Friends With Benefits

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Friends with benefits is just another slang term for casual sex partner or casual dating. You have a good friend but you don’t really see them as a long term partner. You know them well and sex is just another way to have fun…
The fun is purely physical pleasure nothing more and both of you know this. You communicate very well together and so nothing ever gets’ confused. So of all the slang terms about casual sex such as “fuck buddy” a friend with benefits relationship is the most emotionally stable.
Many guys and girls will start getting all emotional when sex is involved (and quite rightly so)…
If you can have sex with someone and it not really feel anything special for them then you might have found your buddy…
Do you lose something? OF COURSE! You will always lose something when love and emotion are involved. The sex will be amazing but don’t expect it to be spiritual or emotional in any way… it’s just sex and this is what you wanted.
If your not prepared to risk getting your heart broken don’t expect sex that is with a women that you really connect with. It can still be amazing on the kinky and physical side but you have to expect that there are going to be downsides to sex with a casual friend.

The Friends With Benefits Lifestyle

A no strings attached relationship lifestyle: This lifestyle is not for everyone! It can get a little weird… I will say this – if you are the nice guy that likes to give everything to one women the friends with benefits lifestyle is not for you.
She will eventually burn your ass: she might be with another guy while sleeping with you or she might move on or get bored or move country and go travelling.
It takes a certain type of personality to be having casual sex with someone and not care about their life with other people.
Most guys wouldn’t be able to take them being with other guys but the reality is that you don’t actually spend much time with these people at all… Like you don’t even know them.
You have their cellphone number and they might give you a sneaky text on a Friday night to come over. This is just about all the contact you have with these people.
You don’t go over on a Wednesday for a romantic movie with tea or you don’t drive them around town or do any favours for them, you don’t buy them dinner and certainly not roses…
They are called a “fuck buddy” for a reason. They are their to satisfy your sexual desires. You likely don’t see them as long term partner potential but they sure are great in the sack… You get it?

Other Friends With Benefits Views

You have a healthy friendly relationship – you hang out on the odd occasion or perhaps even regularly. You are mature enough to realize that your current sexual relationship is not going anywhere in the future and that it’s just a fun situation you both find yourself in. Your casual sex in the weekends or the odd Wednesday night helps you stay sane and when you get a little lonely they are always keen to snuggle under the covers for a few hours.
Your currently a little confused at the state of the relationship as it’s getting more and more serious and your feelings are growing and growing the more time you spend with them. They are such a great friend it would be hard to see them with other people sexually but you know that this is just a temporary arrangement. Your jealousy is present when you see them flirting and your starting to think that this more than just friends with benefits.
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