Get A Girlfriend: And How To Keep Her

get a girlfriend
It’s easy to get that initial attraction… Women can be so obvious sometimes that they find you attractive…
They flirt and show their affection almost blatantly at times but the trick is how do you actually keep this girl interested?
Once she shows signs of interest in you how do you transition to a real meaningful relationship? In the end sex is only temporary – what every guy really wants is a deep and meaningful long term relationship with a hot women that really admires him.
The cold hard reality is that if you are not the dominant male you are left fighting for scraps!
Are you the guy that is chasing the tails of the top dogs? Are you that little puppy that will
GUYS: we have SO much pride – we hate to admit that we are wrong… EVER.
You might be thinking that – hey I’m not that bad, I have had great girlfriends in the past this stuff isn’t going to help… In reality MOST men are very low on emotional intelligence.
Its EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE that men lack and is the reason why they are unable to keep the girl long term. We seem to think that once we have caught and seduced a women it’s all over… the truth is that it’s only just begun!
You need to be constantly re-attracting and seducing your women EVERY DAY… if you leave it a month without telling your girlfriend how much they mean to you… you will notice her drifting.
The great thing is that you can attract women and seduce women even if you have never been able to before… It’s simply a way you act and communicate emotionally to women – we are not talking about being the guidance councillor or crying on her shoulder!

What your girlfriend wants

feels safe + connected emotionally = a successful long term relationship
The amazing sex and intimacy will naturally follow
Remember to lead with a giving hand rather than approaching women with a need to get. Many men have emotional issues that prevent them from getting the girl they always wanted. These emotional issues come across as:

  • Being wussy
  • Being needy
  • Being weak or shy

Before you can get the girl and keep her you need to deal with these emotional issues that are preventing you from acting the way you need to act to attract women and KEEP them attracted.
Guys tend to fall back on being a little insecure and needy ONCE they have seduced the girl… They use sexual motivation to put on a great dominant show during the attraction and meeting phase and think … GREAT the works over and go back to being themselves… The women is left thinking “who the hell is this wussy mother fuc*$er”
It’s like buyers remorse – the women never calls back or texts back after an initial amazing night because you are not the guy she thought you were. If she thinks she can find a guy that is more sure of himself than you are then she will take her chances and leave you hanging.
Communication is a currency:
Develop flexibility in your approach and communication… by listening to her conversation with you closely you pick up on important emotional issues and passions in her life. Are you thinking about what to say next or whether you breath smells?
Develop subtlety: Unfortunately guys are NOT subtle… but women love using subtlety.
Rather than TELLING her how amazing you are let her discover it through your actions… make her ask.
Novelty leaves very quickly – You cant rely on being in “love” forever as the excitement of the first month of a relationship can wear off. Keep a women connected and interested by being interested and independent yourself.
Women need connection to have sex with you they don’t necessarily need commitment.
Be the guy that is there for her so she can share her emotions with you and you can reciprocate that.
Don’t be her therapist
Take her on an emotional journey – LISTEN for ques and act on them as ideas for future dates.
You are a great man so stop coming from an area of weakness because some girls prey on this.

Women Test Men For Weakness

They test if a man is weak and wussy and lay bait down for you to come and take it.
Be aware that women ensure that the man they choose is a GREAT one… Because for women the decision to enter a relationship takes much thought. She has to make sure you aren’t going to wuss out on her.
Look for signs! Will you come crawling back every time she wants to hang out? Will you text her back straight away ever time she gives you any sign of interest? Talk to he on your terms and when the time suites you…
This may be hard to do especially if she is amazingly hot but it will be worth it.
Women wear makeup: Most of them are not as hot or amazing as you make them out to be!
Forget about the looks! She could be treating you terribly just because you are allowing her to by giving her more respect than she deserves… It’s ONLY LOOKS! Shouldn’t her amazing intellect or personality impress you more? Give women respect where it is due

Don’t think of it as “Oh I blew it” or I screwed up – because in reality there are always more chances… Most of all come from a area of abundance and power… You are a man worth dating and any women that tells you otherwise has just wasting one amazing life with you!

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