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If your breakup was based on mature grounds and ended on a positive mutual note the ‘how to get your ex back’ process changes a little.

You are in a great position to get your ex back because you are still in the friend zone rather than being banished from their sight forever.

You’re on talking terms and the relationship ended because of different life choices or perhaps you simply grew apart over the years.

All that really happened in your relationship is that you lost that sexual spark that was once there at the beginning.

Where you’re trying to get your ex-bf or gf back, it’s good to know that they STILL have strong feelings for you.

If you were one of their first loves, it’s also good to know that you never truly stop loving your first serious relationship.

So you have a lot of leverage and power to work with here… you have to be careful to not screw up a good friendship though!

How to get your ex back

Sexual Tension

To get out of the friend zone with your ex you have to re-create the sexual tension that once existed. Basically, you got far too comfortable with your ex…

They look upon you more like a brother or sister than a sexual being. This is obviously a problem!

Let them know with body language and perhaps even a little sexual nervousness around them that you see them as MORE than just friends.

Get your ex-laughing at your jokes and giggling.
Sexual tension and attraction are tough things to manifest out of thin air – often times if it’s not present it’s just not going to happen. But showing social value and pre-selection should help indicate to your ex that your worth fighting for.

Use silence effectively

Silences don’t have to be awkward – in fact, sexual tension is created during prolonged silences where EYE CONTACT and smiling is used to create a connection.

Silence allows you and your ex to dwell on the memories of the past. But more importantly it allows the subconscious and automatic attraction process to take place.


Touch is also very important when re-establishing feelings with your ex. Remember that your starting the seduction phase all over again – physical and intimate touch puts you on a different level in your ex’s mind.

Make sure that your touch isn’t too obvious – a light palm on the lower back. A brush of your arm on hers or your thigh on hers during the conversation. Act like you didn’t notice it… If she allows you to hold your body to hers closer than normal it’s a sign she is comfortable with you escalating further.

If she has any scars or marks from your relationship that had any significance bring them up in conversation as an excuse for physical contact. Or if her hairstyle has changed since you were going out you could affectionately brush it out of her face or comment on it


Your ex may have left you because you just weren’t that exciting to be around – make sure that the times you do spend together are fun-filled and spontaneous. Use planned serendipity to your advantage by having fresh new ideas and things to do.

Smile and be in high energy states when you’re with your ex…
If they associate you with a fun positive sociable person your chances of getting them back will only increase.

Warning Signs

You have to get yourself out of their friend zone to get back with them in a sexual way.
Keep up the report that you have already but try to remove that brother-sister camaraderie.

For example, if she/he lights hit you on the head or back like a brother would this is not good news…

If your ex-girlfriend seems overly confident in your presence like it doesn’t matter what the outcome is it’s also bad news.

If your ex is talking about weird stuff like her period or other guys she is interested in this is really bad!

You have basically turned into her emotional tampon (like another one of her girlfriends) and your not emitting enough masculine sexual energy. She doesn’t see you as a potential mate and you may have to look at plowing greener pastures.

Be Careful

There may be no chance that your ex-want’s to get back with you. If they really have moved on and you’re still trying to seduce them with obvious displays of your affection they will look down on you.

Perhaps your ex really does just want to remain good friends… if so you might have to accept this fact and move on. If your unsure and want to find out don’t ask them outright…

You’ll only get one response – rather look at their body language and energy around you. If they are a little nervous and you can spot flirting or sexual tension it’s likely they are interested in trying again.

Here is what Ashley kay from the ex-recovery system has to say about friend zone ex-recovery.


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