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get a girl to love you
In a recent PL post update on love there is a video by a leading researcher… She suggests that love is a much more powerful emotion and brain system than sexual desire.
Isn’t that what you really want to here?
It’s something that cannot be forced or bought or found – love has to be earnt.
How can you get a women to fall in love with you? I get at least a few emails from guys asking how they get a girl to fall in love with them.
They are not asking how to get more sex or how to pick up women in bars but rather how does a guy develop a deep connection with a women that goes further than physical gratification.
For many guys feelings of love and closeness are hard to establish and convey to others in a meaningful way. You can definitely increase your chances of being loved by others but you CANT force or make someone fall in love with you. It just doesn’t work like that.
It’s simple – you receive love by giving love.
You should know by now that you cannot intellectually “convince” a girl to love you because you have this trait or this financial status.
For some reason guys think that they CAN buy love… Like they deserve to be loved as a result of their hard work and ability to provide.
Well there is more to love than simply being a good man… Love is separate from initial attraction – a beautiful women could be initially attracted to your looks and status but not fall in love with you because she does not feel loved herself.
You have to be able to love yourself…
Ask yourself these simple but slightly odd questions.
Do you love animals?
Do you feel empathy for others? (when they are hurt or feeling sad)
Do you enjoy time spent with children
Do you feel comfortable crying in front of others
Are you happy to listen to other peoples problems even if they are very emotional.
Are you interested in being loved and giving love or do you have a hidden agenda?
I would not suggest that you should actively be thinking about getting a women to love you because it should come naturally. You could focus on being a more compassionate and loving man to compliment your “alpha maleness”.
Focus on having as much fun as you can with the girl you love.
Don’t be afraid to show a softer side… Sharing secrets is a great way to bond and strengthen your friendship.
Love is obviously not always sexually motivated but in your case their will be a sexual element.
Listen to the video posted at and recognise that there are three different “brain systems” involved in love…and during orgasm hormones are released that increase the attachment you feel for that person and the attachment they feel for you.
So there are positives (as far as love goes) to being able to give your women a great night of sex.

The Importance Of Being You

Women will fall in love with you not because you are an attractive looking guy or because you treat them well… It’s sounds weird but you fall in love with a girls weaknesses and they fall in love with yours. It’s important to open up and be yourself! If you are trying to fake your way into love because inside you feel that you are not good enough you will never succeed in getting real connection with anyone.
So it’s your strengths that provide the initial attraction and even sexual motivation but it’s your ability to open up and show how human you are that’s ONE of the reason why women fall in love with men.
Have you ever been in love?
Ok silly question…
Was it her beauty that keep you coming back?
Was it her perfect teeth or perhaps her nice car?
More likely is that it’s something completely unexplainable!
The silly way she giggles or odd way she goes about organising her day…The way she is always late or how she talks. You know her secrets and you know that nobody else has gotten as close to her as you have.
She may not have even been that “attractive” but she has a very special place in your heart and will do for the rest of your life.
So if you think that being an unorganised fool is the one thing that is stopping you getting laid you would be wrong! It’s the fact that your anxious about opening up about it and being yourself that is holding you back from love.
If you have weaknesses that are able to be accepted by women then you can be loved.
Give women enough time to miss you… By being independent not only do you show high value but you also allow women to love you. When she misses you she starts to love all of the things about you that are no longer in her life.
You will never be able to force someone to love you but you can control your own actions…
Be yourself and have fun with this girl… If it doesn’t work out it wasn’t your fault….
It just didn’t work out.



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