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The Online Game is a complete guide to online attraction. This will be the only thing that you need to dominate and attract girls from any social networks, dating sites, and personals ads. Once you uncovered the secrets revealed in this material you will become an online woman magnet. Your inbox will be full of messages from women up to the point that you will not even have the time to reply to them all.

Using online pick up lines on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other online social networks that you are on will make girls crave for your attention. Think about how many hours you spent online… If you’re online 2-4 hours a day it means that you could be connecting with alot of women. This gives you time to choose the hottest girl to get laid with. It’s like your shopping for a fuck buddy from your connections or friends. Keep in mind these can be loose connections outside your  normal social circle!

Here are a few facts why using Facebook online pickup techniques will get you laid: Please take note that the average statistical figures below are as reported by Aardvark Web Works LLC, on April, 2012.

  • Facebook has 845 million active users. By August this year it’s estimated that Facebook members will reach a billion. And currently is has 845 million users worldwide who are actively using the website. Needless to say it’s the biggest social network in the world and the most active.
  • Average of 160 million users are US based ( – according to another trusted source there are 160 million users from America. This is nearly the average of population per state.
  • 57% of Facebook users are female (43% male) – This is juiciest part of this report. It’s why picking up women from Facebook is easy. There are a lot of women on Facebook compared to men. Most of them are stay at home women, college girls, career women, bored women, and the girls who are looking for attention. Your attention that is.
  • The average Facebook user has 130 friends. How many friends do you have on Facebook?  That means that you got a place to start picking up ladies. Start with your friends or those who have made connection with. The 130 will be quadrupled once you learn the secrets on how to pick up women from Facebook.
  • The average Facebook visit lasts 23 minutes. That is more than enough time to get her attention and get her interested with you. So when you’re chatting with a girl you should have a result within 30 minutes.


Perhaps right now you are thinking of dumping the idea of going to bars and clubs to pick up women. Why waste your time outside if you can pick up women from the comfort of your home so efficiently. All you need to learn is how to get laid using Facebook with online pickup secrets.

The opportunity is right in front of you. Facebook is free to use unlike other dating websites. The girls are on your friends list and soon you can also be sleeping with their friends, and friend of thier friends. The possibilities are endless. Let me tell you why.

Bored Women are on Facebook. Most women who are on Facebook are bored. You are there to entertain them. This includes women who are working from home and office desks. Work can be boring especially if it includes clerical jobs which have become a daily routine. There are also women who are on Facebook to get attention because in the real world they are shy. (it’s the shy ones that are crazy in bed)
It saves time and money. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Pinterest are free to join compared to online dating websites. But that is the whole point here. Think about how much money and effort you spend when you go clubbing? We are not suggesting that you stop going and use facebook pickup as your complete game. All we are saying is your missing out on a ton of easy lays if you ignore this stuff.

Once you start picking women online you save money and time. You can be waiting in your room for them to come knocking. It becomes a matter of deciding if it’s your place or hers.

Let You Choose the Kind of Women to Get Laid. Online social networks are neutral grounds for everyone. So long as you play it cool and you assume the friendly guy next door attitude it will be pretty easy to get girls. Once you have become their friends and you started friendly communication you build trust with women. From there it will be easy to ask them to hang  out offline. The best way to get laid is to get invited by her or her friends to house parties.

Online you can choose the quality of women you want to hook up with. You can easily ignore ‘ugly betties” and go for someone younger, and hotter. It’s like your shopping for girls online. Once applied online pickup techniques from this e-book, your list of girls to choose from will grow every day.

The Online Game is dubbed as the number one online dating guide ever made. Once you get your hand on this material you will learn a lot of tricks to pick up women online. Here are a few things that will be discussed in this book.

  • 10 vitals mistakes that men do when picking girls online. These are 10 mistakes that most guys do online that ward off the girls. You should avoid these mistakes because it will never get you laid. Do you want to be seen as the online creep or cool social cat?
  • The biggest secret in effectively attracting women online. This secret has been proven to work online. It can be used at any social networking site that you are on. You can even use the skill on adult dating sites and free personals ads.
  • Using physiological messages to attract women you want. Composing messages that will appeal to women can be tricky. You can actually insert psychological messages into your email so you can appeal to the female mind.
  • How to prevent rejection. The book will also reveal ways on how to avoid rejection. And in rare cases that you have been rejected it will suggest techniques on rejection flipping.
  • How to create profiles that attracts women. This is most important part of the book. It will give you a step by step process on how to set up your profile. Finally you become the mysterious and interesting guy they want. Girls will be going crazy figuring you out. They actually like mysterious personalities.  
  • How to entertain women online. Men and women communicate on different levels. Online you must know the skills  to effectively communicate with women and keep them entertained.
  • Know when women are testing you and how to pass the test. Women will always test a guy before she agrees for any romantic engagement. The test may vary from asking questions, favors, and getting your opinion. They don’t like being with a guy that will dump her after he gets what he wants. You should be ready for these tests and pass them if you want to win her heart.
  • How to make women feel special but keeping your confidence. You can make any girl feel special without submitting to her.  
  • How to use instant messenger to attract women. Online dating will ultimately involve chat and instant messenger to communicate in real time. The book will give you guidelines on how to handle these conversations to attract girls.

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