Get Sex With Women: Logic Vs Abstract

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In conversation we like to keep everything right where we can see it. Everything is goal orientated and literal. (as a generalization)Women like to speak about feelings and emotions and how experiences made them feel.
This contrast can get in the way of getting you laid. We think that we actually have to ASK for it. We ask her to take off her jeans or top or we  literally ask her to have sex rather than assuming this to be the natural progression.
As a general rule:
Don’t Explicitly Talk About What You’re Going To Do
Any tendency you have to want to clear the air and find out exactly what’s going on is going to kill the mood –  you just need better social intuition.
Lines like “how are you feeling” or “what are you thinking” might seem harmless enough and even advantageous to your image but they are not.
Never start a conversation with:
Can we…
instead use
I was thinking of… (going to this place, taking you out tomorrow night)
The mating ritual includes several stages and knowing where you are compared to her along this stage is important. Verbalizing where you are at any given stage is a big mistake most men make with women. He will ask her how she feels about the opportunity of having sex or get’s nervous about the next stage (going back to his house) because he places to much importance on the physical act itself)
Just remember this: LOGIC kills sexual tension
Logic brings your women out of her fantasy and out of serendipity into rationalizing the sexual encounter. Your not manipulating her your helping her get into a state of mind that is required by her to have sex. Women need to be in an emotional state to accept you and asking her logical questions in an attempt to get the conversation going is equivalent to asking a stranger to have sex with you…
Your intentions should be kept inside your head – which should keep her logical portion of her mind disengaged.
It’s a women’s logical  mind that says no to sex which is why some guys seem to get laid so easily. Sure some of them have looks and money but the ones that don’t have found a way to disengage the rational mind by focusing only on the emotional states that elicit a sexual response in women.

Be Persistent

To many guys are shy… to many guys are beta males. This does not mean you cannot transform yourself and become the alpha male in time. A beta male will take what a women says as face value and internalize the put down. An alpha male knows what women really want and knows that she is only really testing and teasing him to see how he will respond.
Focus on the body language and actions of your date rather than what she is saying. What she is saying comes from her logical mind… WHAT SHE REALLY WANTS is being communicated to you by her body language.
This is a very important point – what a women really want’s is communicated by her body language.
Even if a women says she doesn’t have sex on a first date it doesn’t mean that she wont with you.
What woman want consists of good sex with a man… and she wants you to take the lead.
I was talking to a guy the other week who said that he basically went all the way until it came to actually having sex. He didn’t have the confidence to just escalate so he waited and focused on what she was saying. During the kissing phase she seemed very attracted and turned on.
But mid way out of the blue she said she didn’t want to have sex. Every body language signal she was giving was positive yet she as verbalizing rejection.
This can be extremely confusing for any guy trying to get laid – especially when the whole night has been going great.
If this happens in the future you will know why and hopefully  have a little more confidence in yourself to push through the verbal rejection. You will realize that it’s usually nothing to do with what you did but a natural process. The important thing to do in this situation is to completely ignore the verbal rejection and get her mind away from logical thought.
NOTE: if she starts to show rejection with body language and continues to turn you away take the hint!

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