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So you are looking for fun times with a gorgeous women but there is one problem… you want it now… like ideally this instant!
Do you remember that movie “weird science” where two nerds created their ideal women from a computer?
Well getting and having sex with a women is nothing like that at all…
BUT it turns out you and a computer are involved!
However…there is much bonding to be done with women you meet online before any magic happens.

Your “sex tonight” Options


So your first option is going to be going out to a bar or club of some sort near you and talking to the women their.
Get to know as many as you can and get their numbers – this is easier said than done and you may have to work on your seduction before anything amazing happens.
Last man standing:
It’s a phenomenon present when your out at a bar… Most of the women that are left at the end of the night are keen to go home with someone.
They are all still up which means that are likely pretty drunk.
They are all still keen enough to be up at 2-3 am and they are still present at the bar which means nobody as picked them up yet.
These women have got to go home with someone and it might as well be you right?
It’s called playing last man standing… try it some time. You will get tired but it might just be worth it.


Your next option is to do it the weird science way! Use an online tool to find women that are already looking for sex as soon as tonight.
Your best bet is going to be catching women online so use the ONLINE NOW button and get emailing!
The most users online is going to be around 9 to 11 at night.
More singles are online during the weekend…
Online adult friend finders (adultfriendfinder) are useful for you because they are so efficient. You are able to find single women a few blocks away and get her number within a few minutes of signing up.
It’s the intent of women on these sites that make them fun to be with – all of them are open to casual relationships – that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat them with respect… but they are some of the few women in your city that would be open to sex tonight.
So if you know that your only interested in a casual sexual relationship and you want it as fast as possible.. Meaning your not prepared to go through and movie nights or expensive dinners you have to go after a certain type of women.
Don’t expect to land a rich single lawyer that’s wants to bang with no strings attached. But you can expect to meet exiting personalities online that could make your weekend a memorable one.

Sex Tonight: Trust

Alcohol doesn’t increase the trust a women feels for you… it simply lowers the threshold level of trust previously set.
So alcohol is not the most honest means of getting sex on your night out but it sure does ease the tension… Getting a couple of tequila shots in a group of women does not guarantee anything…but it sure does raise your chances
It really depends on your style – if you want the quick and easy way then buying drinks is one of those worn out methods to escalating but it’s not classy or respectful.
What you really want to do is meet up with a women that you already know is interested in going home with you. By meeting offline via an online connection there is a relationship and context already set up.
You already know her motive and this is one powerful piece of information. It gives you much needed confidence to ask her to come back to yours.

Sex Tonight Transition

Making it easy for her to say yes is one of those crucial stages of getting her back to yours. This shouldn’t be some manipulative seedy process but a mutual thing.
If she wants to be with you then she will say yes and keep saying yes. If she is not interested she will make this quite clear.
If you are new to this you might have trouble realising that as a guy YOU are the one that has to keep the foot on the gas… If you don’t escalate physically or actually ask her to come home with you she wont have the opportunity to say yes…
You will be thinking:
Why didn’t she make it more obvious that she wanted to go home with me… why didn’t she ask?
She will be thinking:
Why didn’t he ask me to come home with him?
If he doesn’t have the nuts to ask then I guess it wasn’t meant to be… oh well
You are the driver here: take control and make it easy for her to say yes by:

  • Allowing her to trust you : don’t give her any reason to think that you are lying or manipulating.
  • Make her feel comfortable: you are not trying to take something from her or get sexual satisfaction without giving… this is a fun mutual relationship where both parties benefit.
  • Seduce in stages: Ask her questions where the obvious answer is YES… eg don’t jump straight to anything sexual but rather build the process of getting back to yours.

If she doesn’t want to then that’s fine it’s not a big deal!

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