Free Promiscuous Sex Comes With Responsibilites

Sex should be free – like food, shelter and general happiness, without a species maintaining an adequate birthrate it will inevitable that the species will collapse. This usually occurs due to fragmentation of populations and gene-pools leading to increases susceptibility to disease.

I really hope that this post is correct, that the world population is declining because I believe that it needs to be. We have done an awful job at managing the worlds population especially in 3rd world countries.

With free abundant sexual activity comes the increase in birth-rate, despite increased condom availability it seems many teenagers would rather risk the creation of a new life. I believe female contraception is a much more reliable method and once you start stacking contraception use your chances of unplanned pregnancy get much lower.

However you should look into getting a vasectomy. Quick, and reasonably painless you can let the cream-pies flow without fears of financial stress and life changing responsibilities.

Today we expect that contraception should work reliably and if it does not there are back up plans like the morning after pill or abortion. But you should keep in mind that you don’t really know the women you are sleeping with. She is well within her rights to change her mind and have the child… She may not be on the pill and your condom may fail. So every time you have sex with someone you don’t know (one night stands, casual hookups) you are taking a risk.

Do you really understand the risks? The biggest decision you will make in life is whether your going to have a child and who it’s with. It will completely change your life. Understand the huge life changing consequences of bringing a life into this world. You have to accept the responsibility that the child you had by mistake did not ask to be born… it owes you nothing and your responsible for making it’s life as comfortable as possible.

If your not in a situation financially to provide a child with adequate food shelter and love you shouldn’t be having unprotected sex. It’s arguable whether you should be having sex at all.

It’s simply immoral as their life is sure to be full of pain, anxiety and a repeat of teen pregnancy behavior.

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