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Every measure should be taken to save your current relationship before lying and cheating, honesty is almost always the best option!

  • Polyamory
  • Have an open relationship
  • Swing
  • Leave the relationship

Each relationship has its highs and lows, but one thing lies in common between almost all of them – after a certain amount of time, the amount of sex you get dwindles.

When you’re in a relationship, you expect to have sex frequently and not have to beg for it. In the beginning, you got it all the time and it was damn good.

But when that changes, it may simply not be worth it for you to remain with that person any more.

Unfortunately, due to the complexities of life, it is not always as simple as leaving her and walking away.

You may have kids, shared financial involvements, a house and a certain standard of living. It just isn’t as simple as packing your shit and getting out of there.

The easiest thing to do is to fulfil your needs elsewhere. With that box ticked, you can simply carry on living your life as per normal.

An affair gives you a number of things – the attention you aren’t getting from your partner, hot sex, and not to mention the thrill of a new relationship.

The thing to remember is not to get carried away, and most importantly, not to make stupid mistakes that get you caught. That would open up an entirely new can of worms and put you in an even worse position than you were in initially.

If you’re looking for a fling, something that will satisfy your needs without getting in the way of your day to day life, keep reading.

You’ll soon know where to find someone on the side looking for the same things you are… and how to play your hand so that you Don’t. Get. Caught.

Where to find that sexy sidepiece

Don’t flatter yourself – you’re not the only one out there looking for some simple sex with no strings attached. Physical intimacy is one of the most basal needs of our kind, and women need it too.

There are plenty of good-looking women out there that just aren’t getting what they need at home, and find themselves in exactly the same position that you are in right now.

Local Moms

Whether she’s bored, not getting it from her husband or wants something that he can’t offer her – that is not your concern. All you need to worry about is finding local moms right there in your area, and giving it to them good.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved – she gets what she needs and you get what you want. No strings attached. It really is as easy as that.

Cheating Wives

Yeah, okay, it would suck if your wife did it to you. But that’s between her and her husband, and really doesn’t concern you.

As long as you are up front with her about the arrangement and she is fully consensual to what you are doing together, there is nothing further that you can do.

The bottom line is that you are not in her marriage, and you have no idea what sort of relationship she may have with her husband.

For all you know, they are on the verge of splitting up or are already separated. She’s a grown woman, and if she has made the decision to cheat, it’s her call.

At the end of the day, you are two consenting adults and that should be all that matters to you. Get what you need and get out – this is not one that you should linger on or hang around longer than necessary.

The most important thing to remember in this situation is that she is already attached to someone else. Not only does this benefit you in that you don’t have to commit to anything more than a one night stand, but you shouldn’t.

Keep yourself in check. Don’t catch feelings, and at the end of the night, say goodbye and move on.

So where do you look? It’s easier than you think.

The best place to find someone with similar needs to yours is online. There are a number of sites for people who wish to hook up for casual sex, and a number of sites specifically for attached people looking for something discreet on the side.

Take a look at the sites below to get a good starting point and an idea of how to find that sexy sidepiece. – Free sex dating hookup site – Casual adult dating site for those wanting an affair


Use these 10 tips to get casual sex without your partner finding out

1. Avoid using obvious communication methods to speak to your mistress.

As much as possible, communicate only with your mistress when you are away from your partner and away from anyone that knows you or her. Limit speaking to your mistress to when you are at work, out, or when your partner isn’t home.

Set up an entirely new email account for the sole purpose of speaking to her, and take great lengths to log out each time after using it.

Keep your day-to-day email account logged into your phone and computer, so that your partner won’t see anything out of the ordinary should she happen to check it.

2. Use code language when texting with your mistress.

If you must use your phone, change your mistress’ contact details on your phone to a variation of one of your guy friend’s names. This will allow you to speak with her on the odd occasion without arousing suspicion.

Be sure not to use any flirtatious language in these conversations, and keep the tone as it you really were talking to one of your bros. Should she ask, it would be easy to say that you are making plans with “Steven” to meet up later and catch the game over a beer.

Should she want to check, it’s all there in black and white.

Be sure that your mistress calls you by name or a well-known nickname that your friends use, and ensure that you call her by the same name as the contact details are saved as.

3. Keep your search history clean.

Be sure to clear your browser history each time you have made questionable searches or visited damning sites online.

Erasing the entire history is suspicious and would most likely raise a red flag should your partner see this – rather delete only the applicable results.

Should you have a bit of time, add some other innocent searches to the mix to throw her off.

You need to delete everything that is even slightly linked to your mistress, such as the directions to the restaurant you visited together or chat sites that you may have used to speak to her or other women.

4. Whatever you do, don’t leave a trail.

When you are out with your mistress, ensure that you spend cash only, in order to avoid any charges showing up on your credit card statements.

Be sure to go someplace far that you know your partner wouldn’t visit, to avoid risking bumping into her or anyone you know.

Avoid opening social media sites, as you may accidentally get tagged at the location.

And whatever you do, never, ever take photographs.

You don’t want to have any record of her on your phone, should your partner happen to look through it.

Don’t take any photographs of yourself and send them to your mistress, and should see send any to you, be sure to delete all record of them immediately.

There is nothing worse than getting caught in a photograph or video with your pants down, especially with some other girl.

5. Nobody needs to know!

There is no sense in telling your friends about your social sexual escapades. The more they know, the easier it is for something to slip out at the wrong moment. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – there’s no sense in damaging a relationship and a friendship at the same time.

Even if your friends keep your secret closely guarded, they may try to cover for you and end up making things worse. Two opposing cover stories are as good as a smoking gun in the eyes of your partner.

If you just can’t keep it to yourself and have to tell someone, ensure that it is only your closest friends and you do it in person. No matter how much you trust your friend, this is not something that you want to put in writing – anything can happen.

6. Ensure that you and your mistress are on the same page

Before you get anything started, you need to have a chat with your mistress about what you are both looking for, and define the parameters of your casual sexual relationship. The last thing you want is someone to develop feelings and try get you to leave your partner for her.

Lay it out that you are not her prince charming, and this is nothing more than a casual fling. You are just having a little fun on the side, and that is as far as it will ever go.

7. Get your story straight well in advance

Avoid the suspicious fumbling for words and unlikely excuse when getting caught off-guard by a sudden probing question.

Make sure that your alibi is planned out well in advance, so that when your partner questions you, your answer is rehearsed and glides out like the most natural thing in the world.

Any hesitation or nervous tone will set off alarm bells, and she will immediately begin to doubt even the most plausible story.

As long as you provide a logical answer, calmly and without hesitating or trying to talk around it, you will come across as believable.

8. Calmly brush off any suspicions that your partner may have

Should your partner accuse you of cheating or tell you that she is having suspicions, the last thing to do is to get angry.

Calmly listen to what she is saying, and provide a rational explanation for all of her “red flags” that are causing her to worry.

You should be surprised that she is feeling that way, yet not attack her for her suspicions or try to turn the whole thing around on her.

The best way to handle any confrontation is to answer any questions that she may have until she is satisfied and the conversation has run its course.

Getting angry will only add more emotion into the conversation, make it bigger than what it is and make it stick in her mind for longer.

9. Stay attentive to her words and actions

Your partner will most likely tell you when your behavior seems off to her. Should you be spending more time away from her, or suddenly be carrying your phone around with you in the house, she will mention it.

Listen to what she is saying as this will tell you what you are doing wrong; what suspicions you are creating.

Have a conversation with her and tell her that you didn’t mean anything by it, but if it worries her then you will change.

Allow her to feel as though you will do anything to make her comfortable and put her mind at ease.

The important thing to remember is not to do a sudden 360-degree change, as that comes across as guilty and even more suspicious.

The best way to change your behavior is to do it gradually, perhaps mentioning it to her that you have changed it for her as you want her to trust you and to feel comfortable.

As long as you do this correctly, she will start to doubt her own suspicions and start to wonder why she had any worries in the first place.

10. Have the end planned before it even starts

An affair on the side is difficult to sustain for any length of time. Before you get into it, take some time to decide exactly what you are looking for and how long you will go along with it.

A fling is never intended to be anything other than a short-term affair, and should one of you start to develop feelings for the other, it’s time to call it quits.

It would be senseless to drag it on any longer than necessary and cause additional problems in your life. When you need to end it, don’t agonize over the decision. End it and move on.

Parting Advice Before You Have an Affair

If your relationship is on the rocks, think carefully before you decide to cheat on your partner. Ensure that you have exhausted every possibility of getting what you need from your partner before going out to look for it elsewhere.

Ensure that you don’t get caught, by keeping it short and keeping it simple. Not only will infidelity ruin your relationship, but it will also directly impact the relationship you have with anyone that knows you as a couple or knows of your partner.

If your relationship has reached a dead end yet it is not as simple as walking away, there is a chance that an affair may actually save it.

In being with someone else, you may feel closer to your partner and remember what it is that made you fall in love with her in the first place.

From her side, when she feels that you are growing distant and may be seeing someone else, she will instinctively want to pull you closer. As long as she feels as though her suspicions are wrong and unjustified, she will want to appreciate you more and it may become the thread that mends your broken relationship.

Should you wish to cheat for no other reason than boredom or anger, consider leaving the relationship entirely. If it isn’t working out, rather don’t waste any more of your time, as you could both be happier with someone else.

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