Get Laid While Being The Nice Guy

The big secret to getting laid (if your not to worried about who it’s with) is to just be a dick. Be that arrogant obnoxious idiot that doesn’t seem to care about what women think.
It’s a shortcut to setting up one night stands because women see you as the leader, the alpha and cant help but be sexually attracted to you despite that reality that they don’t really like your personality.
But thankfully there is another way! You can get laid while being the nice guy! Yes it’s true – you can actually genuinely care about people and what women feel and still get laid. In fact this is a much better route to take. Keeping true to your tender side will help you in the long run. When a women is married she likes to know that a guy can take care of the baby and show his feelings.
It’s tough early on when you are trying to attract a mate but I’ll show you how to deal with that later.
For now you need to understand why your nice guy attitude is forcing your balls blue.
There is the stand nice guy out there that has lots of friends that are girls and never seems to be able to move out of the friend zone… He’s borderline gay and not very sexual. The reason why this guy never get’s laid is not because of the reality that he is nice.
He doesn’t get laid because he’s a kiss ass. You can still be “nice” polite and well meaning and have your own opinions about things.
The trick here is to stop agreeing with everything she says. Be nice but tell her what you really think. Tell her that her shoes look funny and that she smells funny. You can still be a nice guy and have your own thoughts about subjects right? The attractive qualities of the alpha is his ability to lead and control. But most often these roles are filled by doucebag loudmouthed idiots.
Women are really not interested in these types of dudes but they have to take what attracts them. Just like we accept the standard non intellectual blond stereotype.
A nice guy is nice not because he really is “nice”… He is nice because he lacks the confidence to show off his real personality!
This is why the nice guy is so unattractive to women. The fact that he is a nice guy is great – all power to him but the nice guys motivation is much more self centred.
He is only nice because he wants others to like him. He has no self confidence and would never dream of putting other people down.

This spells death for his ability to attract women!

The idiot alpha male that is loud and rude has confidence but is not nice… Do you think you can strike a balance and be the best YOU that resides in the middle? Pipe up and voice your opinion when you feel it matters but don’t shit on others in order to get to the girl.

  1. Keep your personal morals while having the confidence to say what you really think.
  2. Don’t allow girls or guys to walk all over you!
  3. Don’t give out compliments to women because you want them to like you
  4. If you think she is wrong indicate what she said and then state your own opinion
  5. STOP kissing her ass

Be the GIVER not the TAKER in an interaction – and giving a compliment is not being the giver! What I mean by this is give social value to others in the form of attention when they deserve it.
Are you kissing as because you feel like if you didn’t nobody would like you? Are you being the nice guy because you have not confidence to voice your own opinion? Do you have an opinion to give?
The nice guy CAN be incredibly attractive if you come from the right place! UP your generosity and start living like you rule the place. But never forget your nice guy roots!

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