Get Laid Using Racial Leverage


Asian girls love white guys… Dont believe me? take a trip to south east asia and find out for yourself.

If your having trouble with the white girls in your town try your hand at an asian party this weekend. You may not picture yourself with an asian wife in future but it’s a great way to get your feet wet. You can screw up a few approaches and mess up in bed a few times but if your anything like the women I have talked to lately they will love you…whatever you end up doing.

Enjoy the boost in confidence that these submissive asian girls give you and when your ready you can move outside your comfort zone and go back to your local women… But more than likely you will fall in love with asian girls in the process.

Sound wildly racist to you?

It’s nothing close really – your just taking advantage of a well known fact. A fact you may be unaware of currently. Most asian guys love blond haired blue eyed women and asian girls go wild for white men. I’m guessing because it’s different and also because western american society is much admired.

So instead of going out to a bar tonight and getting shut down or disappointed by a drunk arrogant entitled white slut (wow that was heavy) , try your hand at approaching that asian girl in the library or mall you saw yesterday.


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