3 Easy Steps to Get Laid Tonight

Here’s an easy online plan for getting laid :

You Either Go Out To A Bar Or You Try The Online Approach

The online approach requires three simple steps:

  1. Register For Websites In This List  
  2. Create a GREAT profile
  3. Message Girls
  4. Bonus: Also look at our top 100 list on the homepage

Website List

This is a list of the best online hookup websites rated using factors such as #users, credibility, sexual intent etc.

Starting with a good dating website is the first step to finding someone to have sex with tonight.

You can also find some great hookup websites here:

Create a Unique Profile

Upload wonderful sexy pictures of yourself. You'll want to have 3 photos at minimum, and preferably 4-6.

You should have:

  • Photo of your face
  • Action shot
  • Full body photo
  • Photo with pet (optional)
  • Photo with friends (optional)

When you are writing your profile, try to avoid the same cliches everyone else uses.

Use lots of detail and try to evoke emotion with your profile. You can find more profile tips here.

Send Messages

Private message or video message as many women in your local area as you possibly can!

Go the bulk approach or even better mention something that strikes you as interesting that you saw in her profile description.

Wait and respond to messages. Create trust and organize a meetup the same night or the next day/weekend.

Hookup Tonight

You have chosen a tricky one here - not only are you trying to meet up with a women that you have never met before and gain her trust. You are also attempting to do it within 24 hours.

Escalating that quickly usually requires drugs - the popular drug of choice is alcohol because it loosens the usual anxiety and fears of being rejected or being used.

So how are we going to get you laid? You are likely reading this and will be heading out in a few hours. 

This means that we have 10 hours max with which to find you a girl - establish a connection and develop trust - physically escalate - and get her back to yours for a dam good time.

Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. Even the best pick up artists fail at attempting to find one night women and escalating that very same night.

You have to understand that sex is a very emotional experience for women (and men).

If you give her any reason NOT to trust you she wont be interested. You have to be able to seduce the pants of her. You have to actually be a good catch. 

Getting Laid Strategies

These strategies will help you get laid, tonight.

Punching Below Your Weight

You often hear of guys that are punching above their weight (dating much hotter girls than they are).

If you want to get laid tonight you might want to consider punching BELOW your weight.

Now I’m suggesting that you take home a women you are not attracted to, but you can get on sexually with a women that is not super hot.

These “less attractive” women are often far better in bed because they are much more keen to please.

If they know they are with a cute guy they will up their game. This is good for you.

If you strike up conversation with a 9/10 you are going to have to do all the work and this includes when your in the bedroom.

One of the most effective ways of getting laid as early as tonight is punching below your weight.

By accepting that your happy to go a couple rungs below your normal 6/10-7/10 you allow yourself a stress free night.

You don’t put that pressure on yourself to bang a 9 or 10.  And let’s be honest women that are that attractive wont go home with a guy the same night. They take much more work than that.

Getting laid by punching below your weight is not accepting second best it’s simply being smart. She will automatically know she is doing well for herself and will be much more keen to go home with you if she knows she has a catch.

The lower your prepared to go the more chance you will have. Now those are ruthless blunt facts right there.


Used by almost all communities of the world - alcohol is the equivalent of several drugs on the body.  For a short while make you euphoric and able to speak and interact with anyone without fear.

If you can do this without the effects of a few beers or would like to try it then I would strongly suggest this, but for one night only a couple of tequila shots should help loosen the tongue.

Although alcohol might help you get laid, it wont help you when it comes time to making it happen.

You will be tired and unaroused if you drink to much.

Bars are an excellent place to take a girl that you want to hookup with, because then you will both be drinking.

They are a great place to find girls to hookup with as well. Attempt to make eye contact. If she smiles at you, take it as a green light to talk to her.

A few drinks will boost your confidence and lower her inhibitions, making it easier to have sex.

Just don't attempt to get her really intoxicated. It's bad form and drunks are generally not great lays.

Use A Friend Finder

For many people the bar and club scene seems fake and simply not that effective.

If you are the kind of guy that likes to get to know a woman a bit first, the bar scene may not be for you.

If you have met your past girlfriends at house parties or via work then the bar may not be the best place to go to get laid.

You need something much more efficient. Using a casual friend finder will allow you to not only be efficient but be effective.

You are able to register create profile and email many many local women within 10 minutes. If you live in a big city your chances of getting laid tonight are much higher.

Casual dating sites are effective because you are able to chat online with women that are already looking for the same thing you are.

This blatant intent and conversation with intent makes the escalation to offline sex easy.

The Top Sites for Casual Sex

Casual sex sites can allow you to meet women who are interested in sex tonight. They generally have a smaller userbase, but everyone is on the same page.


A quick summary before you go out and get laid tonight.

Aim below your level. Don't go for the most attractive girls.

Alcohol for you and your date can help improve confidence, lower inhibitions, and move things along.

When you are trying to hookup tonight, casual dating sites are a great option.

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