you used to live in a smaller city the dating sites allow you to reach out to a different community.
Free dating sites allow singles with little spare cash to find love again… Yes you can go out to clubs bars or learn how to seduce a girl using attraction techniques but free dating sites are your hotline straight to the action…
Girls (and guys) are online with profile pictures and descriptions of themselves and what they want. You just need to match yourself to on online profile and send them a message, could it get any easier for singles these days?
If you live in a big city there are literally thousands upon thousands of single girls to choose from so you’ll be spoilt for choice.
The trouble many guys have is that many of the women are outnumbered by the guys and as a result get a ton of emails…
So your message may not be replied to or even seen by many of the women that you message…
You are going to need to accept that and move on… Filter by location and your interests etc and then just get sending… Sooner or later you will meet someone that is keen to do more than just chat online about their ex boyfriend.
It just seems silly to NOT use the internet to find cool new people…
If you think that the web is only filled with weird desperate guys think again…
It only takes a search through a quality dating site to realise how amazing and normal some of the singles really are. Yes you will get the odd guys and girls..
You will get the gothic crowd sending out hate vibes or the overly serious types that will only respond to 1 email in one hundred but hey this is the web and it’s open to everyone…
The fact that everyone can join and everyone has a voice is what makes dating sites fun…
If you want to try dating outside your ethnicity or even country then online dating is where you should be looking.
Or you could just travel to spain or Russia and find women that are into white guys over their, that would be much more exiting but for the mean time there is online dating often free, always easy and always fun.
There is definitely a sexual vibe behind online dating but hey there is a sexual vibe behind dam near everything in society.
The sexual intent of users within online dating sites is made clear in their profile…
You will want to check this out before you rush into emailing them about a secret sex romp that you have organised…
Women get very touchy about the idea that they can be emailed by any dude… believe it or not they actually get sent pictures of guys naked all the time asking if they like what they see and can we meet up. (dont believe me? check out shufflepeople)
Now does that sound like a mature thing to do? Would that be your introduction to a girl on the street whom you have never met?
Hey.. .I’m tom… check out my dick… you like?
Come on dudes – where are our manners?
Women are well keen to get into your pants if you’re a stand up kind of guy… pun intended.
But at least have the control to first introduce yourself by name and recommend that you have a chat on skype or aim first.
If you want to flash a wang then head over to (casual) where there are plenty of women waiting for you to send them your dirty pics.
Those women who are reading should really take note and be ready for it.. Some would love the idea of getting a naked pic of a hot guy sent to them but one 65 year old ballsack is too many for any 19 year old girl to handle.
So I would suggest if you’re a girl looking for a nice guy then stick with a serious dating site… like yahoo personals or if you have to go free… okcupid
There are MORE sane people online than you might think… you just have to look hard for them.
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