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Getting sex as a result of your online dating efforts: If it’s not the word on guys lips it’s certainly in our heads.
In the long run we all would love a girlfriend, wife or long term partner but during our dating years or until we find that women casual sex is certainly an exciting option.
Even more exciting is everyone’s ability to connect online.
Open minded men can find open minded women that are non constrained by marriage or relationships. Swinging couples can now easily create groups and social gatherings easily.
You can chat with other couples via webcam before meeting up offline to ensure safety and compatibility.
However getting intimacy with real loving women that want what you want as a result of online dating can be difficult.
All you have is your profile and there are massive trust issues and stand offish behaviour when any offers of sexual retaliations are offered.
Women are understandably cautious about sharing themselves with men who they have met online. But it’s not just women – some young men are fresh in the game and being approached by older experienced women looking to snatch a sexually charged guy for the weekend.
Getting sex online is not simply a matter of “join email chat and bang”… Casual dating sites give you tools to be able to get in touch with other singles but that is all. It’s up to you to use those tools effectively..
If you are not willing to post a decent profile picture and describe yourself effectively you wont get great results.
If you are not willing to email women and be online regularly to chat it will be tough to establish any kind of relationship. The real connection is formed offline but there is a degree of trust that must be formed before you can ask her to meet you in person


You and the women you desire are risking many things to make this work… Understand that women are risking more and therefore will be a little less keen to take action right away. This does not mean they are not interested it just means they need more information.
They need more reason to hang out with you. Give them time to get to know you and keep stacking that trust and safety value.

  • Chat online to let them know you are real
  • Suggest a local but public place to meet
  • (if possible) Chat on face book and become friends online before asking her to meet offline

Just by emailing you they are risking their own time – what if you’re not who you say you are? What if you organise dates and don’t show up? Of course you would never do those things but be aware that these thoughts are floating around subconsciously…
You have to break down these walls and make her believe that you are a no brainier risk free option.


Even if you’re a real stand up guy – she doesn’t trust you – she has no reason to trust you yet… she may not distrust you but you have a ways to go before she will throw her number at you. (note: some women on casual dating sites are extremely open and pass their email and number around like wine)
Sexual dating sites like be naughty allow you to contact women who have actively created profiles themselves in the knowledge that sex offline will be the result…
So these women are not exactly angels! They will be expecting you to pop the question eventually but timing is still crucial and it will depend on the nature of the women…
It all comes down to trust – if she has any reason to believe that your not a safe option she will move on…
So to successfully get sex online not only will you have to create a great open and honest profile but you must also reduce the potential risk she is taking… Increase the amount of trust she has in you (honesty) and make her feel that you are a safe option…

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