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We haven’t talked about free dating for a couple of weeks to I thought I would share my thoughts again on the topic of free dating.
Apart from the fact that few sites are offering free casual dating, the ones that are seem to do so in a seedy and underhanded way. PL casual dating is an open network where it’s ok to get in contact with singles for casual relationships and do so without using  your credit card.
I have recently been reviewing a site called click and flirt which is a very good website and dating service… It’s owned by cupid plc – a business operating out of the UK which also own the sites planet sappho , cupid, be naughty, girls date for free and a number of others.
All of these sites are extremely well organised and professional – if you want to browse via your mobile there are mobile optimized sites that allow you to do that.
For around 20/month you can get basic access to these popular personals services.
Keep in mind that these dating sites are very sexual. In your click and flirt profile there is a section that talks about personality. Here you can move an icon from 1-10 based on how positive you feel about the question…
an example of these questions are:
Go down on you?
You go down on me?
Like it rough?
So there is no ambiguity about the intent of users and the intent of the dating site click and flirt. It’s casual dating well disguised – the name click and flirt would have you believe that it’s harmless flirting and winking at each other which it is! But it’s also questions based on explicit sexual behaviour.
The cupid PLC dating websites are well worth your time and money if your on the lookout for a lusting time. However a site like plenty of fish (pof) does an equally good job at hooking you up. Believe it or not it’s one of the most visited dating websites in the world. Therefore you have a greater chance of meeting someone on pof than you do on a paid site (based on numbers) but paid dating sites have one huge advantage. Those users that are willing to pay to meet are serious and likely more affluent therefore the “quality” of your average paid dating site user increases.
If your looking for love it’s a good idea to go the paid route (it is  your future after all!)
PL casual dating hopes to help you out in REAL LIFE with the motivation of getting laid or at least finding that special person. Rather than just giving you advice we decided to let you speak with the other members in the community via a online personals area. Very simply you sign up fill in your location and personality details and search for members in your state/city.
Add them as a friend within PL Dating and if they hit you back it’s time for that introductory email! You cannot email a user without first being their friend to reduce comment spam however you can post on their wall.
At present the site is in need of some personals matching upgrades and minor adjustments but as it’s a free site that helps you get laid we hope you can put  up with the lack of features for now.
In the end the single most important element of the site is the members which are growing consistently.
Ideally you will be able to login to pl dating and find a match that you can have sex with tonight… We believe that casual dating need not be seedy or underground… Everyone is talking about it and marketing it to you why not have the ability to actually find like minded people who feel the same.
Forget about craigslist or trying to pimp yourself out on (or-though not such a bad idea) PL dating let’s you be honest about your intent to share yourself with others.
The site is currently not moderated like many other free dating sites other than the ability to flag suspicious users and content which is in beta.
Sex dating is a knew phenomenon to the web – it has been in the paid dating model for a few years now and will continue to be.
PL dating hopes to help those users out with less money find the guy/girl next door that’s keen tonight.
Get flirting within pl dating and add friends in this growing sexual network.

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