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Pete Cashmore from Mashable chats briefly on the future of dating online…
I have commented earlier on where online dating is going and this video suggests similar directions.
However I think it’s fairly obvious anyway. Facebook has become such a giant over the past few years and is now solidifying it’s place online with remote logins and like buttons everywhere.
I do think that there will always be room for sites like plenty of fish and okcupid because they open up the field. They allow singles from all ethnic and financial backgrounds to congregate in one area.
No restrictions or limitations on who or where to search. Singles in local areas have profiles which describe who they are and what they are looking for and you are free to contact them.
Yes, facebook.com provides an amazing online experience but it’s not trying to be a dating site… It’s much more than a dating site. Yes face book get’s used as dating site… but in a more “normal” fashion.
You meet someone at the bar or notice a friend of a friend and introduce yourself online. This is how relationships start in the first place right?
But even with face book being used for dating there is still a big hole left onlnie. Online dating sites allow you to meet singles that you wouldn’t otherwise have met.
They allow you to search using filters such as:
Sexual orientation
Eye colour
Intent (casual , short term , long term relationships)
Facebook is just not set up like this…
Could it be? Yes.. But it’s not interested in becoming a dating site because it is successful because it’s so much more than that… face book is reality online.
Perhaps the next big dating site will either be a separate section of face book that allows for open searching and emailing without having to be a “friend” (wont happen)
Or a new site like face book with some dating site customizations.
The site would be free obviously and have all of the features of the current dating sites but it would be used by everyone.
All of the profiles would be filled out completely and there would be no lying about your age and income. This new dating site would be more transparent… more honest.
The future of online dating sites will just be a continuation of where they already are. More social and connection features and easier more intuitive browsing.
You always need somebody to love
That human emotion will never die and so there will always be the need for finding love. Therefore there will always be places on the web where you can find it.
Well you may not find “love” but you will find places to email like minded people and exchange phone numbers ( the love bit comes later).

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