Get Laid With PL’s Congruent Escalation

If I was to tell you that almost any single (or attached) girl would be up for casual sex with you this week under certain circumstances you would call it bullshit right?
The biggest trouble with guys seduction efforts is that there escalation steps are rough and erratic.
Some background in case for some reason you haven’t been reading this blog!
There are a series of steps (like a path through a maze) that you have to follow in order to seduce a women. Turn the wrong way or try to jump forward to fast and she will become disinterested.
This works somewhat like a ladder – you have to use the first rung to get to the next and so on. If you slip you start back either at the start or a few rungs down.
A real world example would be attempting to be sexual with a women in the bar (ass grab) before you have triggered attraction or comfort. This sort of thing is happening all the time and is a huge turn off for women.
Here is a tested alternative:

Eye Contact

It all starts with eye contact – whether it be a fleeting glimpse or an extended gaze with a cheeky smile. Cold approaching a women that you haven’t made eye contact with is much more difficult!
Make sure that you approach/advance and start the conversation shortly after eye contact rather than lingering around waiting for the right moment.

Initiating Contact

If your main motivation is to be intimate with this women you are going to have to escalate the physical touch at some stage.
I suggest that you start with touch in socially respectable areas first!
The most obvious is going to be hand shaking… It’s vital that you maintain eye contact while shaking her hand! Shaking a women’s hand is nothing like shaking a guys hand.
Don’t thrust your hand out and squeeze her hand really hard. Offer your hand in a slightly upward motion and let her come to you. When she places her hand in yours turn your hand facing upward and place your other hand on top in a gentle but confident manner. While doing so ask her a question or ask her for her name.
Other accidental but socially respectable touching is
– hand games/high five
– palm reading (joking or serious)
– arm brushing
– touching her on the shoulder while making a point to emphasize her understanding is important to you.. (EYE CONTACT! not eye to boob contact)

Escalating Contact

In the “initiating contact” section we looked into making initial physical contact. This stage has to be done before we can move into keno where both parties are aware of the sexual tension.
At no point in this stage do you go anywhere near sexual areas or in some cases near the face or hair.
Extended contact of any kind is considered second level keno. Meaning extended hand holding, extended thigh to thigh or shoulder to shoulder contact.

  1. Arm in arm
  2. Hand on leg/lap
  3. Standing close with legs touching
  4. Accidental brushing of her thigh or stomach

Class 2 touching is as much to do with how you touch as it is where you touch. Slow extended touching with eye contact rather than fleeting shoulder touches increases sexual tension.
If she is fine with holding your hand or seems to be in a flirty mood you can move onto:
Placing your hand on her thigh
If your sitting down move much closer and talk about her earrings while playing with her hair
Touching of the lower back
Note that touching of the face and hair should be used well after initial comfort keno is established. Women place a high importance on personal space around their face. Only touch her neck and face area once there is defiantly a bond already established.
Once you have escalated through these stages from initial shoulder gesturing to thigh to thigh contact you will want to continue climbing the ladder with some comfort contact.

  • Deep comforting and extended hugs around the waste and chest region.
  • Running your hands through her hair
  • Kissing her neck
  • Resting her head on your shoulder
  • Allowing her legs to rest over your body
  • Extended eye contact and face stroking

Believe it or not it’s actually pretty easy to get to this stage with a women. Not to many guys are really that in touch with this process and women are actively seeking guys that are aware of seduction and comfort phases. They, like you, want to feel a close sense of connection and intimacy.
You can still very easily screw it up from here with ASSUMPTIONS.
You, as a guy, will assume that this will lead to sex.

Women are much different!

Depending on the women in question you might have to wait for weeks to move any further… others are happy to bed you the same night.
In any case if you assume that sex is going to happen you ruin the moment.
The next stage involves extracting her from the current situation… e.g. out of the bar or house and towards yours or hers. Here in lies the problem. There is a lot of psychological and physical resistance between your current location and your bedroom.
You will have sex on your mind and she may too but that doesn’t mean she feels comfortable going home with you.
Providing you have shared some secrets while talking and spent considerable time in the comfort zone it shouldn’t be a problem but in rare cases she will flake out and leave you without even giving a number.
Don’t assume she is keen to sleep with you unless it’s obvious from her body language or she has told you or hinted with words that’s she is keen.
You aim is to continue the emotional connection and experience. The mistake guys make with assuming sex is that they believe that there seduction work is done…
It’s NEVER done.
When your in the cab or car and when your at your place… keep the energy and comfort levels high. If she feels any nervousness or unease in you it will bring her out of her state and force her to question the idea of sleeping with a guy she just met!

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