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Day time dating makes up 95% of REAL dating environments. Dating during the day is reality compared with the drunken often seedy vibe of a loud night club. Dating during the day has a ton of advantages if you know what your doing but it can also be real tough on the naive guy looking for a chat.
Getting a second contact out of a women you meet during the day is by no means an easy thing to do. Striking up a random conversation that sounds authentic is tougher than it sounds when you know full well that you showed up at the book store to stalk hot women. Is this morally wrong? Absolutely not.
daytime datingWomen should be celebrating the fact that men are prepared to go out of their way to risk rejection, and day time dating is FULL of rejection. If you cant day time approach properly you can get a real kick in the teeth from married women or even the girls boyfriend.
Day Game is been around for a long time (obviously) but it has only recently been talked about and studied in depth. The trouble with most guys day time approach is their intentions and motives. Rather than striking up an electric and emotional conversation they tend to go straight for the throat and ask for the phone number to early.
Women get that if your asking for her phone number there is one thing on your mind. You want to distance yourself from this perception and come across warm and approachable. It’s all about smashing down trust barriers as quickly as possible so the “target” feels safe enough in your presence to cough up her number. You initial train of thought should not be …
Get her number quick before she leaves!
It should be triggering some sort of friendly response from her so that when you ask to meet again (*important* your not asking for her number) she wont feel any awkwardness to say yes. Naturally the phone number will follow.
After the initial introduction you will want to find out what she’s into by asking what her plans are for the next few days.
If there are any free nights suggest going out for a drink with friends. Incorporating others into the date makes it easier for her to say yes as it’s more of a social occasion. Any trick you can use to reduce the friction of getting the yes.
If a women is showing clear defensive body language then don’t go pressing the matter. A lot of women you talk to during the day will have boyfriends or someone on the go.
With day time dating , getting that small commitment before she gives you her number is important:
Guy: So Sarah… What are you plans for the weekend?
Girl: I am going out with some friends on Friday and I’m not sure about Saturday yet.
Guy: Great, how about we meet up at (bar) on Saturday, they serve great cocktails… do you know of it?
Girl: Yes, sounds like fun.
Guy: Let me get your phone number and I’ll let you know about the time and place.
Girl: Ok my number is …….
This conversation is more natural than simply asking for her number. Because… why are you asking for her number in the first place? There needs to be a reason and motive for the phone number and giving her specific action and tangible reason is always a great move.
Dating in daytime environments is so much different from the club and bar scene. It requires a completely different, more mature approach. You cannot hide behind the smoke and mirrors of alchohol. Your flaws are out for all to see and you have to have the will power to approach women without relying on booze and dark lit bars.
As a result the book day time dating was written that details every day game situation and how to master it. What to say and how to say it during the day to capture the attention and heart of any women you desire.
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