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Fuckbook Review

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The name says it all. FuckBook. Facebook for sex. Sounds like a great idea, right? Almost too good to be true. Or maybe it is. The first problem you encounter if you are interested in a Fuckbook site, you have a difficult time checking its legitimacy. Fuckbook.com, Fuckbook.net, Fuckbookblog.com, and Fuckbook.org are just a few of the Fuckbook sites out there.

Many reviews just use the term Fuckbook, so it can be difficult to know which site they are referring to. Are any of them worth signing up? Can you really find females looking for sex? Keep reading to find out more about these Fuckbook sites and which sites are the best to meet women online for sex.



I did sign up for this one myself. I received one message from someone not long after signing up. It was clearly an intelligent message instead of an automated one.

This is without posting a picture or any profile information other than my age, sex, and location. There are some ads, but I wasn’t prompted for any payment information.


I spoke with a few men on this site to get some honest opinions. I found out that the site is free for women but not for men. This may attract more women to this site. These types of sites generally have many more men than women, so this business model may help increase the odds of getting what you want. They both said that they have met real women on the site.

When I asked if most of the women on the site are who they claim to be, they said that some were and some weren’t. They also said there are bots and fake profiles on the site. These are problems that plague any site like this.

The men that I talked to were friendly and respectful. The tone didn’t feel like what you would expect on a site like Fuck Book. They were more than happy to tell me about the site as well. The oddest thing about the site is you’re not allowed to give your personal information. Yes it is a hookup site, or at least it’s supposed to be.

However, if you try to send your contact information, the system will delete it. The only way to do it is to break it up. An example is Third month second month eight of the month. This gives you the numbers 328 which would be the beginning of the phone number. I have to say the site is very efficient and will sometimes erase this type of message as well.

My experience on Fuckbook was completely positive. The people were respectful and friendly and the ads were no worse than any other site.

Premium Account

It looks like if you are a man you are going to have to pay for a premium account. Some men seem to try to bypass this by putting female on their profile, but the site eventually catches this as well.

With premium you get unlimited messaging, and a premium badge and karma boost. You also get advanced search options, exclusive premium features, no ads, the ability to get “cupid matches”, and access to over 13,000 porn movies that you can watch with coins, you can try it out for a week for just $2.99. For three months you pay $39.90 a month. For six months you pay $24.90 a month. I would suggest getting the week trial to see if you like the site before making a commitment.


What are karma points? From what the site says, it sounds like they monitor your interactions with other users to see how you behave. Maybe that’s why the men on the site are so respectful. Here’s what the site says about karma.

“The crowns on member’s profiles reflect their reputation and behavior on the platform. These are earned organically through having an active membership, contributing through blogs, comments, status’ and photos; as well as reputation points being awarded or deducted in response to how other members interact with your profile and its content.

You can avoid having your reputation damaged by interacting with other profiles in a polite and respectful manner, using your profile honestly and ensuring you don’t break any of the site conduct rules.”

When you complete your profile, you see the things you would on any site like this. Body type, whether you smoke or drink, education, and income. Then the “what are you looking for” questions. When it comes to the relationship status, you can choose “attached and looking for a discreet relationship.” You can also put your religious affiliation on your profile.

Is it really a Facebook for Sex?

This site is a lot like Facebook. You can post status updates, photos videos, and even blog posts. Others can comment on your posts just like Facebook. You also have a friends list and a list that shows you who is online.

The feed is also designed like Facebook. The only difference is you don’t just see your friend’s posts, you see everyone’s. The feed includes posts, photos, videos, pics, and videos. There are also badges that you can get from achieving milestones on the site.

My opinion of this site is I would use it if I were looking for a sex partner. One of the men I talked to said he had met 15 or 16 women from the site and had sexual encounters with them, so you can certainly be successful here. They also have lots of videos posted by members, so you can watch all the porn you like, as long as you have a premium account.


This is more like a personals site. You don’t have to sign up, and it seems to have nothing but beautiful women looking for a good time. However, reading these personals seemed like they were trying to cater to men’s fantasies to the point that I doubt their validity. Here are a few ads that just seem to be too good to be true.

I’m a country gal that loves to play dress up. I have all sorts of sexy uniforms that transform me into a naughty nurse or a frisky flight attendant. My imagination goes wild when it comes to fucking and I want to meet a guy on fuckbook that can appreciate that and bring out […]

I’m a shy girl, but i’m working on it! I need a man to help open up my wild side. I just broke up with my boyfriend and I really need something “commitment free” right now…

If you try to message anyone on the site you are redirected to Instabang.com. The site also links to other sites like Adult Chat and Porn Tube.

Instabang does require you to register, but based on online reviews it is actually a legitimate site. One reviewer claims to have hooked up with several women from the site. The real pluses of Instabang seem to be its detailed search engine and filters, and the ability to watch all of the amatuer porn you want.

Of course if you are interested in all the site has to offer, you will have to pay for it. You can purchase a two day trial for $4.95. A one month membership is $34.95. The six month package will run you $11.65 a month and the twelve month package is $6.67 a month. Some review sites claim that the site is a scam full of fake profiles.

One site claimed that Instabang paid its female members to interact with men, and that this was found in the terms of service. After reading the terms of service myself, I can tell you this isn’t the case.

Fuckbookblog.com seems to just be a way to draw horny individuals to other sites. However, Instabang seems to be a legitimate hook up site.


Fuckbook.org seems to be a legitimate site. I signed up for the site, and a few minutes after signing up I was awarded a free lifetime premium membership. I can only assume that this is because I am a female. The good thing about the site is that you can create a profile, add photos, and send flirts without a premium membership.

However, you will need a premium membership to message other members. A look at their faq’s page doesn’t tell you how much a premium membership is supposed to cost.

I couldn’t find any reviews for this site. Maybe they were just lost in the plethora of reviews about all of the other Fuckbook sites.

One thing I found interesting about this site is that you can request a photo from those who don’t have one on their profile. However, you have to have a photo yourself to be able to request one. This seems fair to me. After all, why should someone be able to see your pictures when you can’t see theirs. For those who have a photo set as their profile photo, you can view these without needing a photo yourself. You can create photo and video galleries as well.

The site also has its own chat section. You will find several chat rooms in different categories. The default is set to the adult chat for your state, but you can also choose naughty chat, crossdresser chat, bdsm chat, mature chat, and more. If you enjoy chatting with people as a way to get to know multiple people at one time or are looking for something specific, you will like this feature.

I spoke with several members of the site. They said many people are there just for some text sex and to trade pictures. They said this made it hard for them to find what they are looking for. My opinion is that it’s a great place to chat. Based on my interviews, however, you may have a hard time getting a real life meet.

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