Free Sex Chat Sites (#11 Sex Chat Sites That Surprised Me)

Free Sex Chat Sites

You can use Chaturbate and view all the live cam and sex chat for free.

Paid membership has its perks though. You can pay $19.95 per month to access private messaging, ads-free display and custom chat options. Also, by being a member you get to purchase tokens – a virtual money that can be used to tip the cam performers for putting up a good show or to request certain things from them. Your first 200 tokens are free by being a premium member. Recruiting new members also earn you tokens.

Tokens are sold at $10.99 for 100 tokens, $20.99 for 200 tokens, and $44.99 for 500 tokens. Payment can be made via credit card, wire transfer, and bitcoin.

Live Jasmin is a live chat website catering to adult content. Amateur models and pornstars broadcast live and interact with the website visitors. There are public and private chatrooms and it is free to view public ones. Viewing in public chat rooms have time limits.

Private chats, however, are accessible only by signing up as a member. Payment methods include credit card, debit card, bitcoin, and litecoin. Basic members have the option to customize their chat name, while Premium members can interact privately with models.

Credits are used to transact within the Live Jasmin website.


An online video network community that allows its users to video chat. You can view chatrooms as a guest, but to be able to chat, you must register – which is free.

All other transactions on the website are through tokens. Purchasing tokens upgrade your membership to a premium one. Tokens are available for as low as $2.99 for 17 tokens, up to $990 for 8990 tokens. At this pricing, each token is estimated at $0.11 to $0.18. Payment can be made through credit card or bank wire transfer.

Private chats are allowed by paying through tokens.  Members can talk one on one with models for 30 tokens per minute. Group chat is a cheaper option, as it only costs only 15 tokens per minute. The caveat, you’ll be sharing the model’s attention with other members/users.  There is also a spy/voyeur chat feature that allows other members to read the conversations but not communicate back to the chatroom. Spy chat is available for 7 tokens per minute.

Tips are optional and are sent through tokens, which can be given to models for performing simple requests or for just spending the time with the member.


A free sex chat community where amateur webcam models perform live.

The website’s currency is tokens which can be spent in various activities in the website. Tokens can be purchased via Bitcoins, Credit Card, PaySafeCard, and Paypal. Tokens are sold at 200 tokens for $19.99 to 2240 tokens for $199.99.

Private chats are available (minimum of 24 tokens per minute to as much as 90 tokens), as well as Cam2Cam where the model can also see you, i.e., face-to-face (minimum of 32 tokens per minute to as much as 90 tokens). There’s a Spy Chat option that allows you to view what happens in others’ private show which costs 8 to 12 tokens per minute.


Whoagirls has exclusive girls for cam models. You can access Open Rooms where you can chat with the models for free. If you haven’t registered as a member, there is a time limit as to how long you can ogle on the Open Room for free, thus it is highly suggested to sign up as a member. WhoaGirls support Cam2Cam, Group chat, and Party chats.

The website has a leveling or tier segmentation for the members. Your level will be determined by the crest that appears on your profile. Models look at these crests as a means of checking your credibility as a member, and the attention they will give you. The site the allows the members to earn Flirt Reward points through your activities. The points allow the member to level up and earn even more points.

Credits is the currency you use to transact on the website. Upon registering as a member, you get 120 credits for free. You can purchase your next ones for $10 for 240 credits or $25 for 415 credits.

Private sex shows cost 60 credits/minute and a multi-user show is 40 credits per minute.  Virtual gifts, power boosts (used in Party chats), model fan club membership, and tipping are some more things you can spend your credits on.


No downloads, no registrations, no camera required. Camvoice allows its users to join in the free sex chat by merely providing a nickname, your gender, and age for guest access. Guest access viewing has a time limit though.

Perks of registering to the website means unlimited viewing time, ability to watch up to 8 webcams, hosting your own video chat room, sending private messages including photos and videos, cam2cam.

Premium membership is processed via Credit card, CCBill, PaySafeCard or your mobile phone carrier.

An adult webcam community that features girls engaging in free sex chat. Free access allows the users to view the available public chats without the capability to actively participate but just watch.

Registering for free allows you to explore the site and its features. You can pop-up the chatrooms you’re joining so you can view multiple rooms at the same time. Private messages with webcam video are also supported. Doing so also allows you to share your webcam should you be interested in being on the other side of the monitor and be a webcam model too.

Purchasing tokens will turn your basic membership into a premium one. Tokens are the only things that cost money. Tokens can be spent on private shows, group shows, spy shows and to tip the models. Tokens are available for purchase at $19.99 for 200 tokens, 49.99 for 550 tokens, and 74.99 for 900 tokens.

MyFreeCams also has a lounge available to premium members. It is a public chat room where other users hang out.

CamSoda’s Barbie blue and pink logo will have you thinking I’ll probably find young, fit, blondes on the site. If you’re a guy and you can get past the bubblegum branding, you’ll find that their model roster is a bit more diverse than that.

You can view chatrooms for free, being a member allows you to fully interact with the models though. By signing up as a member, you can purchase tokens or purchase a monthly premium membership. Monthly premium membership is $19.95 and it comes with 200 tokens free. However, you can also buy just tokens in denominations of 50 tokens for $5.99, 100 tokens for $10.99, 200 tokens for $20.99 and $550 tokens for 49.99. calls itself the Adult Social Network. It is a free live cam community to meet girls waiting for you to join them for some boudoir time.

Your free membership allows the users to explore the free public webcams. Upgrading to full members status has its perks, allowing the user to go on live private webchat with the models.

Tip the models using the websites’ currency of credits. Credits can be purchased at $19.99 per credit through credit card as payment method.

Dirty Roulette

Dirtyroulette has been online since 2010 and has millions of members. Their webcam chat sites allow free viewing to flirt, have cyber sex or even find true love, accessible even through a mobile device. They verify the users’ age and email to make sure no predators get into their website. Tipping the models is optional.


A free sex chat site, the homepage allows you to choose between cam girls, gays cams or sex Chatroulette.

The Quest for Sex

As with any form of entertainment and communication means, humans find a way to taint wholesome leisure and interactive activities by injecting it with a hint or a load (pun intended) of sexuality. The Internet History Podcast accounted how a lot of our civilization’s innovations, primarily to be used for utility and function, or as art or culture got somehow perverted.

Stage variety shows and musicals were turned into can-can and evolved into strip clubs. Stage plays evolved as sex parties and orgies. TV Shows and movies were turned into porn. Voice communication and radio were turned into private phone sex or in-demand sex hotlines. Online chat and video messaging are turned into live free sex chat.

Having sex is one of the most primal needs of animals, human included. And the level of dedication humans dedicated to ensuring sex is accessible to the majority and our ingenuity when it comes to innovating the sexual experience through technology is unparalleled. We want to make sure that our sexual needs are met – even without the participation of a live, real-life, consenting partner. From dildos made of polished stones and sculpted wood, to vibrators that can measure the number of vaginal contractions through a smartphone app, or send pulsing signals when a viewer is tipping you on your free sex chat webcam. Self-gratifying objects like these are the most common means. Then there are media and technology invented and innovated to ease this basic life need.


From the earliest concepts of boudoir, peepshows, and burlesque, people have expressed interest in entertainment with a serving of kink and sexy undertones. The commercial success of phone sex as an industry in the 1980s to the early 2000s showed how lucrative it can be as a business.

Putting two and two together, people deduced that sex sells and with the stream of oncoming technological innovations during the dawn of the internet age, it only seems fitting that we milk it like the cash cow it is.

According to the Internet History Podcast, the first adult film was probably shown in 1896 — featuring a striptease. A 7-minute cinematic wonder that is Le Coucher de la Mariee. George Melies himself produced a similarly themed film of his wife in states of undress and bathing in Apres le Bal.

Titillating movies with either explicit or implicit sexual content made it big around the 1970s as theatres’ marketing ploy to stay in business. Technology then made it possible to consume such risque content at the comfort of one’s own home or bedroom with VCR through the Betamax and VHS platform, and then in disc formats.

Internet and Sex

By the 90s, the computer became a welcome addition to your typical household. Porn then became accessible through the computers. They call it cybersex or virtual sex, according to Wired. Risque photos being passed around in floppy disks, then through CDs and DVDs – the only storage back in the day that can effectively save large video graphic files.

Then, the internet made its way into those households with computers. This allowed a convenient format that you can access information, which includes sex, without ever having to go to a physical marketplace and be caught red-handed buying or borrowing porno. First, it was just an exchange of sexy messages. Then it became images shared in the information superhighway, thus no more physical evidence in the form of floppy discs and CDs which get the teen audience in trouble with the parents.

And then it became videos. The videos’ and images’ resolutions become finer, more detailed. And before we know it, the videos can be transmitted real time.

Sex Sells

From phone sex, to boudoir, to burlesque, to movies and VCR, it has been proven time and again that sex sells. With sex and porn infiltrating internet, it became a question of how do you monetize sex through the internet. With the progress in internet sex and porn, also came developments in payment method.  The internet seemed to be not the best place to be handing out your credit card information. A token/couponing system that first goes through a toll-free number, plugins to make credit card payment more secure, and billing middlemen like Paypal, iBill, and CCBill.

Porn, however, is one of those products/services where it isn’t as easy to offer satisfaction guaranteed. And as an effect, people who pay for their dose of porn can just change their minds, complain about fraud and reverse their payments. This became a pain point for the internet porn and sex industry.

With these in mind, the porn and sex providers changed the marketing strategy. Instead of paying for accessing the entire content, they made snippets of the videos available for free, and access to the full-length content paid. This same strategy was applied to the free sex chat where you can only view for a limited time, or just watch for free. Active participation and unlimited access are only granted to full, paying members.

Free Sex Chat

Free sex chat can occur between two consenting individuals, whether it is actual couples or strangers, and can be done through a computer, desktop, laptop, or even our palm-sized best-friends – our mobile phone and smartphones.

Free sex chat can either be done solely through messaging and using texts, in various messaging platforms; or it can integrate visual characteristics through video messaging too. Text sex chat has more limitations given the lack of non-verbal cues and visual representation. With video sex chat, the participants get to see what actually happens as they chat – and may feel as if it’s almost the real thing if done with masturbation.

Free sex chat is useful, if not necessary, for couples who are apart or are in a long distance relationship. They can take care of their sexual needs and still remain faithful. After all, one common reason long distance relationship fail is due to lack of intimacy which may drive the parties to cheat, look for another outlet like porn, or end the relationship to be replaced with a more physical one to satiate their sexual needs.

Following the model of the 1-900-phone sex hotlines, one-on-one service is also made available. Chatrooms, where viewers can watch cam models tease and play, are free. Talking 1:1 with the model/s, interacting or allowing the viewer to control what the model/s will do entail paid membership.

For some, seeing live sex chats unfold as an unpaid spectator will suffice with whatever carnal cravings they have that landed them on the sex chat. They don’t need to have the control over what happens. Merely reading sexual conversations or watching live webcam porn can get the job done for some. And then there are those who need to have active participation, typing the messages, calling the shots, dictating what needs to be done next.

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