Get Laid By Taylor Swift

Just kidding: you know thats never going to happen. But her thoughts on taking charge in a relationship echo just about every other womens view on the matter.

“I want a guy who takes charge, but lets me have my say once in a while,” she said.

This is no surprise of course, Taylor Swift is like any other girl. She is programmed by evolution itself to respond to dominant men. Being dominant means you take control of situations, you make the decision when everyone else is hesitant and you are not afraid to say NO even to Taylor swift.

But you also have the open mind to be able to let her express her individuality and opinion without slander or judgement.

Being the man that attracts women rather than chases them means being the leader of your group or tribe. Hanging back and waiting for them to approach gives women the idea that you are not dominant enough or confident enough to be the leader therefore not worthy of their attention.

Taylor Swift is giving you an insight into what hot women want and surprise surprise it’s not different to any other women.

In fact she could be susan boyle and shouldn’t surprise you . It’s what pickup artists and seduces have been teaching for years. Women want the leader: which is closely tied into mammalian survival and reproduction.

So if you want to get to know a “10” such as taylor swift then take her advice. But first you might want to practice your game on some 5’s.